Broker Protection Service Level Agreement - Compliance Checklist

By Deborah Alexander,2014-07-09 20:07
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Broker Protection Service Level Agreement - Compliance Checklist ...

    FSP / Client Service Level Agreement

I understand that my Financial Services Provider will /can furnish the following services to

    me on my request:

    1. Investment Advice

    2. Financial Planning

    3. Estate Planning

    4. Life Assurance, Disability and Severe Illness Cover

    5. Collective Investments (Unit Trusts)

    6. Retirement Planning

    7. Medical Aid

    8. Capital Guarantee Products *

    9. Offshore Investment s

    10. Pension/Employee Benefit Schemes

*I understand that any initial capital and investment return guarantee is only as good as the

    institution backing such guarantees as well as any Income Tax legislation not adversely

    affecting such guarantees.

I understand that my Financial Services Provider does not and will not render the following

    services to me and that if I require these services, I have to enter into an agreement with a

    firm either identified by myself or referred to me by my Financial Services Provider.

    My Financial Services Provider will not be held accountable for any such referral and you

    will have no legal recourse in law against my Financial Services Provider for such referral.

    1. Trading in listed and unlisted shares

    2. Financial Accounting

    3. Investment Management

    4. Banking

    5. Trading in foreign exchange

    6. Legal Services and Advice

I understand that my Financial Services Provider entitled to access any information about

    me from any company or financial institution which they may deem necessary to assess

    my financial affairs and to adequately and professionally render a financial planning


My Financial Services Provider undertakes to:

    1. Comply with all legislation as envisaged by FAIS, FICA and any other legislation

    that comes into effect.

    2. Deliver any financial plan or other advice as agreed on between myself and my

    Financial Services Provider within 20 (twenty) working days to me in writing.

    3. My Financial Services Provider will base this advice on my current circumstances

    as revealed to the Financial Adviser.

    4. My Financial Services Provider will act on my instructions within 24 hours when

    placing business or switching portfolios and assume that the relevant companies

    will treat all instructions with the same level of urgency.

    5. Effect no restructuring/switches without my prior consent in writing, if so required by

    the relevant companies

    6. Disclose all costs and fees associated with the services rendered by my Financial

    Services Provider or products sold to me.

I undertake to and/or acknowledge that:


    An Authorised Financial Services Provider

1. Furnish my Financial Services Provider with all information required to advise me in

    a professional manner within 24 hours of being requested.

    2. Furnish my Financial Services Provider with written consent when restructuring or

    switching within my portfolio is required.

3. Furnish my Financial Services Provider with any information of a change in my

    circumstances, which information might effect a change in my financial plan or


    4. Inform my Financial Services Provider if I wish to discontinue with my relationship

    with them, subject to 3 months written notice to my Financial Services Provider.

    5. Unless specifically stated in the applicable product, there is no guarantee on the

    performance of investment returns.

    6. My Financial Services Provider is entitled to receive all fees, commissions and

    ongoing commissions as disclosed to me.

    7. My Financial Services Provider will review my portfolio on a 6 monthly basis unless

    specifically otherwise requested by myself. Should my Financial Services Provider

    not make contact with me in order to review my portfolio as set out above, I accept

    that the onus will fall on me to request such a review.

    Client Review Dates:

1. Investment Planning:

     Yearly , Six (6) Monthly or as required

2. Wills, Risk Benefit Reviews (Life/Disability/ Severe Illness):

    Should be yearly, but should one have a life changing event i.e. birth, death, buying

    new property or business one should contact our office as these new changes

    could change your requirement. A quick hour together to review your affairs is

    usually a relatively painless process and can provide invaluable insight on the road

    ahead into your future financial future.

3. Medical Aid:

    Is done yearly, in the Month of November.

    Should your circumstances change and you wish to upgrade your medical aid for

    whatever reason it is imperative that you contact our office to implement these



    ? All Medical aid Companies will only allow a client to upgrade once a year in

    the month of November to be effective January of the following year.

    ? Downgrades can be done ANYTIME


    An Authorised Financial Services Provider


An Authorised Financial Services Provider

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