Unit 1 Topic 1 Are you going to play basketball

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Unit 1 Topic 1 Are you going to play basketballTopic,Are,you,going,play,Unit,Unit1,are

    Unit 1 Topic 1 Are you going to play basketball?

     ?.Talking about sports and games.

     Sports:_______________ _______________ ______________ _______________

     _______________ _______________ ______________ _______________

     _______________ _______________ ______________ _______________

     ?.Phrases and Sentence.

    一个活泼的男孩 _________________ 成长_____________ 获得一枚金牌________________

    放弃比赛_________________ 打破纪录_________________ 参加_________________


    去日本_________________ 保持健康_________________ .......比赛_________________

    跑步有利于心肺健康。 ___________________________________________ 游泳是保持健康的好办法。___________________________________________ 散步有助于放松自己。 ___________________________________________

     ? 一般将来时


    时间; __________________________________________ 结构; ___________________________________________ 例句;

    1我们打算明天去爬山。___________________________________________ 2他们打算举行排球赛吗,是的。___________________________________________

     什么时候举行, 下周六。___________________________________________ 3玛丽这个寒假不打算回古巴(她将会去周游全国。________________________________________ 4明年我们县将会有个新的体育场。___________________________________________




    1.Let’s c_______ Liu Xiang on. 2.Work hard, and your f_______ is not a dream.

    3.Things are looking p_______ good. 4.The Big Big World is a very p_______ song.

    5.My grandma is old. There is something wrong with her h_______.


    6.I _______ (grow) up in the countryside. 7.Jane prefers _______ (cycle).

    8.Running can help you keep _______ (health).

    9.Xiao Ming broke the men 800-meter-race _______ (record) at the school sports meeting.

    10.Ann is going to go _______ (skate) with her classmates tomorrow. ?. 单项选择。!10分,

    ( )1._______ do you prefer, walking or running. I like running better.

     A.What B.How C.When D.Which

    ( )2.Are you going to _______ our English club? Yes, I am.

     A.take part in B.join C.took part in D.joined

    ( )3.The foreigners arrived _______ Shanghai _______ night.; at; at; in; in

    ( )4. Xu Xia and her teammates are _______ the U.S.A. next week.

     A.leaving for B.leave for D.left

    ( )5.Mr. Xiang is the best teacher in our school. He is good _______ teaching.

     spends A.for C.with


    ( )6. Jane wants to be a doctor when she _______.

     A. get up B. grow up C. was born D. grows up

    ( )7.I see Wei Han _______ English almost every morning.

     A.reads B.reading read

    ( )8.Which team are you going to play _______ the day after tomorrow?

     A team from No.7 Middle School. I hope we will win.

     A.about B.with C.for D.against

    ( )9.Sam ________two hours _______ his homework every day.

     A. spend to do B. spends doing C. spends do D. spends does

    ( )10.There _______ an English Party in our class next week. going to have going to be C.will have D.have

    ?. 情景交际。!5分,


    FrankWhich do you prefer, swimming or skating?

    Sam 11

    FrankMe, too. Do you skate much?

    Sam 12

    FrankWhats your favorite sport? A.Yes, quite a lot. SamFootball. What about you? B.And yours? Frank 13 C.There is going to be a football game SamWho is your favorite player? on CCTV5 this evening. FrankYao Ming. 14 D.I prefer skating. SamRonaldo. E.I like basketball best. Frank 15 Dont miss it!

    SamOh, I wont.


     2.26-meter-tall Yao Ming made his NBA debut (初次亮相) on October 23(2002 and got 6 points for the Houston Rockets in the game. The next day, he scored 16 points in another game.

    Yao Ming, 22, has been a star in China for some time, but it is still under question as to whether he can play well in

    the NBA. Yao Ming said(“When you watch it on TV, it looks very easy. But when you are playing in the NBA , it is

    really difficult.He said that joining the Houston Rockets was a new start and a new challenge.I hope that through very hard work I can make everyone happy and help the Rockets win more games.he said.

    Yao Ming can speak some English. Both he and his teammates can understand each other. They don’t think there is

    a language problem. They say that Yao Ming is one of the best players in their team. They all like him.

    ( )31.On October 23, 2002, Yao Ming played his _______ game in the NBA.

     A.first B.second C.third D.fourth

    ( )32.Yao Ming scored _______ points in the first two games for the Houston Rockets.

     A.6 B.13 C.22 D.28

    ( )33.Yao Ming thinks that _______. is boring to play basketball B.playing in the NBA is not easy is difficult to watch NBA games on TV D.he is an NBA star ( )34.From the passage we can learn that _______.

     A.Yao Ming often watches TV B.Yao Ming will work hard for his team

     C.Yao Ming is a very strong player D.The Rockets has lost several games ( )35.What’s the passage?

     A.An ad B.A notice C.An instruction D.A news report


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