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Easy Treatment for Shopping Addiction

    By Simona Rich+ in All Articles, Emotions, Money

As I have already discussed the roots of consumerism and described how shopping

    addiction was formed, its time to provide some steps for those who got into the

    consumerism trap.

    There are a number of shopping addiction treatments that are natural and take little time to work. For example, by protecting yourself from medias propaganda, by not

    reading mainstream books, newspapers and magasines as well as not watching TV or listening to the radio you will be quite prepared to end your shopping addiction. These harmful activities I just mentioned could easily be replaced with effective shopping addiction treatments, such as listening to healing sounds, being in solitude, reading uplifting spiritual books, meditation and praying.

    The stuff you buy is likely to harm you

    To end your shopping addiction you need to alter your thinking. You need to understand that the stuff you often buy is probably not good for you anyway. For example, women buying famous brands face lotions are ignorant about how much

    chemical content those lotions contain, and thus end up making skin look older than it should, after some time.

    The same story goes with many other beauty items, such as shampoos. Usual shampoos you buy in a supermarket severely damage you hair.

    Instead of buying these bad to your health products, you could simply use natural oil for your skin (oils are also good to remove make up). Baking soda, to the surprise of some, cleanses your hair perfectly thus it should be used instead of the harmful shampoo. Apple cider vinegar gives great results if used in the place of the conditioner. These natural products will cost you much less and would enhance your natural

    beauty instead of destroying it.

    Switching from always buying new shampoos or face lotions promising eternal youth, to using the same products, such as oil, baking soda and vinegar, will dissolve the need to always have something new. This need, as well as some other factors I will cover later on, is responsible for your ongoing shopping addiction. Digital entertainment keeps your shopping addiction going

    As you may have noticed, the media tries to convince consumers that digital

entertainment is the best way to spend ones leisure. And it works. Young people, and

    even a lot of elderly people in Western countries, spend their free time watching TV, texting on their mobiles, playing computer games and so on.

    A good treatment for your shopping addiction is to replace this digital entertainment with a more natural one. Engage in conversations with people; Play card games and other games such as Connect Four with actual human beings; Join interesting

    groups in your area; walk in nature, travel, read, meditate. There are so many

    interesting things to do in this life!

    What this end of digital entertainment will accomplish is this your shopping addiction

    will decrease. As you see, digital entertainment, be it using mobiles, playing computer games, going to cinemas to watch movies, always requires you to spend money in some way. For example, in order to text someone, you need to buy a top up coupon or you need to be subscribed to a monthly payment (which I strongly discourage). In order to watch a movie in the cinema, you need to buy the ticket.

    What this does is conditions you to always spend money on your leisure and makes you blind to the exciting things you can do without spending a penny. And even if you spend some money for travelling or other natural things, its still better than speding

    your money for digital entertainment because natural activities end up benefiting you in some way.

    However in general, to end your shopping addiction, try to spend no or very little money for your leisure activities.

    I especially want to focus on a lot of human contact. When you start connecting with different people, the importance of buying new stuff diminishes or is completely replaced with the pleasure you get from relationships. You understand that the human connection is much more important than shopping.

    To start connecting with people now, go to websites such as to check out

    whats happening in your area. To connect with people in other countries and stay in their homes for free, check out

    An easy treatment for shopping addiction: use and reuse items I once stayed at one friends house who was obsessed about always having the best

    and newest stuff at home. When I entered her bathroom I saw four toothpastes. She also had two new toothbrushes. In the living room I saw three mobiles, two TVs; She had furniture she didnt even use but she reasoned that it made the home look nicer; And she would always complain to me that she had no money to travel. What a surprise.

    Living like that is not fulfilling. There is no sense of accomplishment when you keep buying new stuff and throwing away stuff that is not broken or worn out yet. Get into

the habit of using one single item completely and when its really not good for

    anything anymore, throw it away and buy a new one. There is a sense of deep satisfaction in using the item completely. The key here is to buy only one thing of a kind that you need and use it to its fullest.

    For example, if you take a plastic bag for your purchases, keep reusing it for subsequent purchases until its damaged. And overall you would contribute to the

    good of the nature more if you would refuse to use plastic bags in the first place and instead go shopping with natural fibre shopping bags.

    One off paper tissues could be replaced with cotton tissues. Get a brass (which is good for your health) or other good water container and refill water into it instead of buying plastic water bottles.

    Using fully and then reusing items is really a perfect treatment for shopping addiction. Promise to yourself not to replace any item that you havent used fully. Also look

    around in your home for ideas about how to reuse the items that no longer serve their purpose. This will not only treat your shopping addiction, but will increase your creativity too.

    Simple clothes will end your shopping addiction Turn away from things that inflate your ego, such as luxury items that are exclusive. They only make you feel like you are different from others, and such feeling will only create misery in your life.

    Let me give you an example here. Not only did I get rid of 95% of my clothes when I started my travels in Asia, but I also kept wearing the same simple clothes that I kept, without buying anything new. The clothes that I kept were really basic they didnt

    stand out in any way from other peoples. This created a sense of calm in me and an

    understanding that clothes dont define people its what you have inside that counts.

    Because of this action, needless to say, my ego diminished significantly. I now no longer pay much importance to what I wear. This saves me a lot of headaches and the question of What other people will think about my clothes no

    longer enters my mind. Thats a big change from the early stages of my spiritual

    development, when I was under the impression that what you wear defines you. So I encourage you too to keep wearing the same simple clothes until they wear out. You will definitely diminish your ego this way because you will go against the accepted standards of the society of always wearing something new. Whats more, that will be a

    great treatment for your shopping addiction since you will no longer condition yourself to always buy new clothes.

    Simple living is the best cure for shopping addiction

I encourage you to try a simple way of living its much more satisfactory. By living

    simply you will also save a lot of money, because you will end up buying much less stuff.

    However keep in mind that when you buy something, make sure its quality and will

    not break down fast. If the item falls apart quickly, you will need to buy the replacement. This will again condition you into constant buying of stuff. So its

    important to buy simple but durable items.

    Here are some suggestions about how to simplify your life:

     Keep your environment cluster-free by refusing to buy anything that cannot be practically used

     Give away items that you dont use and dont serve any purpose in your home

     Keep items that are simple and are used regularly keep these until they break or

    are worn out

     Get out of the habit of downloading loads of free or cheap stuff on your computer instead, buy one quality download that you will need for a long time Also, try to buy natural items, if possible, as opposed to man-made ones. For example, instead of purchasing real-looking flowers you can buy living flowers in pots. These also wont need to be replaced quickly and thus will treat your shopping addiction (plus they will connect you more with nature which is always a good thing). Extra advice to treat your shopping addiction Fix the stuff that needs repairing, if possible, instead of buying replacement products. However make sure that you fully repair the items that are damaged, because if you leave items in need of repair, this will create negative energy in your home according to Feng Shui. Also dont keep broken glass or mirrors in your home for the same reason.

    If you earn money from your own business, its much harder to spend because you

    know how much effort you put to earn money. So for the long term its wise to start

    your own business. Then you are likely to start being real tight with your money. Shift from needing new stuff to seeking new experiences. This will significantly save you money and be an easy treatment for shopping addiction because to have some experiences you dont need to spend any money. For example, getting interested in meditation experiences doesnt cost you anything and its very exciting to explore

    your inner world.

    Even experiences that you need to pay for usually cost much less than the useless plastic stuff that only makes you miserable. Therefore when you shift from being stuff-minded to experience-minded, you will significantly diminish your shopping addiction.

    Dont go shopping every day: do weekly shopping instead. This will get you out of the habit of always shopping. Also stick to your list of items you must buy, and take only enough money for these.

    Go to some poor country to learn from the people living there. I learnt a lot from living in Nepal. Most people there live in very basic conditions, but they are very happy. That means happiness doesnt depend on stuff or luxury. I too became very happy when my mood stopped being dependant on luxury.


    To put it shortly, here are the best treatments for shopping addiction:

     Replace expensive chemical beauty products with (preferably lasting) natural


     Replace digital entertainment with relationships, games with human beings

    and walking in nature.

     Use items fully, and then make use of them in other creative ways.

     Have only a few clothing items and wear them out before buying a new item to


     Live simply: buy simple and durable things, get rid of the clutter in your home.

     Repair items that can be fixed.

    ( Start your own business to appreciate the value of money.

     Shift from seeking new stuff to seeking new experiences.

     Do weekly shopping instead of daily.

    ;; Stay in some poor country to learn from the people living in frugal conditions. These all tips will contribute to your decreasing need to shop. The most important advice is to shift your focus from stuff in shops to the experiences. Dont make the

    mistake of missing out on LIFE for PRODUCTS.


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