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    Plot a series of related events.

    Consisting of a basic

    situation, complications, a

    climax, and a resolution.

    Conflict a struggle between two


    External a struggle with an outside Conflict force.

    1. Man VS Man = a fight

    2. Man VS Nature = it’s

    foggy and you’re late

    3. Man VS group = the class

    is mad because you

    didn’t sit down so they

    could leave

Internal Struggle takes place within a

    Conflict character’s heart or mind.

    Ex. Making a really tough

    decision. Do you tell on your

    friend that is thinking of

    committing suicide?

Basic situation/


    The 1 part

    of plot.

    Exposition The introduction to the main

    character, place, and conflict

    Ex. In Shrek, the movie

    starts with Shrek upset that

    king Farquad is building on

    his swamp.



    The 2 part

    of plot.

    The main character takes

    actions to resolve the

    conflict, but more problems/

    events/ complications keep


    Ex. Shrek goes to see King

    Farquad to solve his land

    conflict. However more

    complications arise when

    the king makes him go save

    the princess. He saves her,

    he falls in love with her, they



    Climax The 3 part of plot.

    The most exciting emotional

    or terrifying moment of the


    Ex. Shrek has to save

    princess Fiona from King


    Resolution/ The last part of plot. Dennouement The end of the story. All

    the struggles are over and

    every loose end is tied up.

    Ex. Shrek and Fiona love

    each other and she changes

    into an ogre.

    Chronological The order in which events Order unfold in real time. The

    writer starts at the

    beginning and tells about

    each event in the order it


    Flashback The writer interrupts the flow

    of events to present an

    episode from the past.

     Ex. Peter in Family Guy

    Flash-forward The writer interrupts the

    flow of events to present an

    episode from the future.

    Foreshadowing Hints or clues that

    suggest what is to come in

    the story.

    Ex. If there is a gun in the

    first act of the play, then by

    third act someone will be


    If there is C4 in the trunk

    then something is going to

    blow up.

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