AmericanStyle Announces Top 10 Arts ... - Paradise City Arts Festival

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AmericanStyle Announces Top 10 Arts ... - Paradise City Arts Festival


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AmericanStyle Announces the 2011 Top 10 Arts Festivals, Ranked by Readers


    BALTIMORE (February 28, 2011) For enthusiasts of contemporary and traditional craft and

    fine art, this year‟s Top 10 art fairs span the country and include five repeat winners. Readers of AmericanStyle magazine have ranked Kentucky Crafted: The Market as the #1 arts festival in the nation in 2011.

     Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton, Massachusetts secured its place for the seventh time among the Top Ten Arts Festivals nationwide, this year as the #3 art fair in America. Each year, Paradise City has been named among the top five; in 2008 it received the #1 ranking. Paradise City is the only arts festival in New England among the top five.

     AmericanStyle writes, “The Paradise City Arts Festival aims to show the work of the

    nation‟s very best craftsmen and artists. And year after year, AmericanStyle readers agree. „It‟s the quality of the work and the creativity represented that makes this the best show. It feels like visiting a museum! says Marcia Cook of Concord, Mass. With more than 250 artists exhibiting their work, the upcoming shows, May 28-30 and Oct. 8-10, will not disappoint.

     Readers of AmericanStyle are art enthusiasts, art collectors and cultural tourists, who through the years of the poll have indicated a preference for shows offering a diversity of artistic styles and disciplines, high-quality craftsmanship, and an appealing setting for enjoying art. Often, the factor that sways the vote is local support for the arts.

     “The winning festivals are typically events that attract a strong local following as well as a national following,” said Wendy Rosen, publisher of AmericanStyle. “Communities that support

    their artisans are finding that they are paid back with increased tourism and a growing sense of cultural pride. When the citizens buy locally produced art, the dollars they spend are recycled in the community.”

     Each year AmericanStyle magazine polls its readers, asking which fairs in the country they prefer to go to view and buy art and fine craft. The results are used to prepare the magazine‟s winners list, and its Essential Guide to Fairs & Festivals, which can be found in AmericanStyle

    magazine‟s spring issue, on sale at newsstands. In addition, an expanded AmericanStyle Essential

    Guide to Fairs & Festivals with a yearlong calendar of shows can be viewed online at

Here is the complete winners list:


    1. Kentucky Crafted: The Market, Louisville, Ky.

    2. Scottsdale Arts Festival, Scottsdale, AZ.

    3. Paradise City Arts Festival, Northampton, Mass.

    4. Saint Louis Art Fair, Clayton, Mo.

    5. St. James Court Art Show, Louisville, Ky.

    6. La Quinta Arts Festival, La Quinta, Calif.

    7. Des Moines Arts Festival, Des Moines, Iowa

    8. Festival of Fine Craft, Millville, N.J.

    9. Old Town Art Fair, Chicago, Ill.

    10. Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original, Ann Arbor, Mich.

SOURCE: AmericanStyle magazine readers‟ poll, spring 2011 issue.

    The mission of AmericanStyle magazine is to inform craft enthusiasts and art collectors about the significance of handmade objects of art. Launched in 1994 by The Rosen Group, AmericanStyle

    provides art lovers with valuable tips on decorating, interior design, display and lighting ideas for everything from designer jewelry and art glass to collectible teapots, art furniture and sculptural ceramics. More than 250 arts festivals, gallery exhibitions and museum events are listed in the Datebook section of each issue. For more information, visit

    To learn more about Paradise City Arts Festivals, its history, awards, events and artists, visit

    The next Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton, Massachusetts takes place on Columbus Day Weekend, October 8, 9 & 10, 2011.

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