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    What is a hero?

    Everyone has a hero in the heart. What is a hero? Different people may have different definitions about „hero‟. In my mind ,„H‟ represents „Highness‟ „E‟represents „Energy‟,„R‟represents „Responsibility‟, „O‟represents „Obtainment‟. A real hero is not

    afraid of the challenges and overcome by himself. Thus, Satan is a hero, but Hamlet is not a real hero. The reasons are as follows.

    Opening a long and rich historical picture, there are a lot of heroes, such as the person who had set a distinguished war service, a person who gave benefits to others, and a person who promoted the progress of the social and so on.

    In Satan‟s inciting speech, he did not in despair when he failed battle with God. In the hell, he said, “What though the field be lost?

    All is not lost: the unconquerable will and study of revenge, immortal hate, and courage never to submit or yield: and what is else not to be overcome? That glory never shall his wrath or might extort for me.”(Paradise Lost, Book 1) From Satan‟s speech, we can find

    that he seems to be a noble, resourceful, intelligent, brave and self-sacrificing leader because of his demagogic character, his desire for revenge, his hostility towards injustice, and his latent desire for glory. Whatever Satan became a tiny person in the sequel, and how regret he was! But there was a point that he never changed, that is, he never yielded. Thus, he was a real hero in my heart.

    It is known that every one has a Hamlet in the mind. As far as I am concerned, he is just a “child”, because he was just like the flower in the forcing house when his father did not die. However, in the next two months, there had been great changes in his world, such as, his father had dead; his uncle inherited the Crown; his mother became his uncle‟s wife. He felt some suspicious in which happened. But he had no courage to find the truth. He had to bear, because there was huge pressure against him to struggle. And he did not to make retaliate immediately when his father‟s soul told the truth. On the contrary, he became a thinker.

    “To be, or not to be, that is a question: whether ‟tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them” (Hamlet

    Act 3, Scene 1) Form his thinking, we can see that he was hesitated

    to make a choice, whether living or dying? And he did not perform a hero but like a coward when he faced the difficulties and setbacks.

    Though the different solutions by Satan and Hamlet when they met with the difficulties, we can draw the conclusion that “hero” is a person who is admired by everyone with good qualities, such as intelligent, brave and selfless. And a hero can even promote the development of the society.

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