Face the failure

By Lauren Hill,2014-06-24 09:54
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Face the failureFace,the,The,face

     Face the failure

    In your life, you must have met a lot of failures, so have I.But when you face the challenges, how do you deal with them? Just give up or try your best to change them?

    As for me, I will choose to go under. After I was admitted into the university, I make every effort to adjust myself to accept failures. As far as I am concerned, if you had never been in dilemma, you life would have been incomplete.

    As a proverb says, every coin has two sides. In spite of the difficulties, you will learn a lot. Not only you have learned how to solve the problems, but also have you understood make distinguishes between good and evil. That is to say, you have experience in handling the challenges. In reality, what you have picked up is ABILITY. And the effect of the abilities on you

    is enduring.

    As failures go, we have solutions to avoid them. First, when we come up against great difficulties, what we need to do is making us aware of the importance of the disaster, not being upset or crying. No one will be sympathetic to the weak. Second, if you have a wide circle of friends, you’d better ask them for

    help. It is the true friends who help you when you are in danger. Third, the most important thing is that you should learn a

    lesson from the failure. Only when you find the reason why you fail, you will mot finish it by mistake when you do that again.

    In a word, no matter what you do, no matter what you are, just believe in yourself when you face the challenges. I hope you will make it. Just do it!

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