The Tote Mumbai by Serie Architects

By Frederick Marshall,2014-12-03 20:57
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The Tote Mumbai by Serie Architects

Soil Cutlery by Vladimir Rachev

1970s Avant Garde Tableware from Villeroy & Boch

The Tote Mumbai by Serie Architects

    UK architects Chris Lee and Kapil Gupta of Serie Architects have designed ‘The Tote’, a banquet hall, restaurant and bar. Their brief was to incorporate a series of disused buildings from the city’s colonial past set within the Mumbai race course and convert them to form a series of restaurant and bars.

    The interesting aspect of the site, however, lied not in the colonial buildings but in the open spaces covered by mature rain trees. These spaces are shaded throughout the year by the thinly wide spread leaves of the

    rain trees, allowing almost the entire proposed program to occur outdoors. The interior of the lounge bar on the upper level is an intricate arrangement of 3-dimensional, faceted wooden panelling, acoustically treated with sound proofing material. The pattern of the panelling is a series of trees with intersecting branches.

    The Tote, Mumbai, India, by Serie Architects

    via: designboom

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

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