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Meeting Notes Template

     London Board meeting


Meeting Title: London Safeguarding Children Board Meeting

    thDate: 25 July 2007

    Time: 1pm 3pm

    Location: London Councils

    Chaired by: Derek Myers (RB Kensington and Chelsea)


    Derek Myers (RB Kensington Alastair Jeffrey (Met Police) Hannah Miller (Croydon LSCB) and Chelsea)

    Christine Christie (London Sue Wilkinson (Met Police) Paul Robinson (LB Board) Wandsworth)

    Ian Dean (London Board) John Anthony (Youth Justice Hilary McCollum (London

    Board) Councils)

    Briony Ladbury (Croydon PCT) Malcolm Jenkin (London Helen Johnston (London

    Probation) Councils)

    Sally Jones (Greenwich PCT) Safron Rose (NSPCC) Vivienne Bartlett (GOL) Apologies:

    Jennifer Izekor (GOL) Andrew Fraser (Enfield LSCB) Elizabeth Coe (CAFCASS) Delroy Pomell (Barnardos) Andrew Ireland (Havering Rob Jarman (Met Police)


    David Archibald (Ealing LSCB) Dave Hill (Merton LSCB)

    Points of discussion

    1) Introductions and apologies

    ; The London Board noted the above apologies.


    2) SCD5 Strategic Assessment

    ; Presentation delivered by Alison Brown, SCD5 Higher Intelligence Analyst.

    - Following the presentation, SW pointed out that the homicide rate outlined has

    actually doubled over the past year (from 6 cases to 11 cases).

     Printed: 23/06/11 Page 1

     London Board meeting


    - HM asked if the age of the mother has been analysed with respect to SUDIs. Alison

    Brown said that this has been looked at in depth, and there is no higher incidence of

    SUDIs amongst teenage mothers.

    ; AJ reported that SCD5 are keen for greater engagement with other agencies, and particularly

    the London Board, when compiling their next intelligence report, to ensure that key issues for

    all agencies are included. DM welcomed this opportunity to work collaboratively, and the

    London Board agreed that this would be a positive move.

    ACTION Alison Brown to circulate presentation and full report to the Board (attached). ______________________________________________________________________________ 3) Notes of last meeting and matters arising

    ; No changes

    ______________________________________________________________________________ 4) Manager’s Report

    ; The Board noted the London Board Manager’s Report.

    ______________________________________________________________________________ 5) London Child Protection Procedures

    ; CC reported that, following a wide ranging period of consultation, expert review and detailed

    editorial board scrutiny, the London Child Protection Procedures are now ready for the London

    Board’s consideration, having previously been approved by both ALDCS and the LSCB Chairs

    Meeting (subject to comment from Croydon lawyers, who are currently checking through the

    final draft).

    - All supplementary procedures are summarised and cross-referenced within the

    main document. Two supplementaries have yet to be approved by the London

    Board Children Missing from School (see item 6) and Domestic Violence. There

    are currently issues around the thresholds within the domestic violence

    supplementary, and the procedure is being piloted in two London boroughs (Barnet

    and Barking & Dagenham) to establish their feasibility. The results of this pilot will

    be presented to the London Board in October.

    - The London Board approved the London Child Protection Procedures.

    ACTION CC to arrange for the Procedures to go to print once Croydon legal have finished their scrutiny.

    ACTION the London Board to write to Chairs of LSCBs with a timescale to formally sign up to the Procedures (likely to be by end of December 2007), and encouraging them to hold their own local launch events.


     Printed: 23/06/11 Page 2

     London Board meeting


6) Serious Case Reviews

    ; CC handed a printed copy and CD of the London Review of Serious Case Reviews to the

    London Board members. CC also reported that a printed copy + CD had been handed to all

    Directors of Children’s Services at ALDCS (9.07.07) and all LSCB Chairs at their recent

    meeting (23.07.07), with the DCSF and DH couriered one copy each for information. All copies

    handed out face-to-face and are marked “strictly confidential” to uphold the London Board’s

    commitment that this information would be treated confidentially.

    ACTION the London Board to survey London LSCBs in 18 months time to assess how the report has been used, and to establish the value of the exercise.

    ______________________________________________________________________________ 7) Child Death Overview Panels

    ; CC reported that ALDCS have established a sub-group to address the issues around Child

    Death Overview Panels, chaired by Dave Hill (Merton DCS) and made up of representatives

    from ALDCS.

    - AJ requested that the police be represented on this group, and SJ felt that Health

    should also be involved. As a member of the sub-group, PR agreed to take this

    request to Dave Hill, although it was felt that it would be useful for the initial meeting

    to be restricted to DCS’ in order for them to establish their position before opening

    to multi-agency membership.

    - DM reported that, having spoken recently to a senior coroner, it appears that many

    London coroners may be unaware of the Child Death Overview Process it would

    therefore be useful to have coroners represented on the sub-group. ACTION PR to request that the ALDCS sub-group is opened up to multi-agency membership, and to feedback to AJ, SJ and DM.

    ______________________________________________________________________________ 8) Children Missing From School supplementary procedure

    ; CC reported that this supplementary procedure was initially developed in consultation with the

    DfES, with the final draft circulated for London-wide consultation and expert scrutiny from the

    police Missing Person’s Unit and the London Safeguarding Children Education Network. The

    procedure has now been finalised, and is ready for London Board consideration.

    - PR agreed that the procedure is well drafted and represents good practice, but

    stressed that successful implementation will depend on a strong lead from LA

    education services and the provision of training for school staff.

    - The London Board approved the supplementary procedure.

    ACTION Supplementary procedure for Safeguarding Children Missing From School to be published online.


     Printed: 23/06/11 Page 3

     London Board meeting


9) Competence Matters

    ; CC reported that this training framework for London has now been issued for consultation twice,

    and been reviewed in detail by the London Board training sub-group. A number of LSCBs are

    already using Competence Matters as a framework for their own training programmes, and the

    document is now ready for the London Board’s consideration.

    - PR suggested that CRB checks is a major issue that has not been included in the

    framework, although a number of the Board felt that this would be more

    appropriately located in an individual organisation’s policies and procedures. PR

    therefore suggested that Competence Matters includes a flag for readers to consult

    their agency’s policies and procedures around CRB checks.

    - PR also felt that the large number of courses could make the document difficult to

    navigate, and that resource constraints could create difficulties for LSCBs

    attempting to implement the programme. HM felt that, as the document is a

    framework rather than an imposed programme, it is for local training co-ordinators to

    decide what / how many courses to adopt, in line with their own priorities and

    budgets. SJ agreed that the document should be presented as a menu for LSCBs to

    pick and mix from, and CC agreed to draft a “user’s guide” to emphasise this and

    highlight that local areas are not expected to adopt all courses.

    - The London Board approved Competence Matters, to be published with a user’s


    ACTION CC / ID to draft a user’s guide for Competence Matters

    ACTION Competence Matters to be published electronically, and reviewed annually by the London Board training sub-group. The electronic document will then be flagged when updated content appears.

    ______________________________________________________________________________ 10) Strategic Intelligence Group

    ; The Community Partnership Project came to a formal end in June (although a number of

    boroughs have agreed to continue to fund the work in their area), and the project report is

    currently being finalised.

    - CC, HM and AJ met recently with the Children’s Minister, and presented the findings

    and recommendations of the project together with a suggested way forward for

    London (comprising a central co-ordinator of community and faith group

    engagement in London - see paper 10b). The Minister was very positive about the

    work of the project, and was keen that it should be encouraged to continue. CC now

    has a meeting booked with Jeanette Pugh (Head of the Safeguarding Unit at DCSF)

    to discuss how the project’s momentum can be continued and to agree future

    funding streams, and will report back to the London Board in October. ; CC, HM and AJ also presented to the Minister a proposal to adjust the name and focus of the

    Strategic Intelligence Group to focus more widely on issues affecting Black and Minority Ethnic

    communities (see paper 10c). The London Board approved this proposal.

     Printed: 23/06/11 Page 4

     London Board meeting


    ACTION CC to meet with Jeanette Pugh to discuss funding for a continuation of the Community Partnership Project, and will report back in October.

    ACTION - CC, HM and Caroline Bates (Met Police SCD5) to meet to draft amended Terms of Reference for the new Strategic Intelligence Group.

    ACTION GOL to be added to the membership for the new Strategic Intelligence Group. ______________________________________________________________________________ 11) London Board Datasets Initiative

    ; CC reported that this piece of work, funded by GOL, emerged from the DfES review of LSCBs,

    and aims to provide a consistent dataset for all London LSCBs to use to monitor their


    - The Board agreed that this will be a valuable piece of work, and asked to be kept

    updated with developments.

    ACTION CC to keep the Board updated.


    th12) Safeguarding London’s Children Conference (Thurs Dec 13, 2007)

    ; CC requested that members of the London Board consider what they would like this

    conference to address. Current ideas for themes include working with minority ethnic

    communities and faith groups (including the launch of the Community Partnership Project

    Report), and Child Sexual Abuse (linking in with the European Council’s commitment for all

    member states to address child sexual abuse in their country, to be launched in October).

    - These themes were very well received by the Board, who briefly debated whether

    child sexual abuse should be narrowed to concentrate on sexual exploitation, before

    agreeing that keeping the broader approach would address more areas of work

    while still allowing some focus on sexual exploitation.

    - The Board considered that the Community Partnership Project report was

    sufficiently important to warrant launching either at the conference or, if not, then at

    a separate mini-conference.

    ACTION CC to progress the conference programme planning on the basis of the two themes.

    ______________________________________________________________________________ 13) AOB

    ; VB reported that GOL have been asked to run a consultation event on the Home Office’s new

    guidance on child trafficking, but would like to do so jointly with the London Board. The Board

    agreed to this.

    ACTION CC to progress this with GOL outside of the meeting.

     Printed: 23/06/11 Page 5

     London Board meeting


    ______________________________________________________________________________ 14) Dates of future meetings

    st; Wednesday October 31, 2pm 4pm (London Councils, lunch provided from 1.15pm)

    th; Wednesday February 20, 2pm 4pm (London Councils, lunch provided from 1.15pm)

    th; Wednesday May 7, 2pm 4pm (London Councils, lunch provided from 1.15pm)

    th; Wednesday July 30, 2pm 4pm (London Councils, lunch provided from 1.15pm)

    th; Wednesday October 29, 2pm 4pm (London Councils, lunch provided from 1.15pm)

     Printed: 23/06/11 Page 6

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