Lecture 6

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Lecture 6

IELTS Writing Part Lecture 6

    Method3. 递进法



    1. Also, 6. On the top of that,

    2. Besides, 7. Apart from,

    3. Moreover, 8. In addition to ,

    4. Furthermore, 9. As well as ,

    5. In addition,

    (2005-11-26) 公共图书馆是否应该提供高科技媒体。

    It is justifiable for public libraries to provide high-tech media to their users as long as such

    products contain an educational component.

    (支持句1引用法) According to a recent article published in the Journal of American Educator,

    advanced computer software is actually more effective in delivering academic content to learners than traditional books.

    (支持句2递进法) On top of that, many videos and DVDs are highly entertaining, thus giving

    viewers an opportunity to absorb information in a relaxing atmosphere that is more likely to stimulate their imagination and creativity.

    (支持句3递进法) In addition to the combination of education and entertainment, high-tech media enjoys many other related advantages, such as containing vast amounts of digitally stored data, offering a more user-friendly way to retrieve information, and taking up significantly less space than huge volumes of books.


    10. Meanwhile, 13. By the same token,

    11. At the same time, 14. For the same reason,

    12. In the meantime, 15. Similarly,

    探讨人们为什么疏于保护动植物的问题 2005-12-3

    One important reason why people have failed to take actions to prevent the extinction of animals and plants is that they are not properly organized to do so. (1.引用法) According to a recent

    opinion poll in the US, although the majority of respondents (nearly 70%) show varying degrees of interest in wildlife conservation, they report having great difficulty in finding the relevant authorities to give them information about how to make contributions. (2.递进法) By the same

    token, many nonprofit private organizations typically have neither the capacity to initiate animal protection programs nor the expertise to guide enthusiasts in their own efforts. 野生动物保护





    16. First, / Firstly, / First of all, place,

    17. Second, / Secondly, 20. Finally, / Lastly,

    18. Third, / Thirdly, 21. To begin with / To begin with,

    19. In the first place, / In the second 22. To start with / For a start,



IELTS Writing Part Lecture 6

     There are many reasons for entrusting scientific research to the government rather than private companies. (支持句1)To begin with, many large-scale and long-term research projects require

    substantial funding that only national government can afford. 2 In the second

    place,/Furthermore, first-rate scientists who enjoy international reputation are largely concentrated in government-sponsored research organizations. Thus, it is easy to compose a team to work out solutions to scientific research demanding interdisciplinary knowledge. (3) Lastly, since most

    private companies focus much on profits, it is very likely for them to carry out research that can negatively influence the environment and even worse human beings’ well being.

    大型的 长期的 需要大量资金

    由政府资助的研究机构 以利润为导向

    歪曲的 含有偏见的

one another 引出的句子。

    23. One main advantage of is Another benefit is

    24. One major problem of is Another big risk is

    25. One effective measure to is Another sound approach is

    26. One of negative impacts of is Another adverse effect is Furthermore, there is a

    third undesirable development:


    It has become increasingly apparent that the widespread use of cell phones gives rise to a number of problems in modern society. One major problem of using mobile devices too regularly is that

    they are posing a potential threat to human health in form of the microwave radiation emitted. Another big risk is that cell phone technology is often manipulated and even abused to

    extract and sell user’s information to those unscrupulous marketing companies. Furthermore, there

    is a third undesirable development: since cell phones can provide criminals with increased

    mobility and accessibly to critical data, the number of unsolved crimes is steadily on the rise.

具有“比较级” “最高级”概念的的套路

    27. What is more (important/ significant),

    28. More importantly/ significantly,

    29. What is worse/ worst,

    30. The worst case scenario is that

    31. The best course of action, however, is that

    32. The most cost-effective measure is to


    Unlike the life-improving science and technology, arts are quite unique in that they can tell us how to enrich ourselves. (支持句1) One important aspect of such enrichment is seen in our

    appreciating those fine works of art--- such as Impressionist paintings--- that satisfy our innate appetite for sensual beauty. (2) Another significant dimension is that children who take art lessons from an early age can not only have their eyes, ears and souls opened by classical paintings, music and literature, but they can also expand their horizons by learning to look at things in an alternative and often creative way.




IELTS Writing Part Lecture 6

    Method 4. 对比法




    1. In comparison,

    2. In (sharp/stark) contrast,

    3. Compared with , .

Some people think that teachers should be responsible for teaching students to judge what is right

    and wrong so that they can behave well. Others say that teachers should only teach students

    academic subjects.

    Discuss both views and give your own opinion. (2006-3-18)


    On the one hand, teaching students how to distinguish right from wrong is a matter of utmost importance in education, especially during their formative years. (1) To begin with, such moral education is often regarded by most teachers as being much more important than teaching them academic knowledge.(2) In addition, being fully aware of the difference between right and wrong effectively improves their own behavior, which can in turn facilitate their learning process. (3) According to a recent study conducted by a team of Canadian researchers of the University of Toronto, many top students in high school not only perform well academically, but they also generally show decent behavior in a consistent way. (4) In sharp contrast, not providing young students with a proper moral education is a sure recipe for disaster because a number of serious problems may result from this failure.

4. On the other hand,

    5. At the other end of the scale,

    6. At the opposite end of the spectrum,


    First of all, it must be admitted that this impressive stride in space technology generates huge benefits for mankind. (1) For one thing, many scientists claim that samples collected form the lunar surface can provide them with valuable clues as to the origins of the Earth as well as the universe. (2) For another, successful landing on such an important celestial body gives a much-needed boost to our human confidence to explore and even inhabit another planet in outer space. (3) At the opposite end of the spectrum, it is sometimes argued that colossal investments in space exploration are pointless when there are so many problems and sufferings in our earthly existence.




IELTS Writing Part Lecture 6


    7. While ,

    8. Whereas ,

    Some people think history has nothing or little to tell us, but others believe that studying the past can help us better understand the present.

    Discuss the two views and give your own opinion.

主体段1 ,为正方 some people

    On the one hand, the claim that we can learn almost nothing from history is not groundless in some cases. (1) Take ancient history for example: what happened thousands of years ago in another corner of the world may be only remotely connected with our contemporary society. (2) By the same token, studying the Dark Ages in Europe is of little relevance to most modern people as those bloody pages of history that were characterized by suppression, inquisition and torture have been turned. (3) While history may not be as useful as previously thought, geography as a fascinating field of study can reveal some very important information about climate change, wildlife habitats, ecological systems as well as the interaction between humans and nature.


    On the other hand, many historical events can indeed shed light on current affairs of the world and help us to formulate our ideas, values and principles accordingly. (1) This is mainly because the present, which is either directly or indirectly affected by the past, is actually a continuation of previous occurrences. (2) More importantly, as history tends to repeat itself, it comes as no surprise that the best way of preparing for the future is to study our human history in a rational and scientific way and hopefully learn some good lessons. (3) Whereas historic buildings and monuments need to be preserved with great care, those prominent historical figures are being researched in order to understand their profound influence on todays developments across the





话题 Science & Technology

    1. Technological products 7. Medical advancement

    2. Information technology 8. Technology vs. Arts

    3. Discoveries and inventions 9. Animal experiments

    4. Science vs. Culture 10. Space research

    5. High-tech entertainment 11. Extending human life

    6. Producing contaminants 12. Genetically modified food


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