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    Unit 5-6


    1. don’t?第三人称单数?三人称单数? 3.she ?形容词性物主代词? 4.Let’s ?完全形式? 5.boring?反义词? 6. tomato?复数形式?

    7.strawberry?复数形? 9. have ?三人称单数? 10.bus?复数形式?


    ( )1.Let’s play soccer. --- .

    A. Yes B. No, I don’t C. Yes, we do D.I don’t have a soccer ball

    ( )2. Jane like sports?

    A. Does B. Do C. Is D. Can ( )3.Do you have a computer?---- .

    A. Yes, I don’t B. No, I do C. I have D. Yes, I do ( )4. have many clubs. Join .

    A .We ; We B Our; us C. We; us D. We; our ( )5.Do you like sports?----Yes. They are .

    A. boring B. interesting C. difficult D. scary ( )6.I often go to play volleyball with my classmates(同学) after class.

    A. a B . an C. the D ./. ( )7There are sports clubs in our school.

    A. much B. many C. a little D. the. ( )8.Please the blackboard .Can you the picture?

    A. look; see B. look at; see. C. see; watch. D. see; look at.

    ( )9Sue has a sports collection, she doesn’t play sports.

    A. and B. only C. but D. so ( )10. Barry a new baseball.

    A. is B has C are D. have ( )11 Let’s play baseball .------ oh, no It sounds .

    A. good B. boring C. interesting D. relaxing. ( )12.They watch sports TV.

    A. in B. under C. for D. on ( )13.My brother a tennis racket.

    A haven’t B. doesn’t has C. don’t have D. doesn’t have

    ( )14. you have a nice watch ?-----NO, I

    A. Does; don’t B .do; doesn’t C. Do; don’t D. Does; doesn’t

    ( )15 your friend a computer ?

    A. Do; have B. does ; have C. Does; has D. Do ;has ( )16.Lily and I often Ping-pong.

    A. to play B. play C. plays D. playing


( )17.Simon eats healthy food.

    A. a lot B. many C. lots of D. a lot of ( )18There an apple and two pears on the table .

    A. is B. are C. has D. have ( )19.They are in .

    A. Class One, grade two B. Grade One, Class One

     C. Class One, Grade One D. class one, grade one ( )20.We like in the tree house .

    A. play B. to play C. plays D. to plays ( )21. is your uncle ?--------He’s at home.

    A. Where B. What C. Who D. How ( )22.I like fish and carrots dinner.

    A. for B. in C. on D. with 三!找对应答语。

    ( )1.What vegetable do you like eating ? A. They have chicken and rice ..

    ( )2.Does your mother like salad for breakfast ? B. Apple and bananas . ( )3.Do you like ice cream? C. Yes, they do . ( )4.What fruit do you like ? D. No, she doesn’t.

    ( )5.Do you friends like strawberries? E. Yes, I do . . ( )6.What do your parents have for dinner ? F. I like carrot .改错。

    ( )1.Do your father like bananas? ( )2.He doesn’t has a baseball .

     A B C D A B C D ( )3.Is she your sister ?---- No, she doesn’t. ( )4.She is a teacher. I don’t know she

    A B C D A B C D ( )5.Mr.Smith likes playing the basketball.

     A B C D


    1. 请把这些水果拿到你哥哥那儿去。



4. Do you like bananas?

5.What do you usually have for dinner?


    1 heis ( she) brother.

    2 Mike often helps (I) with (I) English.


3 These are (we) books.

    4 Mr Green (get) up at 6:00 every morning . 5 Lucy and Lily (not have) new pens.

    6 Your father likes (watch) TV.

    7They don’t want (play) baseball.

    8Let’s (join) the MUSIC CLUB.

    9There are many (tomato) on the table.

    10There (be) some (salad) next to the babanas. 七句型转换。

    1.They are English . ?改为单数句?

2.Ann has some keys.?变一般疑问句并作否定回答?

3.Jim has an English book.?对画线部分提问?

4.The red sweater is eight dollars?同上?

5.There are seventy-eight students in our class.?提问?

6.We usually play sports in the afternoon.?同上?

7.Tommy likes ice cream.(变否定句)

8 Sandy has bananas.(orange改为选择疑问句)


    Mary: meTom. Do you a baseball?

    Tom: Sorry, .

    Mary : Do you think David one?

    Tom: I think . You can ask .

    Mary: David, may I borrow baseball?

    David: Sorry, Lucy has baseball. Please go and ask her. Mary: Excuse , Lucy , May I borrow David’s ?

    Lucy: Certainly ( 当然可以 ). Here you . But you must give()it back to him soon(尽快). Mary: OK. very much.


    My name is Jenny. I 1 a sister. Her name is Katty. 2 is her birthday. She is thirteen,

    and she 3 cakes very much, so(所以)my father and mother 4 her a big cake. Look! The cake

    is 5 the table of her bedroom. It’s her lovely cake. You can see her _ _6 __ and some flowers on it.

    There are 7 things for her birthday. 8 are apples, pears, bananas and some toys (玩具).I 9 her a new book as a present (礼物) . Her good friends Kate, Lily and Lucy are coming. She would like

    to eat the birthday cake 10 her friends.

    ( )1.A. there is B. am C. have


    ( )2.A. Today B. He C. This ( )3.A.likes B. like C. is like ( )4.A. find B. give C. put ( )5.A.behind B. in C. on ( )6.A. name B. toys C. friends ( )7.A. the other B. others C. other ( )8.A. They B. That C. This

    ( )9.A. make B. carry C. give

    ( )10.A.and B. with C. of


     Jane is a school girl. She is twelve. She studies at a middle school. She is in Grade Seven. She is a good girl. Jane gets up at seven in the morning. Then she has her breakfast. For breakfast, She has eggs and a cup of milk. She doesn’t have tea for breakfast. After breakfast Jane goes to school. At twelve she comes home from school. She has lunch with her mother. For lunch, she has fish and salad. She likes salad, but she doesn’t like hamburgers.

     At seven she has supper with her father and mother. They have chicken, vegetables and tomatoes. Her father likes chicken, but Jane doesn’t.

    ( ) 1.Jane is a school girl in _________.

     A. a primary school B. a middle school C. a university D. a junior school ( ) 2.Jane has ________for breakfast.

     A. eggs and milks B. eggs and tea C. eggs and a cup of tea D. fish and salad ( ) 3.Jane comes home _________.

    A. in the morning B. at noon C. at night D. before school ( ) 4.Jane likes to eat _______for lunch.

    A. hamburgers B. milk C. salad D. chicken ( ) 5. Jane has dinner with _________.

     A .her mother B. her father C. her father or her mother D. her parents 十一、作文。


    milk, cake , hamburgers, French fries, orange ,ice cream, salad ,chicken, bananas, eggs, tomatoes

    Where there is a will, there is a way.



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