Module 7 Feeling and impressions

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Module 7 Feeling and impressionsand,7

    Module 7 Feeling and impressions 二、单项选择

     16.Ive never heard____him.Who is he?

     A.ftom B.of D.on ( )17.I’m quite tall____a pair of glasses.

     A.has B.and

     C.wear D.with ( )18.She was very angry____me when I was late. B.with

     C.for D.of ( )19.Im afraid of _____in an airplane. fly

     C.flying D.flies ( )20.He has had three bowls if soup. Im sure the soup tastes_____.

     A.well B.good

     C.bad D.badly ( )21.I was not feeling____this morning and my mother asked

    me to stay at home.

     A.well B.good

     C.bad D.badly ( )22.You look____.Whats wrong?---My son hert his leg this


     A.happy B.fine

     C.surprised D.worried ( )23.When spring come,the days get____.

    A. warm and warm

    B. warmer and warmer

    C. cold and cold

    D. colder and colder

    ( )24.We all felt very____at the______news.

    A. exciting;excited

    B. excited;exciting

    C. exciting;exciting

    D. excited;excited

    ( )25.Its_____to stare _____other people.

     A.polite;in B.rude;in

     C.polite;at D.rude;at ( )26.The policeman told the little boy____in the street.

     A.not play B.not to play

     C.dont play D.doesnt play

    ( )27.Americans sound_____because they speak loudly.

     A.noise B.noisy

     C.quiet D.quietly

    th( )28.----Do you know how many gold medal China got in the 29

    Olympic Games?----Oh,fifty-one!We all felt_____when we heard


    A. exciting;excited

    B. excited;exciting

    C. exciting;exciting

    D. excited;excited

    ( )29.---What_____your English teacher like?

     ---He is kind. B.does

     C.was D.did

    ( )30.---Tommy looks so sad and unhappy.




     C.Im sorry to hear that.

     D.Thats OK.



    46.I like sports,________(especial)football. 47.Dont draw pictures on the wall again,he said________(angry) 48.I dont know him.He is a _________(stange). 49.The people in the billage are very _______(friend)to us.

    50.The seat_____________(not feel)comfortable. B)根据汉语提示!完成句子。


    Cheese tastes_____ ______.It________ ________fresh. 52.你必须把我介绍给她。

    You must ____________me ____her.


    She______very petty ____the photo.


    You asked me how I _____ ______ _______to China. 55.我很高!金色短发!戴眼镜。

    Im quite tall with ______ _______ hair,and I______glasses. 六、补全对话


    Tom:Hi,Jane!__________________________________________?(56) Jane:Very well!

    Tom:You look really pretty today!



    Jane:Im going to meet my pen friend,Lily,at the airport. Tom:That sounds great.___________________________________?(59) Jane:Shes tall and beautiful.She wears glasses.


    Jane:I havent met her,but she sounds teally nice.

    Tom:Good luck~!See you.

    Jane: See you.

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