Module 9 Animals in danger

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Module 9 Animals in dangerModu

Module 9 Animals in danger


    ( )16.The classtoom is mass,so the teacher tells them_____. cheer it up tidy it up

     C.wash up it D.make up it ( )17.The animal is in_______.We must try to help it.

     A.ill B.danger

     C.zoo D.success

    ( )18.Its very kind of you______and see us.

     A.come B.came come D.coming

    ( )19.Can you show me_______an e-mail?

     A.send send

     C.what to send to send ( )20.Do you have_____before you leave?

    A. something to say

    B. anything to say

    C. say something

    D. anything saying

    ( )21.The teacher always makes her classes______,and her students

    love her classes very much.

     A.interesting B.boring

    C.angry D.dangerous

    ( )22.The book_______be Lucys.It_______be Lilys because her

    name is on the book.

    A.must;must B.cant;can

    C.cant;must D.mustnt;can

    ( )23.Im sorry_______to school late.My bike is broken.

    A.come B.came come D.coming

    ( )24.The boy works very hard_______the exam.

    A.pass B.passes pass D.passing

    ( )25.After finishing your paper,look it over to______there are no


    A.find out B.try out

    C.think about D.make sure



    41.Why dont you use the Internet________(get)more information about pandas?

    42.Elephants and whales are examples of animals in______(dangerous).

    43.People often kill wild animals to eat their________(meat) 44.He needs_____________(tell)everyone about the news. 45.Government should make_____________(plan)to save animals. B.根据汉语完成句子


    What______ _______can we do?


    Sheep________ ______grass.


    ___________these chairs ________.We dont need them.


    The ole man was very ill and his life was______ __________. 50.咱们搞清楚我们能做什么来帮助穷困孩子。

    Lets________ ________what we can do to help poor chidren. .补全对话


    A:_______________________________________?(51) B:Yes,I do.I love animals very much.

    A:_______________________________________?(52) B:I like pandas,best.


    B:They live only in China.


    B:They are lovely.But I think we should try our best to protect these



    B:Because some of them are in danger.

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