Book Report of Jane Eyre

By Raymond Wagner,2014-06-24 09:08
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Book Report of Jane EyreBook,Jane,Eyre,book

    A Book Report of Jane Eyre

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    The book I’ve read is a Chinese-English bilingual version of

    , which was published in 2006 for the first time by Yilin Jane Eyre

    Press. This novel was written by the distinguished French writer Charlotte Bronte, who was the first writer to reflect women’s strong desire of independence. Although Charlotte Bronte has only written four novels, she had a momentous position in literature. And Jane Eyre, written in 1847, is one of her most popular novels.

    The story can be considered as a lively life portrait of Charlotte

    Bronte, for most of the characters in this novel were whom she was familiar with, and many plots were what she had experienced in her real life.

    This gist of the story is as follows. Jane Eyre is an orphan being raised by Mrs. Reed, her cruel and rich aunt, who doesn’t want to bring her up actually. So she is sent to a public schoolLowood. The life at Lowood is not as good as Jane expects, for the headmaster is cruel and unkind. She spends eight years at Lowood, six as a student and two as a teacher. After that, Jane accepts a family tutor job at Thomfield. Her employer is an impassioned man called Rochester. They fall in love with each other. On their wedding, a man exposes that Rochester already has a wife, a mad women Bertha, who is hidden on the third floor of the building. Knowing that it’s impossible to stay with Rochester, Jane

    escapes from Thomfield. When Jane is wandering in the wilds cold and hungry, John, a priest, saves her and finds a job for her at a


charity school. Later they find they’re cousins, and Jane's uncle has

    died and left her a large fortune. When John proposes to Jane, she refuses because she doesn’t love him. Jane hurries back to

    Thomfield as she heard it has been burned to the ground by Bertha. Rochester doesnt die but lost his eyesight and one of his hands. They rebuild their relationship at Rochester's new residence. Soon they marry and live a happy life.

    I am deeply touched by our heroines valuable personality.

    Jane looks so ordinary that no one can pick her out in crowds. Besides, she has no money and no status. However, she owns an extraordinary temperament as well as an abundant emotion world and she has her own sense of dignity. Her tough experience makes her abandon the inborn cowardice and femininity of females. Facing her cousins atrocity, she doesnt fear but argues strongly on just

    grounds. Meanwhile, Jane witnesses her friend Bums struck by Miss Scateherd, but Bums thinks it stands to reason, which is beyond Janes apprehension. I will never forget what she says in that case: If I were in your place I should dislike her; I should resist her. If she struck me with that rod, I should get it from her hand; I should break it under her nose. What a brave girl Jane is! Believe it or not, I hope I am as brave as Jane is.

    The other point which I admire for Jane is her strong persistence in true love. When it comes to true love, Jane has her own principle. Therefore, when John asks Jane to go to India with him as his wife, she refuses without hesitation. Look back at the world we are living in, how many people get married even though they dont love their spouses? I could never understand why they


    can get married just because of money, authority, status or many other things except for love. To this point, Jane deserves to be admired. In the end of this novel, we can learn that Jane marry Rochester even though he lost his eyesight and one of his hands. This, as is known to us all, is the power of love.

    In a word, Jane Eyre is a book really worth reading. When you page through the book, you can see a women struggling with her fate and trying to find herself-worth and dignity.


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