Revision Module B

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Revision Module BRevi

Revision Module B


    ( )16.---Why not______the music club?

     ---Sorry,I cant sing or dance.

    A. to join

    B. join

    C. joining

    D. joins

    ( )17.---May I use your bike?


    A. You are right.

    B. Yes,please.

    C. It doesnt matter.

    D. Thats a good idea.

    ( )18.My mom ______Shanghai on business.

     She will be back in five days.

    A. goes to

    B. has gone to

    C. has been to

    D. will go to

    ( )19.This kind of plants looks_____and sells______.

    A. good;good

    B. well;well

    C. good;well

    D. well;good

    ( )20.---How much does it cost to build the school library?


    A. million

    B. millions

    C. millions of

    D. million of

    ( )21.Who came into the shop when the lights_______?

    A. got off

    B. went off

    C. went down

    D. turned up

    ( )22.Mother asked Tom______because his father was sleeping in

    the next room.

    A. stop to sing

    B. to stop singing

    C. to stop to sing

    D. stop singing

     ( )23.Whenever Im in trouble,my teacher always______.

    A. offers helping me

    B. offers me to some help

    C. offers to helpme

    D. asks some help

    ( )24.---David, may I have a look at your new watch?

     ---Of,course you_________.

    A. must

    B. will

    C. could

    D. can

    ( )25.---It looks like a dog.Do you think so?


    A. understand

    B. know

    C. mean

    D. agree



    Whats______ ______?The classroom sounds so_______. 42.在飞机上?你一定不能用手机。

    You ______use your ________ ________on a plane. 43.对野生动物来说?供他们居住的土地越来越少。

    Theres______ ______ ________ _______for wild animals_____ _____



    ______ ______hard to ______ _______wild animals. 45.船在大的暴风雨中一直前行是危险的。

    Its__________for_______to _______ _______in heavy _______. 46.我还没有收到他的来信。

    I havent______ ______him yet.

    47. 我希望你们在北京能够玩得开心。

    I hope you will______ _________in Beijing. 48.大多数中国人用筷子吃面条。

    Most Chinese people ______ _______with___________. 六、补全对话

    AExcuse me.______________________________________________

    B:Which cinema?

    A:The Capital Cinema.

    B:Oh,Its a long way from here.Youd better take a bus.

    A:________________________________________________? B:You can take a No.44 Bus.It can take you there.


    B:The nearest bus stop? Walk along this road,and take the first turning on the right.The bus stop is about 100 metres away on the left. A:________________________________________________? B:Only twenty minutes.


    B:Youre welcome.

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