My Plan for Overseas Study

By Lester Elliott,2014-06-29 17:14
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My Plan for Overseas Study

    My Plan for Overseas Study

Personal Details

    Name: Xie Anqi

    ndDOB: August 22, 1992

    Sex: Female

    IELTS: 5.5

Education Experience



    I am Xie Anqi, a current Senior 3 student from Gutian No.1 Middle School, a selective middle school in Gutian County. Born in a scholarly family, I grow up with love and hope from my parents. I think its right time for me to realize my dream of pursuing higher education at a prestigious university in the world, which is not doubt the best pay off to my parents

The reason for my being able to be suitable for overseas studies

    My aim is to have higher education at one of top universities in China and I have been fighting for that step by step. In year 2008, I was admitted by Gutian No.1 Middle School with high distinction in Senior High School Entrance Examination.

    During my study at Gutian No.1 Middle School, I have always been ranked top 10% in class and awarded the Honor of School Activist in succession. Even though my memory had been affected badly for a long time when I had serious disease of chronic sinusitis with nasal septum deviation, I had been working hard. In February 2011, I had to undertake an operation and discharged in March 2011. I was advised by class advisor that it is somewhat difficult for me to enter one of prestigious universities (211 Project University) due to the classes I have missed. Through

    discussion with my parents, I decided to start from foundation course designed at ACG New Zealand which will be leading to Bachelor degree course designed at the University of Auckland, a prestigious university around the world.

To challenge myself, I have sat for Gaokao undertaken from Jun.7 to 8.

The Reason for my choosing to study at ACG New Zealand International College

    I appreciate to obtain an unconditional offer of place for ACG New Zealand International College, which is one of New Zealand’s top academic schools known as its world class academic education

    and has established a deserved reputation for its brilliant performance in the core business area of academic success.

    I will study one year The university of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies designed at ACG New Zealand International College from July 2011 to July 2012 and continue bachelor degree programme upon meeting the specified the University of Auckland entry requirements.

After completion of study at ACG New Zealand International College

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    The University of Auckland is one of the most extraordinary universities in New Zealand. It is highly emphasizes the interdisciplinary characteristics among different fields of studies, which has already been prevalently recognized and executed by majority of Chinese, and the knowledge in business actuates my curiosity and interests to study in. The Bachelor of Business in University of Auckland provides a broad based business education, designed to prepare professionals for the demands of business practice, and along with a general understanding of business and gives many opportunities to international students like me.

    I believe that one year university preparation education at ACG New Zealand International College will be no doubt a benefit to my academic progress and my further education at a New Zealand university.

My ambition

    To be more competitive in Chinas market, foreign people who will be working in China are

    striving hard to learn Chinese. That means bilingual people are required eagerly in Chinas job


    I believed in several years the ongoing development of China will be accelerated to a certain extent. Furthermore, New Zealand, a multi-culture country, possesses a kind of international thoughts and ambiance, which may bestow advantages to me after I graduated from The University of Auckland.

    I, Chinese students who will have accomplished education in an English speaking environment, will return to China to join those ambitious young people to start my career in area of business field.

XIE Anqi

June 1, 2011

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