The Review Of Titanic

By Anne Peterson,2014-09-14 22:04
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    The Review of Titanic

     NEYC Class Four

    winter holiday, I watched Titanic. This is my review?

    This Titanic told us a true story which happened before about one hundred

    years between Rose (who was a young woman living in a rich family) and Jack (who was a poor painter). They came across at a luxurious ship when Rose wanted to kill herself because she was disgusted with the life in the high society and she didn’t want to marry

    Carl, her fiancé. Jack saved Rose but he was misunderstood by Carl. Carl tried to kill Jack

    but failed. Soon after, Rose and Jack fell in love with the other. Jack danced with Rose and

    drew the portrait for her. They loved each other more and more deeply.

    However, disaster happened on a clam Sunday night. Titanic, which had been considered

    unsinkable, hit the iceberg and it was about to sink. All of the passengers were hurrying to

    escape, except Rose and Jack. Carl wanted to let Rose go aboard lifeboats with him, but

    Rose rejected because Jack was trapped in the bottom of the ship. Rose tried her best to

    save Jack and she made it in the end. They went out the ship but it’s too late to go

    aboard the lifeboats. Titanic sank into the Atlantic Ocean with them and their love

     Luckily, they found a plank which could float on the ocean but it could hold only one

    person. Jack made Rose on the plank and he held the edge of the plank. He kept

    on encouraging Rose though he knew he was in great danger, but not saying, he just said

    ‘You are here?there is nothing I fear. ’…


    Finally, the freezing ocean water claimed Jack’s life. At the end of his life, he said No

    matter how hopeless?promise me ?you’ll survive.’, and closed his eyes, forever and


Rose was saved by rescuers. When they asked her name, she said ‘Rose Dawson. ’

    Dawson was Jack’s family name, no matter whether he was alive, she belonged to him!

    She never forgot the oath and didn’t marry anyone. After 100 years, the remains of

    Titanic was found and salvaged. As soon as she heard that, she desperately went to the

    scene and found the picture which Jack drew for her. When she was interviewed, she said,

    heir oath came true she met Jack again, though he could not feel her any longer

    After watching the movie, anyone was deeply moved by Rose and Jack’s love. Someone

    said: If Rose and Jack hadn’t met the other, or they didn’t love each other?they might

    both be saved.’ However, if they hadn’t met or loved each other, wouldn’t their life be

    so boring? And they gained what they really wanted after they met. Since they gained

    that, did Jack’s death matter? It was clear that the answer was no.

    And the movie told us much besides their love. For example, Titanic was built when

    people was so conceited that they thought they could succeed in defeating the nature.

    The scene of Titanic’s sinking was terribly shocking. It tells us that we shouldn’t despise

    nature, no matter how powerful and strong we are. Or else, nature will use its own cruel

    ways to punish us, like Titanic’s sinking.


    That’s my review about Titanic.

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