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    Read the following instructions carefully and write the assigned memo and report directly on this document. Submit your final work (softcopy) first to your student representative, who should collect all the assignments, compress them into a package and email it by the

    thdeadline (April 30) to me.



    ; You are the training manager of a company which has won a large export order. You have

    been asked to organize foreign language training for some of your staff. ; Write a memo of 40-50 words to staff:

    ; explaining why the courses are necessary

    ; saying which members of staff should attend

    ; announcing when the courses will start


To: All Staff

    From: Mary Brown

    thDate: 28 April

    Subject: Foreign language training

    Our company has won a large export order which requires to improve your foreign language. Because of that, some courses about foreign language training will be set up. Staff who are going

    stto communicate with the foreign company should attend the courses, which will start on 1 May.


; Your company exports to a number of countries around the world. The company is looking

    for new agents for international freight. ; Read the two advertisements below, on which you have made some notes.

    ; Then, using the notes, write a short report for the Export Sales Manager, covering all your

    points and saying which agent you recommend. ; Write 120-140 words.


    25 years’ experience in sea freight

     may need for

     urgent orders

    ?Worldwide destinations

    ?Air freight also available

    ?All documentation provided

     they complete all

    customs forms

     FTD don’t

    Competitive rates quotes available on request

    Tel.0208 344 879

    FTD Shipping Agents

    Freight agents to many major ports mainly in Europe

    Could be useful

    for small orders

    ?Refrigerated shipping

    ?Containers available

    ?No quantity too small

    a bit higher than


Contact Martin Taylor on 0207 234 576 for further information and details of charges


    thDate: 29, April 2012

    Report on: Agents for international freight

    Introduction: The aim of this report is to introduce two agents for international freight. In order to choose a more suitable one, I have compared the differences between Globelink and FTD Shipping Agents.

    Findings: By contrast, I find some differences between the two agents. First, both sea freight and air freight in Globelink are available, while only sea freight in FTD is available. So only Globelink is suitable for urgent orders. Second, the destinations in Globelink are worldwide, while FTDs are

    mainly in Europe. Third, Globelink completes all customs forms, while FTD do not. Fourth, FTD is useful for small orders. Fifth, the charges of Globelink is lower than that of FTD.

    Conclusion: Globelink has more benefits than FTD does. It is more suitable for our exports to a number of countries around the world.

    Recommendations: In order to lower the cost and ensure the orders in compliance with different demands, I would recommend that we choose Globelink for international freight.

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