A Survey of American Economic Development

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A Survey of American Economic DevelopmentA Su

    A Survey of American Economic Development

     Group Discussion Report

    Course topic: was the American Civil War justified? Question for discussion: against American Civil War Participants: 马乐琪 刘琦 汪成莉 李莹 王康曼云

    Discussant Points contributed

     The American Civil War was an era of unprecedented political and

    national instability. The impact of the war affected every aspect of American life, forever changing the cultural landscape and the way Americans perceived

    their nation, themselves, and others around them. We do believe that war had made some contributes to the United State. But not all effects were good, the

    Civil War also caused a lot damages to the people and the economy. Of course long-term bad effects also. First, the war is not a good way to

    solve the problem, And War Itself is not reasonable, American government could finger out a better way to face this issues. This century we human

    beings have had two world wars. The first world war killed more than 8 马乐琪 million peoples life. The injured number as high as 22 million people

    including 7 million people suffered lifelong disability. Property loss about 260

    billion dollars. From those numbers we can finger out how terrible damages

    the war bring us. War let people lost their homes, lost relatives, lost their

    freedom. In the second world war, almost 60% of global national participated

    war, Casualties number more than 60 million people. The war lasted four

    years. In these bloody wars, innocent civilians are the poorest, in order to

    escape from the war, lose their homes and families. Second, the war also

    caused damage to the ecological balance and the pollution of the environment.

    The damage is a long-term affection; the effect will last for many years after

    the war ended.

     War is a special social history phenomenon;is the struggle between

    human society groups for some political and economic purpose . Since the war happened had brought severe disaster to human beings, caused heavy loss

    to people's lives and property. The war also caused between ethnic hatred between countries and caused destruction of human civilization also damaged

    the economy. The cause of the outbreak of the American civil war is Two kinds of social system struggle that is slavery and freedom.

    People said that war is fight for black slaves, the war indeed abolished the Slavery however, actually it is well-known to us that the war wasnt

    completely eliminate racial discrimination, Blacks are still not equal treated. 刘琦 So, we dont think this war is reasonable, because it didn’t solve the main problem, we only can say the war satisfied the need of the ruling class.

     We think the war is unfair, so is unreasonable. Because The contrast

    power between the north had great disparity. North had 23 states and 22

    million Populations, industrial production is ten times as many as in the south

    while the south only had 7 states and 9 million populations.

     Also, we all believe the primary cause of the Civil War is to protect the federation.

     The war wasnt for the Blacks right. So the war is a way to protect economic benefits. Abraham Lincoln only abolished the slavery insurgency in the south states, these black although was liberated but didn't get the same

    rights as white, so the racial problems still existed in America. But after the war the United States the largest city New York city moved into more and

    more black people, the original white residents moved away, because they did not want to be neighborhood with those blacks.

    We can see at that time the black and white in America didnt live in a harmony relationship. In fact the relationship between civil war in the United States and slavery abolished is not obvious in white peoples mind. After the 李莹 war, the south was controlled by the United States “Half a military control”.

    But the federal government is very tolerant to the slave owners, caused there

    has always been the remnants of slavery during the reconstruction of the

    south. And get rid of it after a long time. The south in the post-war period

    formed some civil organizations, called KKK. Is the United States representative organization of racism. The party's main goal is to struggle with constitutional reconstruction. The reconstruction of the south has been very difficult. and the survivor’s life condition in The southern was tough

    after the war, moreover, Most of the political power transferred to the north,

    because the federal assault south, the south had suffered a lot. Although the federal willing to help reconstruction in the south, But 75 years after the war,

    the city of Vicksburg residents have been refused to commemorate the

    independence day.

    In the same way, the north of America although enjoy the economic and political victory, it had a lot of sacrifice, Including the President Lincoln

    which support the south and assassinated by the terrorist. During decades after the war, Republican politicians still through the memory of war against his opponent the Democratic Party. In addition, War and reconstruction caused a lot conflicts between the north and south, made many people lose interest to

    the south. This makes the republicans easily give up the reconstruction plan of the south after the elections in 1876. At the same time, the southern poverty is getting more and more serious, people in the north also ignored it, let alone the southern politicians often add trouble to the federal government. What

    more, the north also not strictly protect civil rights for the south people. 汪成莉 With the past of time, many people's ideas are changed, but the affection

    of the war is still influenced many American people, even though In 1932,

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected President, he made a series of public

    facilities build plan, such as Tennessee Valley authority, people in the south

    also like the north, began to reconsider federal government status in

    economic. Even so, conflict is not because of this and stops. American still

    exist civil rights activities after the war and a series of conservative action against federal political. So, how to quell the postwar resentment? About the

    flag of the Southern Cross should be use again or not? Those problems all caused by the American Civil War.

     We all know that American is a country which pays extreme attention to

    protect the human rights. But the Civil war Serious breach the faith, because the war caused a lot damages to those innocent people, during the war time, due to the lack of army source, so government had recruited a large number of soldiers to joined war. Most of them are the young people, and they all have a

    spirit of patriotism, but the truth is the war gave them a cruel life and experience. The cruel war caused serious damage to both physical and mind

    among the growth of the youth. 王康曼云 The American civil war is a justify war thought by most people without controversy. But even justify war also caused great harm to the growth of the youth, besides, we can not affirm that the American Civil War is actually justify. Objective to see, war did get young people abandon a variety of fantasy and growing up rapidly.

    But this kind of growth is negative. It brought double damage to those people

    and their families. This kind of influence is the life-long.

Summary of discussion, including points agreed and disagreed

    In conclusion, we all think the America Civil War is not justify, following are Reasons.

    1. The war itself is not justified; its not the best way to solve the problem.

    2. The affection is terrible and last for many years or many decades. It caused a very serve damages to the every aspects among people and society. The harm is multifaceted; the war brought the loss of human life, including ourselves, local, soldiers and civilians.

    3. The war also caused between ethnic hatred between countries.

    4. Damage the ecological balance, the pollution of the environment.

    5. Destroy human civilization and wreck the economy.

    6. The war is not fight for the Black. But for the economic, for protect the interest

    of the federal government

    7. There has no interactive between the north and south, American government

    8.could finger out a better way to reach a compromise. No need for war.

    9. War made a lot people died.

Group Leader: 王康曼云 Date: 2012/5/10

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