unit 1 How often do you exercise

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unit 1 How often do you exerciseUnit,How,often,you,Unit1,how,unit

unit 1 How often do you exercise ?

    Teaching goals:

    Words &phrases: how often , hardly , twice , once , difference , look after , although ,etc .

    Learn to talk about how often do you do things . 一些表示频率的副词: always , usually , often , never , hardly ever , sometimes .

    句子结构: What do you usually do on weekends ?

     How often ••• ?及回答.

    Important and difficult points :

    What does she /he do on weekends ?

    She often goes to the movies .

    How often do you shop ?

    Once a week / Twice a week ••• .

    Teaching aids : cards , pictures and a tape recorder . Period 1

    Teaching procedures :

    Step 1 Leading-in

    1.Greetings:Talk about something the students did on

summer vacation .

    Step 2 Pre-task

    SB Page 1 , 1a .

    Look at the picture (学生识图).

    Name each activity .

    T: What are they doing ?

    They are shopping /reading /exercising /watching TV /skateboarding .(Help the students to

    answer )

    Write the activities on the line .

    Check the answers on the Bb .Correct their own activities . Practise reading .

    SB Page 1 , 1c .

    Focus on the conversation in the box .

    Practise reading .

    Pairwork : What do you do on weedends ? I ••• .

    Groupwork :Divide the class into groups of four or five .Make conversations .First S1 to S2:

    S1:What do you do on weekends ?

S2:I ••• .

    S1:What does she /he do on weekends ?

    S2:She /He ••• .

    5. Act out their own dialogues .

Step 3 While-task

    SB Page 1 , 1b .

    Look at each picture in 1c.Tell what the person does on weekends .Check the Ss orally.

    Make sure what they will hear and do . Read these adverbs and explain. Play the tape twice .Write the letters on the line.

    SB Page 2 , 2a & 2b .

    read the activities and the answers of “how often” first .

    Practise reading .

    In 2a we should know the activities you hear .In 2b we should know the answers of how often he

    does the activities.

    Play the tape for a first time .Ss only listen .

    Play the tape a second time .Ss do 2a .

Play the tape a third time .Check the answers .

Play the tape .Ss do 2b .

    Check the answers .

    In this part ,we should pay attention to how often引起的特殊疑问句及回答. Step 4 Post-task

    SB Page 2 , 2c .

    Focus on the conversation .

    Practice reading .

    Read the activities in the left box . Fill in the chart .

    Pairwork: Make conversations .


    Copy the new words.

    Review Section A 1a-2c

    prepare 3.

Period 2

    Teaching procedures :

    Step 1 Leading-in



    T: What do you usually do on weekends ? S1: I usually play soccer .

    T: How often do you play soccer ? S1: I play soccer twice a week .

T: How often does he play soccer ?

    The other Ss: He plays soccer twice a week . Repeat for three times .

    Step 2 Pre-task

    SB Page 2 ,Grammar Focus .

    Review the grammar box .Ss say the questions and answers . Practise reading .

    Step 3 While-task

    SB Page 3 , Part 3 .

Call attention to the survey .Make sure the Ss understand the chart .

    T: What activity do ninety-five percent of Green High students do every day ?

    Ss answer .If necessary , give them help .

    Review the information in the green box with Ss . Read the article first by the Ss .

    Read it to the class .

    Look at the survey and fill in the blanks in the article . Finish the activity individually .

    Check the answers .

    Practise reading .

    Step 4 Post-task

    SB Page 3,Part 4 .

    T: What can you do to improve your English ?(e.g. read English books, practice reading and

    speaking ) How often do you ••• ?

    Think of more things you can do to improve your English and write them here .

Ask several Ss each question .

    See: Who is the best English students in the class


    1.Revise and copy the new words .

    2.Prepare for Section B.

Period 3

    Teaching procedures :

    Step 1 Leading in

    Greetings & free talk .

    Practise reading the article in Page 3.

    Check the homework.

    Step 2 Pre-task

SB Page4 , 1a .

    Point out the five phrases .

    Ss read after the teacher .

    Make sure the Ss understand what do they mean .

    Call attention to the pictures .Say something about the pictures . Match the words with the pictures .

    Check the answers .

    Practice reading .

    Step 3 While-task

    SB Page 4 , 1b . attention to the conversation in the box on the right .

Read it to the class .

    Explain : be good for means :有益于„?对„有好处.

    Pairwork. Choose a new partner .Use the words in Activity 1a to make conversations .

    Share the students’ conversations.

    SB Page 4 ,2a&2b .

    T : Now you will hear a reporter interview two people ,Katrina & Bill .Read the two names for the

    Ss. In 2a ,we’ll know who is healthy , Bill or Katrina ?

    Read the questions in 2a .

    Listen to the tape carefully twice .Circle “yes” , “no” or “I don’t know” in the chart .

    Before we check the answers in 2a,we’ll read through the questions in 2b .Pay attention to

    Katrina’s and Bill’s answers .

    Play the tape again .This time ,if we have heard one questions and we have a pause .Make sure

    Katrina’s and Bill’s answer.

    From the answers in 2b ,we can tell who is healthy Bill or Katrina ? Step 4 Post-task

    Role-play .

    Groupwork .Divide the Ss into groups of three .S1 is interview,S2 is Katrina ,S3 is Bill .

    S1: How often do you exercise ?

    S2: I exercise every day .

    S3: … .

    With the help of 2b .


    Revise and copy the new words.

    Make a suvery with the qudstions from 2b,write down the answers and compare.

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