Exercise for 8A Unit6

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    Exercise for 8A Unit 6

    Exercises I for ―Welcome to the unit‖ & Vocabulary


    1~把~~~拖洗干净____________ 4~他的腿受了伤____________

    2~输掉比赛____________ 5~把村子冲走____________

    3~杀死成千上万的人____________ 6~雷电____________






    1. We will not stay here _______ too long. We must go back at once. 2. Last night a coach crashed _______ a tree. The people _______ it were badly hurt.

    3. Would you like to go shopping _______ me?

    4. We didn’t arrive _______ the park until ten o’clock.

    5. Zhalong is the home _______ plants and animals. There are many different kinds _______ birds

    there, too.

    6. I think it is important _______ us to protect the animals.


    1. shake(名词)_______ 8. rain(形容词)_______

    2. live(形容词)_______ 9. storm(形容词)_______

    3. me(反身代词)_______ 10.foggy(名词)_______

    4. loudly(形容词)_______ 11.snow(形容词)_______

    5. sun(形容词)_______ 12.frost(形容词)_______

    6. cloudy(名词)_______

    7. wind(形容词)_______


    1. The sun shines _______ (bright). It is a _______ (sun) day. 2. It is really _______ (snow) today. So I got to school quite late. 3. It was _______ (fog) yesterday. We couldn’t see each other in one metre.

    4. It is going to be _______ (wind) tonight. The wind will blow _______ (strong).

    5. The weather will become _______ (bad) on Monday than doday. 6. Birds can find food _______ (easy) here.


    _______ 1. There are a lot of traffic on the highway.

    _______ 2. As it was really snow, it took me longer to get to school. _______ 3. There is too many computer work to do. So I am very busy.


    Exercise for 8A Unit 6

    _______ 4. What a nice weather today! Let’s go hiking!

    _______ 5. People ran wild as pieces of glass and bricks fell down.

六、 完成句子


     It often _______ _______ _______ _______ here.


     _______ _______ _______ is very warm. The temperature _______ _______ _______. 3~昨晚刮了一场大风。今天的温度将会有所下降。

     _______ _______, there was _______ _______ _______. The temperature _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ today.


     _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ this morning.


    A. 根据句子意思以及所给的首字母提示;用合适的单词填空;完成句子。

     1. There was a traffic a__________ near our school this morning. Luckily, nobody was hurt badly.

     2. I don’t like living in a noisy city. I hope to live a quiet life in a v__________.

     3. The radio says a typhoon will hit our city. And it will bring a s__________.

     4 In 1976, an e__________ in Tanshang killed many thousand people’s lives.

     5. You should turn off your computer when there is l__________ in the sky. B. 阅读下面的对话; 从方框里选择合适的单词和短语;并用其正确形式填空。

    Kill lose thousands of crash into fall

    A: Is there anything important in today’s newspaper?

    B: Yes. It says our national women’s football team 6.__________ an important game.

    A: That’s really bad news. Nothing is worse than that.

    B: There’s another piece of bad news. A typhoon will hit Zhejiang and Shanghai this week. 7._________ people may lose their homes.

    A: I heard about it yesterday. Anything else?

    B: Yes. On Ninglian High way(高速公路), a car 8.________ a bus.

    A: Oh. Did it 9.___________anybody?

    B: Yes. The driver of the car died. And it also says a 11-year-old boy was so careless that he 10._________ down the stairs and hurt his legs.


    Exercise for 8A Unit 6

    Exercises ? for ―Reading‖


    1~在购物中心____________ 7~平静下来____________

    2~一阵轻微的震动____________ 8~陷入困境____________

    3~恐惧地____________ 9~活下来____________

    4~四处逃散____________ 10~赶快做某事;匆忙做某事____________ 5~尽力做某事____________



    1. Many people were killed in the a_______.

    2. Tom fell off the tree and h_______ his leg. 3. Don’t shout! Please c_______ down.

    4. When the earthquake started, people ran in all d_______. 5. You should l_______ the door when you leave home. 6. Today the t_______ is 15?--23?. It is quite warm.


    ( ) 1. I called you yesterday evening, but nobody answered.

    Oh. I am sorry. Maybe I ______ a bath then.

    A. had B. am having

    C. was having D. have

    ( ) 2. ______ your parents ______ the weather forecast when you got home?

    No. My mother was in the kitchen then.

    A. Are; watching B. Were; watching

    C. Did; watching D. Did; watch

    ( ) 3. I was just leaving the room ______ the telephone rang yesterday afternoon.

    A. when B. while

    C. because D. until

    ( ) 4. You got wet yesterday?

    Yes. It ______ to rain while we were play-ing football on the playground.

    A. was beginning B. was starting

    C. began D. will start

    ( ) 5. The boy with his friends ______ with snow this time yesterday.

    A. played B. were playing

    C. is playing D. was playing

    ( ) 6. ______ snowstorm! We have to stay at home for the afternoon.

    I’m afraid so.

    A. How terrible B. How a terrible

    C. What a terrible D. What terrible

    ( ) 7. Did you see Andy yesterday?

    Yes. I saw him ______ a snowman yester-day morning.


    Exercise for 8A Unit 6

    A. making B. to make

    C. was making D. made

    ( ) 8. Was there much ______ in Nanjing last week.

    Yes. It snowed a lot.

    A. snows B. snowy

    C. snowed D. snow

    ( ) 9. He put his bike under the tree ______. But when he came back after a while, the bike

    was no longer there.

    A. any more B. as usual

    C. at times D. like usual

    ( )10. Why is your mother angry with you?

    Because I ______ one of the plates while I ______ them.

    A. was breaking; was washing

    B. broke; was washing

    C. was breaking; washed

    D. broke; am washing

    ( )11. Were you and Tom walking to school at that time?

    ______. We took a bus yesterday.

    A. Yes, I was B. Yes, we were

    C. No, we weren’t D. No, I wasn’t

    ( )12. Please turn on the radio. It’s time ______ the weather forecast.

    A. to B. for C. about D. to watch

    ( )13. Some climbers were trapped on top of the mountain ______ the bad weather. They had to

    wait for the rain to stop.

    A. because of B. because

    C. if D. after

    ( )14. Where were you playing football ______?

    On the football field.

    A. tomorrow B. next Monday

    C. at 4 yesterday D. right now

    ( )15. They lost their way ______ a stormy night. They didn’t get to the camp until the next


    A. in B. on C. at D. with


    I was in a _______ center when it started. _______ first, I felt a _______ shaking through my body.Then I heard a big noise like _______. People _______ _______ each other _______ _______..

    Then the real noise came and the earth started to shake. People ran _______ all directions.I _______ my best to _______ _______ to the street too. People ran _______ as _______ _______ glass and bricks fell down. Then the walls began to _______ _______ too. When the noise ended, I _______ down and found I _______ _______ in the dark place. I shouted _______ _______, but no one came. I told myself that I must stay _______.

    Suddenly, I heard some noise above me. I screamed. Then I heard _______ shouts. People were in


    Exercise for 8A Unit 6

    a great _______ to _______ _______ the bricks and stones. At _______, I saw the bright _______.

    I was _______.


    1. We did not know what _______ do.

    2. Tim heard a loud noise _______ thunder _______ first.

    3. He was trapped _______ a dark place after the earthquake.

    4. He wanted to stay _______, so he shouted _______ help.

    5. The pieces _______ glasses and bricks fell down .And after that , the walls began to come _______ ,too.

    6. Finally, people moved _______ the stones and bricks and saved him.