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quit 2

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    Part 1 Word Dictation

    (每小题?1 )

    Directions: Listen and write down the words you hear. You are going to listen to the recording twice. During the first time, write the word that you hear. Check your answers as you listen the second time.

    1. promising

    2. skier

    3. sticky

    4. gratitude

    5. stake


Part 2 Understanding Long Conversations

    (每小题?1 )

    Directions: In this section you'll hear a long conversation or conversations. Listen carefully and choose the best answer to the questions you hear.

    Questions 1 to 5 are based on the same passage or dialog.


    A. Both of them have many pieces of equipment.

    B. Both of them have started playing tennis.

    C. Neither of them knows how to ski at all.

    D. Neither of them likes to use sports equipment.


    A. She says the skis are always in the closet.

    B. She says he has never learned how to.

    C. She says there is a lot of dust on the skis.

    D. She says he only watches skiing on TV.


    A. She gave him new skis.

    B. She gave him a tennis racket.

    C. She gave him basketball shoes.

    D. She gave him a basketball.


    A. They don't have enough time or money.

    B. They don't have enough equipment or money.

    C. They don't have enough time for TV or radio.

    D. They don't have enough time or the right equipment.


    A. To make their husbands exercise.

    B. To give away all of their equipment.

    C. To help their husbands relax more.

    D. To stop buying things for them.

Questions 6 to 10 are based on the same passage or dialog.


    A. He is reading a story in the newspaper.

    B. He isn't smiling when she sees him.

    C. He is telling a story about his favorite athlete.

    D. He is listening to bad news from a friend.


    A. Sports writers didn't mention Jim Abbott as being a top


    B. Sports writers wrote that Jim Abbott was not a good player.

    C. Sports writers made strange choices about top players.

    D. Sports writers forgot that Jim Abbott was a special player.


    A. He had passion.

    B. He played well.

    C. He had only one hand.

    D. He had many difficulties.


    A. A game that Jim Abbott played.

    B. Sports writers forgetting about Jim Abbott.

    C. The inside of Yankee Stadium.

    D. Jim Abbott's career over the years.


    A. Become a sports writer.

    B. Become a great baseball player.

C. Tell Jim Abbott thank you.

D. Write a letter to the newspaper.

    Click ONCE on the speaker icon to start listening!

     放音结束前请不要离开本页。否则就听不成啦! Part 3 Understanding Passages (每小题?1 )

    Directions: In this section you'll hear a passage or passages.

    Listen carefully and choose the best answer to the questions

    you hear.

    Questions 1 to 5 are based on the same passage or dialog. 1.

    A. It involves many great athletes.

    B. It takes great strength and courage.

    C. It is made up of three parts.

    D. It tests the worth of a person as an athlete.


    A. Swimmer 2 will stay in front.

    B. Swimmer 4 will never have the lead.

    C. Swimmer 3 is going to win.

    D. Swimmer 1 will be the winner.


    A. Racer 1 would be very fast.

    B. Racer 2 would be very fast.

    C. Racer 3 would be very fast.

    D. Racer 4 would be very fast.


    A. It is very close between 2 and 4.

    B. It is too hard for anyone to finish.

    C. It is likely to be won by any racer.

    D. It is not very close, as 2 is way ahead.


    A. He has some energy left.

    B. He is kicking hard to win.

    C. He is close to the end.

    D. He has 100 meters to go.

    Questions 6 to 10 are based on the same passage or dialog. 6.

    A. To help the athlete choose the right team to play for.

    B. To help the athlete accomplish as much as possible.

    C. To help the athlete decide which sport to play.

    D. To help the athlete avoid big losses and failures.


    A. They have their own ideas about what's best.

    B. They have been told from players which to use.

    C. They have studied different techniques at school.

    D. They have experience seeing techniques at work.


    A. By keeping athletes from their limits.

    B. By giving the athletes classes in protection.

    C. By using warm up activities, tapes, and wraps.

    D. By making sure the athletes are active.


    A. He will make sure that the player gets the best help.

    B. He will show how to avoid injury next time.

    C. He will remove the player from the game right away.

    D. He will take care of it himself with his training.


    A. They always help them beat their opponents.

    B. They teach them how to play the game well.

    C. They make a difference by giving advice.

    D. They are necessary in achieving success.

    Questions 11 to 15 are based on the same passage or dialog. 11.

    A. To help athletes develop strength.

    B. To help athletes become friends.

    C. To become faster, higher and stronger.

    D. To honor the Greek god, Zeus.


    A. They stopped the Olympic Games.

    B. They added more games to the Olympics.

    C. They invited 8 more countries to join.

    D. They hosted the first modern Olympics.


    A. To honor Greece and the city of Athens.

    B. To have countries compete with each other.

    C. To create a new symbol for world friendship.

    D. To help athletes become stronger by competing.


    A. The modern Olympic Games.

    B. Some new Olympic sports.

    C. The Olympic symbol of 5 rings.

    D. The linking of sports groups.


    A. The saying "faster, higher and stronger".

    B. The friendship gained through sports.

    C. The colors blue, yellow, black, green and red.

    D. The five foot races in the first Greek Olympics

    This is the end of the recording.


    Part 4 Spot Dictation

    (每小题?1 )

    Directions: In this section you will hear a passage or passages

    three times. When the passage is read for the first time, you should listen carefully for its general idea. When the passage is read for the second time, you are required to fill in the blanks with the information you have just heard. Finally, when

    the passage is read for the third time, you should check what you have written.

Questions 1 to 10 are based on the same passage or dialog.

     Football is simpler than any other game, calling for nothing

    more than a ball, 27 inches around and weighing 7/8 of a

    differencespound, and two goals. The field can be of 1. ,

    and men of all sizes can play. Unlike basketball, which has

    juisbecome a game for 2. , the finest football

    dicessstars may very well look like 3. . On

    England's best team, several players are 5 feet 8 4.

    under. The greatest Brazilian star Pele stood only

    5 feet 9 and weighed only 160 pounds.

    For all this, football players, 11 to a side, give an exhibition of

    skilling5. and strength hard to match. With all parts

    controlof their body except their hands they 6. the

    ball with a kind of dancing-master's ability. They run back and

    sdtimmingforth at 7. speed for two halves of 45

    minutes. There are no time-outs (暂停) except for serious 8.


    For their performances, star players receive 9.

    pamentof millions of dollars a season. But they are

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