Literature effects a person

By Carl Simpson,2014-06-24 10:48
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     Literature effects a person s life

     Literature plays a important role in a persons life. It can improve ones

    reading skill and personality. William J. Scheick even believes that literature has a healing power. However, Samuel Johnson find fiction particularly dangerous for young readers and he always thinks that a writer should always consider morality as an important element in his/her writing. Actually, I amagree with William J. Scheicks opinion ,but it did not mean that Samuel

    Johnsons are unreasonable .In fact , when I was a child ,I also find that my parent were not with me when I felt lonely, which made me in a low spirit. Then I would find some story to read. I find that when I lost myself in a novel,I will feel better. At that time I always read some story about prince and princess. In the ending of the story prince and princess would live in a castle happily. I prefer to live in a story, rather than in the real world. Reading a novel can make you forget the things unhappy and relax yourself in the books. I like that feeling. I also think that a writer should consider morality in their book. A book can has a big effect on a person, especially to the children. It is harmful for a child know something dangerous in a early age such as the crime, draft and frailties of human nature. The children should live in a healthy environment.

     Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite novels, I have read it for many times. I think it influences me a lot in many aspects of my life, especially the love. I have different feelings when I read in different times. When I first read this novel, I was in the junior high school. At that time I just care about whether Elizabeth and Darcy will get married. I dreamed that I can find a husband like Mr.Darcy who is handsome, smart and rich. In some later times I find I care more about the characteristics of the characters. Elizabeth is full of the sense of humor and I think she inherited it from his sagacious father. Her great father always seem to appeal my eye. I think the old gentlemen has unique glamour. Then I find that ironical rhetoric can be find everywhere in the novel. I like this style. I also know some social view in the old London. Now I think I need one I really love to get married. No matter rich or pour, the real love is the most important.

     In addition, to the university student, literature is an important part of their education. Some researches show that most of the university students like reading and have their favorite book. However some university students are not satisfied with the literature courses they take in their university. They always choose some old and classic literature in our book like the Shakespeare. However, not everyone in my university likes to read Shakespeare. On the contrary, some of my classmates think that the Shakespeares plays are so far from our modern life that they can not

    understand them completely. Some of them even think the words written by Shakespeare are so strange. They prefer read the long book Harry Potter from

    one to seven rather than read the Romeo and Juliet. The students can stand

    the lots of the medicine names ,but they can not stand the classical dialogue.

    As a matter of the fact, I think I would like the interesting stories than the plays. Although students are not satisfied with the literature courses , there are also many literature lessons in the textbook for the elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. It can be inferred that the government sees literature as an important part in the education.

     Literature plays an absolutely necessary part in a persons life. The

    influences given by literature can not be wore away all of ones life.


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