Good Topics for a Persuasive Speech

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Good Topics for a Persuasive Speech

    By Jesse Lanclos, eHow Contributor List of 200+ Persuasive Speech Ideas Find a persuasive speech topic idea with a specific point of view. How?

    ; Which of the speech topics are you interested in?

    ; Do you know something about?

    ; Would you like to research and persuade your audience about?

Abortion Civil Rights

    Abuse Of The Elderly Climate Change Policy

    Abused Women Condoms In Schools

    Academic Dishonesty Creationism vs. Evolution Academic Freedom Cuba

    Acid Rain Dating Campus Issues

    Addiction Death Penalty

    Adoption Depression

    Affirmative Action Dieting

    Afghanistan Disabilities Act

    Africa Domestic ViolenceDrug Policy Age Discrimination Drunk Driving

    Aging Population Endangered Oceans

    Agricultural Policy Endangered Species

    AIDS/HIV Espionage and Intelligence Gathering Air Pollution Ethnic Violence

    Airline Safety Euthenasia

    Alcohol Abuse Family Violence

    Aliens and UFO's Fat Tax On Food

    Alternative imprisonment Feminism

    Alternative Medicine Foreign Oil Dependence American Education Reform Foreign Policy

    Amnesty Foster Care

    Animal Experimentation Fraud

    Animal Rights Gambling

    Animal Welfare Gangs

    Anorexia Nervosa Gay Marriage

    Anti-Semitism Gay Rights

    Arab-Israeli Conflict Genetic Engineering Armed Conflicts Genetically Engineered Foods Arms Control Genocide

     Global Resources

    Global Warming

     Government Fraud and Waste Arms Trade Gun Control Asylum Hate Crime Atomic Energy Health Care Policy Ballot Initiatives Home Schooling Battered Women Homeland Security Beginning of Life Issues Homeless in America Bermuda Triangle Human Cloning Bigamy Immigration Bilingual Education Infectious Diseases Biodiversity Inner City Poverty Biological and Chemical Internet Chatrooms Weapons Iraq

    Bird Flu Islamic Fundamentalism Birth Control Juvenile Crime Body Piercings Language Policy Breast Feeding in Public Legal System Bulimia Littering

    Cameras in Courtrooms Marriage and Divorce Campaign Finance Reform Media Violence Capital Punishment Medical Ethics Censor Hate Speech Medicinal Marijuana Censorship Medicine Abuse Chain Gangs Minimum Wage Child Labor Missile Defense System Church State Issues National Tobacco Settlement City Curfews Nonproliferation

    Nuclear Technology

    Organ Donation

    Organized Crime


    Physician-Assisted Suicide




    Prison regime

    Race Relations

    Racial Profiling

    Rain Forests


    Religious Right

    Reproductive Technologies Russia

    School Uniforms

    School Violence

    Sex Education

    Single Parent Families Smoking

    Social Security Reform Social Welfare

    Space Exploration Stadium Taxes

    Stem Cell Research Tax Reform

    Teen Pregnancy

    Term Limits


    Tobacco Industry

    Trade with China


    US Budget

    US War on Drugs

    Urban Terrorism


    Violent Video Games Voluntary National Testing War Crimes

    War On Drugs

    Water Resources

    Weapons Disarmament Welfare Reform

    Women in the Military Women's Rights

    Working Women

    World Trade

    Narrow Down 3 Persuasive Speech Ideas

    Review your short list of persuasion ideas and narrow your choices by

    answering these questions:

    ; Do you know global, national, state, community, job or school

    related problems and solutions, issues or controversies, related

    to the persuasive speech ideas?

    ; Historical or current events, places, processes, organizations or

    interesting people?

    ; Concerns, opinions, beliefs, attitudes or values?

    ; What did you see about the persuasive speech ideas in the news

    or read about them in library books?

    ; Is there a link with personal experiences, professional or

    personal goals?

    All the answers on the questions above help you to find your angle of approach for a persuasive speech. So, select a few specific angles. Those can serve as the basic main points of your persuasive speech ideas.

    Public speaking is a terrifying assignment for many people. A persuasive speech can be one of the most challenging types of speeches to deliver. For a persuasive speech to be effective, you must convince the audience to feel the same way about a subject as you do.

    The Importance of Topic Selection

    1. To deliver a persuasive speech that leaves a lasting

    impression, you must choose a topic about which you feel

    passionate. Your audience must gain something of value

    by seeing things from your perspective. Consider these possible topics as prompts to get you thinking about the perfect persuasive speech topic.


    2. The most effective persuasive speech topics cause your audience to think deeply about something they care about. Politics can be a challenging arena for persuading your audience to think differently. This is because many people are deeply entrenched in their own political ideologies. If you choose a topic carefully, however, your passion and enthusiasm could leave a lasting impression on your audience.

    Hot-button political issues could get you into trouble. This is especially true if you are giving the speech for a class grade. This doesn't mean, however, that politics is off-limits. Convince your audience about the importance of getting involved in the political process. Defend the U.S. Constitution. Argue against political corruption. Urge your audience to demand that journalists report the news

    accurately and without bias. Argue against censorship. Politics can fuel a powerful persuasive speech. Health

    3. Another topic that might be important to your audience is health. Consider how you can persuade your

    listeners to begin an exercise program. Urge them to

    embrace healthier eating habits. Convince your audience to contribute to a charity that promotes research to cure cancer. Warn your audience against unhealthy behaviors that rob people of their vitality and quality of life. Education

    4. Education is another passionate subject for many of your listeners. Convince your audience that home schooling is a positive, or negative, way to educate their children. Warn your listeners about the impact of illiteracy, and show them how to get involved to stop it. Explain the benefits of school choice. Argue for rules that promote school bus safety. Present a plan to control the costs of a college education.


    5. Another powerful approach is to convince your audience to think about their level of service to others. Argue for a mandatory community service requirement. Urge your listeners to donate time and money to those who are less fortunate. If you are passionate about the work of a specific charitable organization, convince your listeners to get involved. If you convince your listeners to think of others and take action, you have a great chance of leaving a lasting impact with your presentation.

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