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    Food safety

    Food safety


    Food safety becomes a hot issue because of a series of food security accidents. Its not a matter involving one person,but

    everyone could be in danger of food poisoning. It has appealed public’s attention and should be regarded. Maybe its high time

    to take severe measures to manage the food safety,especially for the government. We can make out how grim it is from following grid:

    Year Accidents Harm

    2003 Jinhua ham with DDVP Have bad effects to


    2004 Fuyang inferior powdered Big-head baby


    2005 Higher-than-standard Bad to thyroidea function

    levels of iodine food in

    Nestle milk powder

    2006 Pork contaminated with Cause headachenausea

    clenbuterol and irregular heartbeat

    2008 High levels of melamine in Kidney stonerenal failure

    infant milk powder

    2012 Firm yoguat Not clear yet

The features of food safety in china:

    1. The range of food problem is expanding

    In the past, it only referred to traditional staple and non-staple food like edible oil, meat. But now it reaches out into fruit,drinks,milk and so on. It takes on space formula and

omnibearing situation.

    2. It causes greater harm

    Agricultural chemical and artificial fertilizer left over used to be the most common problem in food. Howevre, producers now put illegal food additives,which is an invisible harm to threaten peoples health.

    3. Drugmaking is more and more diversified from external to internal,physical to chemical.

    Cause of the issue:

    1. The imperfection of legal system

    The law system about food safety in china still has many disadvantages which gives the produce of unqualified food a room to exist. Whats more, chinas food standard lags behind

    the international food standards. In addtion,there remains some important standards missing.

    3. The consumers lack common sense in food safety

    At present ,the majority of chinese belong to middle or lower class and have not that much money. When theyre faced witn

    similar goods,the cheap ones will be their first choice and then

    the quality or safety.People tend to have this consume attitude that besides me,there're so many people buying these food on special and it won't cause any problems according to the past

    experience. Supported by these consumers, producers begin to expand their production and more dangerous food floods into the market. It can be a terrible cycling.

    Suggestions to the issue:

    1. We propose the government issuing the white paper of national food industry development planning,putting forward goals and policies from the microscopic angle. From the moment, the State Council has announced The decision to

    further strengthen the food safety and most provinces have

    offered their suggestions to launch the special remediation work aimed at the food safety, in the hope that nation would have a overall and far-reaching guild.

    2. Improve the level of food industry;optimize the industrial structure;strengthen the whole-way quality management system of stock-processing-circulation-marketing.

    3. Pay high attention to the food safety propaganda and supervision:Give full play to the role of the medias supervision,

    not only to continue exposing the illegal behavior of food safety, but also to promote the food safety knowledge and cultivate consumers the consciousness of protecting themselves. 4. Strengthen the supervision and punnishment power in the circulation field: Strictly implement that substandard food

    should be withdrawed from the market system; consolidate the food safety logo and packaging management; rigidly control food additive producting and using.

    5. Summary food safety accidents which expose system issues and moral failings.

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