On a sheet of paper, recreate the chart below

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On a sheet of paper, recreate the chart below

On a sheet of paper, recreate the chart below. Using the book, fill in the chart IN THE


    The Plot Basic Situation



    3. The sea is the Caribbean Sea.




    1. Rainsford loses his balance and falls into the sea.







    8. Rainsford builds a Malay man-catcher.








    1. Rainsford confronts Zaroff in his bedroom. Resolution

    1. Rainsford has never slept in a more comfortable bed.

Students will articulate and evaluate ideas in class discussion. Additional Learning

    Students will work cooperatively in groups to plan a presentation. Objective(s):

    61 to 90 Minutes Approximate Duration of

    the Lesson:

    The book, The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell, Materials and Equipment:

    courtroom role-playing materials: judge's gavel and robe, other courtroom materials as needed (e.g. "legal documents" and "evidence")

    camcorder to record the trial for critique, TV and VCR for Technology Resources

    playback (optional) Needed:

    Students must have read The Most Dangerous Game, by Richard Background/Preparation:

    Connell, and participated in a class discussion of the literary elements of the story, such as plot, tone, mood, character, setting, and theme.

    1.)Students will form groups based on their choice of the roles Procedures/Activities:

    they will research/portray (i.e. Prosecution, Defense, Jury (along with one person who will serve as Judge), Bailiff, Court Reporter, etc.)

2.)Prosecutors -- These students will write an opening statement,

    questions for the witnesses, and a closing statement. They will also determine who three of the witnesses will be.

    Defense -- same as prosecutors

    Jury -- These students, along with the Judge will develop a chart which will include various "proofs" of guilt and innocence. They will listen throughout the trial to determine whether the defendant (Mr. Sangor Rainsford) is guilty or innocent.

    Witnesses -- These students must have knowledge about the story and be able to make inferences.

    Court Reporters -- These students must have good penmanship

    and listening skills. They will take turns being responsible for writing what is happening in the court room.

    Bailiffs - These students will be responsible for organizing the courtroom. They will "swear" in the witnesses.

3.)Show Time! (Your School) vs. Sanger Rainsford

    Students will carry out the court case and a verdict will be determined at the end.

    4.)As a follow-up activity, have students critique the other groups in a written analysis paper or in class discussion. If a camcorder

    is available, it is helpful to have taped the trial so that it can be shown on the VCR.

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