Britain in my eyes

By Oscar Gardner,2014-06-24 09:08
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    Britain in my eyes

    Nothing would be more exciting and attractive than holiday, even if it isn’t the Chinese traditional day. Therefore, after I finished the context “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”, the holidays of the Britain impress me. Throughout the

    year the British celebrate many holidays which reflect the religious, historical, social and cultural diversity of their country. Some holidays are celebrated throughout the nation and mark important events in the Christian calendar, other holidays are based on local customs and traditions. In my eyes, what most attracts me is Christmas Day!

    thChristmas, December 25, is the biggest and best-loved British

    holiday,. Though commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, for most people , Christmas is regarded as a day of fun, feasting and exchanging gifts, moreover, people have been preparing for it for weeks: they cook special foods, go to parties, buy gifts and decorating their houses with colored lights, Christmas trees and ornaments.

    Actually, Christmas has two meanings for Britain. On the one hand, In Britain, People live a fast life, and it’s hard to get together and exchange feelings. So that, naturally, it is time for families and friends to get together to exchange good wishes and enjoy each

    other’s company just like our Spring Festival. On the other hand, it means the crazy shopping: People drive out to crowd the supermarket for Christmas shopping immediately 12 bells.

    Especially, for children, Christmas is a holiday with special meaning. There are Christmas pantomime and Santa Claus that they enjoy .They desire gifts from Santa Claus who is an old man with white beard, wears red clothing edged in white fur, flies through the air in a sleigh pulled by eight reindeer, so much so that, the phenomenon that children go from house to house singing Christmas songs is common and enviable.

    Briefly, The Christmas is to Britain as the Spring Festival is to China, it’s so colorful and meaningful.

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