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    From the movie The Runaway Jury , I get to know that the Jury System is a special system in American ,in which twelve jurors decide whether the suspect is guilty or not guilty.According to the American laws,every adult American have liability to act as juror.But those citizens whose age are below 21,or who are not natives,or who cannot speak English or have disability in his ears or who

    have criminal record have no qualification to act as a juror.

    It seems that only if you live in the district where the trail is to be held ,and you are a above 18-year old American ,you can be ranked in the candidates of the jurors.But it is not so easy as it looks as.

    Firstly,you should not have relationship to the person who have been involved in the case.In order to ensure justice,the judge will choose the primary jurors from the voting list from the electing station or telephone number randomly. Except the judge’s reviewthe juror candidates have to be reviewed by the

    defense lawyers and prosecutors.They both can veto the juror

    candidates.Besides,the legal counsel of two sides only have veto,any one of the jurors must get both sides’ acceptance .

    A trail ultimately needs 12 jurors and 12 alternate jurors.If one juror cannot continue to take part in the trail ,one alternate juror should take his or her duty.The jurors and alternate jurors are all together in the process of the trail . I also know that in common case ,the jurors are allowed to go home.Only when the case is sensative,the juroes should be isolated.

    In a word ,it’s a good film worthing to have a look.

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