aaNew life in collegehe

By Lauren Webb,2014-11-13 10:18
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aaNew life in collegehe

     New life in college

    After entering college, we found our surprise that the differences between high school life and college life are great. In high school, we always depended on our parents and teachers to solve all kinds of difficult problems. At college, however, we have to rely exclusively on ourselves. What;s more, we have to

    learn how to get along with our classmates and roommates.

    Four years at college is an important yet very short period of time in our life. So it is always expected that we adapt to this life as quickly as possible. But it is a pity that not everyone can do so immediately. Here are some suggestions.

    First, get familiar with the main buildings on the campus. Spend one or two hours by yourself or with your classmates to go around the campus so that you can know the location of such important places as the library, the dining room, the post office, the clinic and classrooms.

    Next, try to be independent. Learn to do such things as making sound decisions on how to spend your time, how to spend your money etc, and washing clothes on your own. Furthermore, form good study habits. Talk with your classmates and learn from

their good habits.

Finally, try to take part in all kinds of activities to get out of your

solitude and get on well with your classmates.

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