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Screen Shots - Elocas.doc

    Elocas Technical Documentation Screen Shots and


    1. Logon Screen


    Used to log into the web interface. All users will log in through this page

    and will be sent to their specific web application site, containing their own data

    and application forms.


    - User supplies their assigned user id and password pair and clicks on the

    “Submit” button to enter the site.


    - Database is queried to determine if the supplied user password and id exist in

    the system.

    - If ID and password do not exist an error page is displayed allowing the user to

    try again.

    - If the ID and password does exist the information for that user such as

    company and their security roles are determined and the user is directed to

    their own “Main Information Page”.

    2. Main/HOME Page


     Also referred to as the “Company Home Page” or the “Information At A Glance

    Page”. This page is considered the starting point of the clients web application site. It

    contains general information providing as much critical information at a glance, as

    possible. Information includes a listing of all of the locations of all configured trucks,

    including their departure point and destination points. You can drill down to get

    information pertaining to a specific trip on this list by clicking on either the drivers name,

    or the trip control number associated with the trip you want to query. This page also

    contains some information in the top banner that displays the status of the message queue

    to indicate how many messages are in the queue and how many are new unread messages.

     When this page loads the system automatically checks the database to see if any

    drivers have not checked in within a preset period of time (24 hours in our demo but this

    can be set by the client). The system has the ability to send an automated text message to

    all drives that have not checked in over the set period. If you have drivers in this status

    then the system will prompt you and ask if you would like to send a message to all those

    drivers requesting that they check in immediately. e f a b c d g