how do you go to school

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how do you go to schoolHow,you,how,You,HowDo

    Unit 4 How do you get to school

    Teacher:Dora Date5,22th

    Description of students: grade eight Lesson type: Speaking and


I. Teaching Objectives

     By the end of this lesson, students should be able to

    1. express different ways of getting to school in English.

    2. read some numbers in English, and learn them by heart.

    3. master different ways of asking for information from your partner. II. Teaching Important/ Difficult Points

    Ways of transportation, Listening, The pronunciation of different numbers. III. Teaching Methodsdiscussion, presention ,TBLT

     IV. Teaching Aids: . blackboard, chalk, pictures

V. Teaching Procedure

     Step 1 Review;5 mins

    Show pictures about transportation had learned last class.

     Step 2 Lead-in ( 5mins)

     Look at the pictures on page 19 and make list of how student get to school in the

    morning, than add other ways to get to school.

     Step 3 Pairwork ( 10mins)

    Work in pairs and make a conversation about how you get to school.

     Step 4 Presentation((5mins)

    Review some numbers by show some pictures, and ask some student read it loudly.

     Step 5 Listening ( 15 mins)

    Listen to the tape and answer the question on page 20 and finish the exercise from 2a to 2c.

     Step 6 Summary and Homework ( 5 mins)

    Homework: surf on the Internet and find out how does students in different part of the word get to school.

VI. Blackboard Plan

     Unit5 How do you get to school?

空中交通?by air=by pane

    陆上交通?by bus=take a bus, by train=take a train, On foot= walk , by bike=ride a bike, by horse, drive a car

    水上交通?by ship=by ship, by boat

    VII. Reflection: (课后手写?)

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