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By Henry Hernandez,2014-09-14 17:59
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quit 2

    Click ONCE on the speaker icon to start listening!


    Part 1 Word Dictation

    (每小题?1 )

    Directions: Listen and write down the words you hear. You are going to listen to the recording twice. During the first time, write the word that you hear. Check your answers as you listen the second time.

    1. promising

    2. skier

    3. sticky

    4. gratitude

    5. stake


Part 2 Understanding Long Conversations

    (每小题?1 )

    Directions: In this section you'll hear a long conversation or conversations. Listen carefully and choose the best answer to the questions you hear.

    Questions 1 to 5 are based on the same passage or dialog.


    A. Both of them have many pieces of equipment.

    B. Both of them have started playing tennis.

    C. Neither of them knows how to ski at all.

    D. Neither of them likes to use sports equipment.


    A. She says the skis are always in the closet.

    B. She says he has never learned how to.

    C. She says there is a lot of dust on the skis.

    D. She says he only watches skiing on TV.


    A. She gave him new skis.

    B. She gave him a tennis racket.

    C. She gave him basketball shoes.

    D. She gave him a basketball.


    A. They don't have enough time or money.

    B. They don't have enough equipment or money.

    C. They don't have enough time for TV or radio.

    D. They don't have enough time or the right equipment.


    A. To make their husbands exercise.

    B. To give away all of their equipment.

    C. To help their husbands relax more.

    D. To stop buying things for them.

Questions 6 to 10 are based on the same passage or dialog.


    A. He is reading a story in the newspaper.

    B. He isn't smiling when she sees him.

    C. He is telling a story about his favorite athlete.