March - Warsaw Mums & Tots

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March - Warsaw Mums & Tots

Mums & Tots Newsletter

    MMarch 2005


    WELCOME and a big „HELLO’ to any newcomers to Warsaw. We hope

    that you will be very happy here and make many good friends through the Mums & Tots network. Hope you are all enjoying the snow!

     Activities for Warsaw’s

    12zl for the morning (for Mums & Tots Mums, Tots, Bumps &

    members) or you can purchase a discount Babies card costing 100zl for 10 sessions (Please

    note that this discount card is only valid

    ???Thanks to Morag the Wednesday for 2 months so only worth doing if you morning playgroup is now up and running and are going to be a regular at Kangurek. thmums are now meeting once a month for a March we This month on Tuesday 15

    coffee and a chat. Anything new about the will be having an Easter Egg Hunt for various activities is in italics. tots at Kangurek. Please email if you

    Mondays Come along to the Pre-Nursery at are interested (there will be a small

    the British School (on ul. Dąbrowskiego 84/90) charge of 5PLN for each tot).

    from 1.30pm until 3.30pm. Tea, coffee and

    biscuits are provided and your tots can run Stonoga play centre, ul. Zielona, around in a huge room which has lots of toys. Piaseczno from 10.30am. A number of

     mums have started meeting at Stonoga. It “Hot Coffee Monday” - In addition on every is smaller and usually quieter than second Monday of the month, meet up with Kangurek but makes a nice change and other mums (with or without little ones) for a costs 8zl for the session.

    coffee and a chat at Coffee Heaven, Sadyba Wednesdays This new group for mums, tots Best Mall from 9am onwards. Mums of older and babes meets every Wednesday from 10am children also welcome. until midday at different mums’ houses. We are still looking for someone to take over from ?Baby Music takes place on a Monday Morag and co-ordinate this group and also morning at different mums‟ houses on a there are a few dates for which we need hosts. fortnightly basis. If you would like to be involved as the co- ordinator or as a host please email Tuesdays There are two options (the first being the most popular at the moment):

     Thursdays - Mini music for tots up to 3 years Kangurek play centre in the Old Paper takes place in different mums‟ houses between Mill, Konstancin from 10am. Open to all 10.00 and 12.00 on a voluntary basis. ages but more suited to tots. As well as

    your children being able to run around and If you are interested in hosting mini-music,

    let off some steam, part of the morning is Cecelia Cienska our mini-music coordinator

    also dedicated to a singing circle and arts needs hosts for April onwards.

    & crafts where the little ones can show off

    Fridays For mums-to-be and mums with their their artistic talents! Aga Strojna-Rasche is

    babies (generally under 18 months old). The our coordinator. The play centre charges

    group meets at a different mum‟s house each


    Mums & Tots Newsletter March 2005

week between 10.00 and 12.00. The co- All useful information in the Newsletters

    ordinator for this group is Kate van (for the last two years) to be collated and Schuijenburg. put on the website.

     Easter Egg Hunt to be held on Tuesday The schedule set out at the end of the th15 March (see advert). Newsletter has details of who is hosting A Mums & Tots jumble sale is to be held and when, along with a list of those in June, a chance for mums to get rid of responsible for the various arts & crafts toys, old baby clothes etc. sessions at Kangurek. Birthdays! Full contact details of the co-ordinators Belated birthday wishes to Bianca Morriss, and our hosts can be found in the mums & Amanda Egerton-King and Tracey Bull who all tots contact list. Please email had birthdays in February. Hope the party this if you Saturday goes well girls. need a new contact list at any time.

Feel free to contact the appropriate Baby News coordinator if you would like to host go ??? Congratulations to Sabine, baby on it will be fun! Maximillian was born on 12th February, weighing 3650g.

     News from the

    ??? Congratulations to Janing and Colin Mums & Tots Shenoy little Elijah James also arrived on 12th

    February, weighing 3500g and measuring Group 55cm in length.

    ??? Also on behalf of all the mums & tots Mums & Tots News who know Lindsey Wislocki we would like to The committee meeting was held on Monday thpass on our best wishes to Lindsey‟s son Oliver 7 February at Morag‟s house. Thanks to who is currently in hospital. Get well soon Morag for hosting and running the meeting Oliver, your big sister Anna is missing you! and to everyone who turned up with lots of

    ideas. The minutes written by Lisa Martin

    have been circulated (and can be found on Mums’ (and Dads’) nights the Mums & Tots website) but just as a out reminder the key points are as follows: These are monthly socials to give us the chance to get together without babies and children. “Hot Coffee Monday” there will now The date and venue for the next night out has be a chance to meet up with other mums yet to be decided details will be sent out in for a coffee every second Monday in the the near future. If you have any suggestions or month (at Coffee Heaven, Sadyba Best ideas regarding the mums/dads nights out mall from 9am onwards). please contact Tracey. We will be organising a first aid course open to all mums (look out for details The Book Club in next month‟s Newsletter). thThe next meeting is on Tuesday 8 March and We will look into having another the book to be discussed is Middlesex by reduced rate session at Kangurek Jeffrey Eugenides. Everyone is welcome if (possibly a Thursday morning). you are interested in coming along call Jess Enough interest in a Wednesday mum, Mulligan on 0693 041085. tot & baby group. Will be held at different mums‟ houses.


    Mums & Tots Newsletter March 2005

     Useful Info and Top The Weekend to

    Breakthrough Breast Cancer Tips

     On 23-25 September 2005, a few of us mums Publications will be taking part in a very special event called If you want to keep up to date with what is the Weekend to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. happening in the news and if you miss having a We will be walking 60 kilometres in and newspaper to read, try the following around London over the course of one weekend publications which can be delivered to your with thousands of other women and men. We door. You might get the news a little bit late will be spending one night in a tent they are but at least you will be in the know eventually: calling it a big slumber party under the stars! (Frankly I‟m more worried about this than the The Week, a digest of British and foreign walk). press; costs around ?65/year a condition of participation each of us must ndex.html raise at least ?1,500. All proceeds will support breast cancer research and education at

    Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The Weekly Telegraph, the best of the daily & Sunday Telegraph, ?72/year If any of you would like to share in this incredible adventure with us by supporting us in our fundraising please visit The Guardian weekly, a digest of The where you can Guardian, Observer with pieces from the donate online. Washington Post and Le Monde. Around ?50/year The following mums will be walking (we hope be training hard over the next few months y/0,12598,,00.html (?If you don‟t want with walks once or twice a week you are something in hard copy form then bound to spot us out and about): subscribe to the Guardian‟s daily Wrap a digest of the UK press delivered via Melissa Tovell email by 9.30am visit Loretta Molloy Bianca Morriss Cecelia Cienska A reminder of the useful Warsaw publications: Karen Loughran New Warsaw Express (the English Jane Sahota language newspaper emailed to you Sue Elliott weekly, free of charge; subscribe by sending an email to If you would like to know more about the weekend, get involved in any of our

    fundraising activities, start your own team of Warsaw ‘Insider Magazine’ (8zl, walkers or simply join us on a training walk monthly. Home delivery, 33zl /6 months), please give me a call on my mobile: 603 634 or at This 002. Thanks in advance especially to those one is probably the most useful for details mad women who have agreed to walk with me. on restaurants, cinemas and restaurants and generally what is going on in Melissa Warsaw.

     Warsaw ‘In your Pocket’ (5zl, bi-

    monthly, or free from some


    Mums & Tots Newsletter March 2005

    restaurants/hotels) and events, Warsaw Voice 10zl, weekly. restaurants - Polish only Delivered 128zl/6 month see

    Warsaw Voice website, Useful Info and Top

     Tips Continued

     Free Poland ‘What, Where, When’ &

    What’s Up in Warsaw’ monthly and bi Shopping etc monthly from hotels, American Bookstore, etc. I know a few of you have used leclerc for

     a spot of on-line shopping

    ( but have you tried Contact International Business Voice

    their organic box delivery. I tried it last The British Chamber of Commerce

    week and for 55PLN you get 10kg of produces a free bi-monthly English

    vegetables and some fruit (I received Language magazine. (To subscribe

    potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions, garlic, contact Anna at or

    celeriac, turnips, swede and apples) plus phone 654 5971).

    some lovely butter, bread, eggs, juice and sauerkraut. Definitely worth a try and you ???The Visitor a monthly free guide may find yourself busy making soups and in English and Polish available in many casseroles just to use everything up. The of the hotels and restaurants in Warsaw. delivery seems to be weekly, on a Friday. It has some great tours to try out with Click on “zamów packze ekologiczna” by your visitors including one covering the basket of fruit and vegetables once on historic Warsaw and another on the the leclerc website. squares and parks. Also has a website Don‟t forget your other on-line shopping option of Bomi

     Websites about Warsaw &

     A new organic food shop has opened up Poland

    opposite Hypernova in Galeria Mokotów

    (apparently it does jars of organic baby A reminder of the various websites about

    food). Poland and/or Warsaw

     Address listings only, What’s Up in

     We mentioned last month about the new Warsaw

    meal delivery service Official Polish Government site, (which will deliver from a variety of in restaurants including Bacio, Osteria, India English and in Polish, Curry and the Tortilla Factory; tel: 22 652 port for all internet information about 35 63). Here‟s a reminder of the others: Poland (will deliver food Cultural events in Poland (English) from a whole host of restaurants including Bliss, China Town, El Popo, Le Cedre, Official website of Warsaw Suparom Thaifood, Tandoor Palace; tel: (English) 22 651 90 03), American Chinese Food

     General tourist information at (tel: 22 499 20 20) and deals exclusively with telephone orders.


    Mums & Tots Newsletter March 2005

Set menus cost 15PLN and include

    chopsticks and a soft drink. Here are a few others which Sarah has According to the website delivery used in the past: Stay Poland and only available to Śródmiescie, Wola Travel Poland seem to be the better of

    & Ochota districts). If the above are the bunch.

    too fancy, there‟s always KFC/Pizza

    Hut (tel: 22 536 36 36) or Telepizza

    (see for your nearest


     Lots of ski gear (some of it used ski If you are going to Kraków for the gear and in excellent shape) can be day or for a short trip and would like found at the ski bazaar at the Stegny to have your own guide and perhaps ice skating rink (ul. Inspektowa 1) some transportation then have a look every Sunday from 10am until 2pm. at You can book In addition the Ski Team Pro Shop yourself on a pre-arranged tour (for (ul. Stycznia 17) has a huge selection example the City tour - retracing

    of ski clothes and gear with lots of Schindlers List) or sort out something reductions. Open everyday check that meets your requirements. website for times Everything can be sorted out online

     (or by email

    or by calling them direct on 12 421 84 Easter gifts & decorations

    33 (they speak English). There are lots of Easter gifts and

     decorations around at the moment

    on our travels we have spotted great Some yummy recipes stuff at: Marks & Spencer, Galeria (Thanks to Sarah for these!) Belverderska (ul. Belwerderska), Arex (Folk Art Gallery) ul. Chopina Mini chocolate and banana muffins 5B, door phone 50, backyard entrance Ingredients and Impresja Rękodzieło, Kruczkowskiego 8a, Piaseczno. Plus 140g plain flour ththere‟s the Easter Bazaar on the 16 pinch of salt of March. 1 tsp baking powder 140g light muscovado sugar (or normal

    Hairdressers white sugar)

    115g milk chocolate broken in to small These are our favourite hairdressers at

    chunks the moment:

    2 tbsp milk The Hyatt Toni & Guy, on ul.

    2 eggs beaten Belwederska 23 (good for colour and

    140g unsalted butter melted cutting)

    3 tbsp natural yogurt The Sheraton, ul. Prusa 2

    2 small ripe bananas mashed Franck Provost on ul. Odynca (good

     for cutting)

    1) Preheat oven to 200C/gas mark 6, line

    2x12 bun tins with paper fairy cake Travel cases is a great website for hotels around Poland at 2) Sift together flour, salt and baking competitive prices and you can book powder in a large bowl. Add the sugar online (Thanks to Insa Grady for this and chocolate to the flour mixture and one). stir.


    Mums & Tots Newsletter March 2005

     3) Place the milk, eggs, butter and yogurt in a 6) Bake for 60-70 minutes then leave in the

     separate bowl and whisk until combined. switched off oven for another 20 minutes

     Add the egg mixture to the flour mixture, before removing to cool completely.

     stirring until just combined. Don't over mix

    as you will get heavy muffins. Once your nests are cool you can fill them with

     whatever you like - whipped cream, chopped

    4) Gently fold the mashed bananas into the fruit, sweets, mini eggs and so could

     mixture. even decorate each one with a fluffy yellow

     chick which are available in all the 5) Spoon the mixture in to the paper cases and supermarkets at the moment.

    bake for 12-15 minutes, then turn out onto

    a wire rack to cool.

Easy peasy!

     Easter Meringue Nests Ingredients (to make approx 30 x 6 cm

    Other Social Organisations diameter nests)

    4 egg whites The International Women’s Group 240g caster sugar (IWG) Both a social and a service pinch of salt organisation, the IWG offers its members half a teaspoon of vanilla extract access to a variety of classes and tours as 1 teaspoons white wine vinegar well as social and charity activities. They 2 teaspoons of corn flour provide members with a monthly Up to 3 baking sheets lined with parchment newsletter and an annual Charity Bazaar. paper If you would like to join, visit the 1st floor

     of the Marriott Hotel underneath the 1) Preheat oven to 140C or gas mark 1. escalators) the office is open from 1000-

     1330 hrs on Wednesdays and Fridays, or 2) Whisk the egg whites with the salt until call 630 7221.

    they are holding soft peaks but are not

    stiff. American Friends of Warsaw (AFW) Are you looking for a way to meet other 3) Gently add in the sugar spoonful after families, an organisation that has a good spoonful still whisking until you have a mix of activities for children as well as for bowl full of gleaming snowy meringue. grown-ups? Then the AFW is for you! There are monthly adult evening events, 4) Sprinkle in corn flour, a few drops of such as Oktoberfest and the Art & Wine vanilla and the vinegar on top and fold to evenings to meet other ex-pats and have combine. some fun plus a children‟s Christmas party. Sign up by emailing 5) Mound dessert spoonfuls onto the baking sheets lined with parchment and use the back of the spoon, wiggling it around so

    that you make a dent to create a nest



    Mums & Tots Newsletter March 2005

     March Events and Key Dates

     ; British Mothering Sunday, try for that special th bouquet, order before 2pm on Saturday 5 March for delivery on Mother‟s


8 ; International Women's Day (Miedzynarodowy Dzien Kobiet), originally

    a communist feast when men show their appreciation of women with a gift

    or more commonly a flower, usually a rose or carnation. It became

    celebrated in Poland after World War 2 (first implemented in 1948) - an

    'imposed' tradition from the Soviet Union, which has become a popular part

    of Polish culture (and across most of Eastern Europe).

    11 ; “Red Nose Day” This year‟s campaign which marks the tenth ever Red

    Nose Day is asking people to change the way they look for the day to help

    change someone else‟s life forever with the theme “Big Hair & Beyond”.

    Red Nose Day is about tackling poverty and social injustice in the UK and

    Africa. For more information or to make a donation visit For pupils at the British School, Friday 11 March is

    a non-uniform day and staff, pupils and parents are encouraged to go wild

    with their hair!

16 ; Easter Bazaar, Wednesday 10am until 1pm at Restauracja Różana in

    Konstancin. Everyone welcome to come and buy Easter gifts and

    decorations (see advert for more details).

    15 ; Mums & Tots Easter Egg Hunt (see advert for details of time and location,

    need to sign up beforehand, as there will be a limit on the number of tots).

18 ; British School Teacher training (no school)

20 ; Palm Sunday (Niedziela Palmowa*)

24 ; Maundy Thursday (Wielki Czwartek*)

    th; Last day of term British School (School reopens on the 11 April)

25 ; Good Friday (Wielki Piąntek*)

    th; Easter holidays British School, until 8 April, school reopens Monday th11 April.

    27 ; Easter Day (Niedziela Wielkanoca*)

    ; Clocks forward one hour, start of BST in UK and Poland.

    28 ; Easter Monday (Lany Poniedzialek*) - Public Holiday

* Refer to Polish Corner for more details.


    Mums & Tots Newsletter March 2005

     thth), Puccini‟s Turandot (6), 13

    Lithuanian National Opera & A Bit of Culture, ththballet theatre (10, 12), Verdi‟s La ththTraviata (13), Beethoven‟s 9 Film & Music ththththEaster Festival (15, 17, 18, 19 th& 25), Tchaikovsky‟s Swan Lake For theatre, opera, concerts check out th(16th) and Queen of Spades (20), for most upcoming thLent concert (20) and Verdi‟s events and on-line booking. Or tel: 622

    Nabucco (22nd). 0060, 09:00 to 17:00.

     rdth; Music & fairytales to celebrate the ; March 3 to the 20, Cats is on at th200 birthday of Hans Christian the Roma Theatre (back again in rdAndersen on 3 April at the Warsaw May), (Grease ndPhilharmonic ( returns in April from the 2 to the


    Films on this month include: th ; March 5 Yamato: The

    ; Shall we Dance (with Richard Gere Drummers of Japan at the Sala

    and Jennifer Lopez) Kongresowa 8pm; an amazing

    ; Vera Drake (with Imelda Staunton) effort of endurance by a small

    ; The Interpreter (with Nicole group of drummers who use a

    Kidman and Sean Penn) variety of instruments and dance

    ; Ladder 49 (with John Travolta and moves to create an awesome

    Joaquin Phoenix) performance. Highly recommended

    ; Kinsey (with Liam Neeson, Laura in the insider!

    Linney and Chris O‟ Donnell) nd; The Assassination of Richard ; March 22 Brand New Heavies

    Nixon (with Sean Penn and Naomi are on at the Sala Kongresowa,

    Watts) concert of British legendary acid

    ; The Life Aquatic (with Bill Murray, jazz and soul band.

    Owen Wilson, Cate Blanchett,

    Anjelica Huston and Willem Dafoe) th; Constantine (with Keanu Reeves and ; March 24 La Passione di Geso

    Rachel Weisz). Cristo, Giovanni Paisiello at the

     Royal Castle (www.zamek-

    Check out the following websites for

    more details

    (website Polish/English and can order ; 31 March Dead Can Dance are

    tickets on-line), on at the Sala Kongresowa,

    (website in Polish only), (website in Polish only

    but easy to follow times etc; on ; At the National Opera in March

    Wednesdays there is a multibabykino there is as ever lots going on

    special screenings for parents with including the following:

    children under 1.) Ptaszyńska‟s Mister Marimba thth (children‟s opera, 4pm) (5, 6 and


    Mums & Tots Newsletter March 2005

     Polish Corner On Easter Monday (Lany

     Poniedzialek) girls are doused with Easter water by boys to make them fertile (a

     marginally better procedure than in The highlight of the Catholic year is neighbouring Czech Republic where

    Easter (Wielkanoc) which is heralded they're beaten with sticks!). This by a glut of spring fairs, offering the tradition called Smigus Dyngus best of the early livestock and celebrates Poland‟s baptism in 966. agricultural produce. Holy Week Even in the cosmopolitan cities you

     (Wielki Tydzien) kicks off in earnest will see gangs of boys waiting in the on Palm Sunday (Niedziela Palmowa) - streets or leaning out of first floor this year on 20th March, when palms windows waiting to throw water

    are brought to the church and paraded bombs at passing girls - you have

    in processions. Often the painted and been warned! There is a big splash in decorated 'palms' are handmade, Kazimierz Dolny, where the fire sometimes with competitions for the department sends trucks to the main largest or most beautiful. The most square to spray people at noonish.

    famous procession takes place at

    Kalwaria Zebrzydowska near Krakow, ??? In Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, a inaugurating a spectacular week long small village outside of Krakow live series of mystery plays, re-enacting passion plays are performed during Christ's Passion. the Holy Week before Easter. These

     plays have been taking place here for On Maundy Thursday (Wielki nearly 400 hundred years and attract Czwartek) many communities take thousands of pilgrims and interested symbolic revenge on Judas Iscariot; his onlookers. The Kalwaria - or Calvary

    effigy is hanged, dragged outside the - has chapels for each of the Stations village, flogged, burned or thrown into of the Cross, some dating back to the a river. Good Friday (Wielki Piatek) 1600s. The passion play starts on sees visits to mock ups of the Holy Palm Sunday and then there are Sepulchre - whether permanent additional segments depicting events

    structures such as as Kalwaria from Jesus' last week on Earth on

    Zebrzydowska or ad hoc creations as is Holy Thursday and Good Friday. the tradition in Warsaw. In some Thousands attend so it‟s a good idea places, notably the Rzeszow region, to come early. If you want times and this is fused with a celebration of King addresses please contact Cecelia Jan Sobieski's victory in the Siege of Cienska.

    Vienna, with 'Turks' placed in charge of

     the tomb. Holy Saturday (Wielka

     Sobota) is when baskets of painted

     eggs, sausages, bread and salt are taken

     along to church to be blessed and

    sprinkled with holy water. The

    consecrated food is eaten at breakfast

    on Easter Day (Niedziela Wielkanocna)

    when the most solemn of Masses in the

    year are celebrated.


    Mums & Tots Newsletter March 2005

     Classified Ads

     Please note, inclusion of an advert in this Newsletter does not imply endorsement of goods or services by the Mums & Tots Group

     Moses basket wanted Can you help? I am looking to buy (or borrow) a Moses Sister Prema, a nun who belongs to the basket (preferably with stand) suitable for a Catholic Community of Warsaw and who newborn baby up to 2 or 3 months old. My works with refugees in Warsaw, has baby is due 25 May so I will need it by mid recently communicated a need for baby May. items such as go-carts, strollers, high-Please e mail me on chairs, etc. for the babies born to refugee or call 605 653938 if you can help. families in Warsaw. If anyone has the ability to donate some items to these needy Car for sale

    families, Sister Prema would welcome your Opel Omega for Sale 1997 4-door saloon.

    phone call: Tel: 723-6677 in Warsaw, or Silver, grey leather interior. 3.0I V6 24v

    email: 2962 cc automatic (4 gears), petrol. Mileage 127,750 kms. Includes 4 winter tyres (Jan International Pre-School of Warsaw - 04). ?3,500/20,000PLN or nearest offer Zawrat Contact: Charles McLaughlin 0604 992 567 We are currently accepting applications for or email: the coming school year 2005-2006. For those of you who are familiar with our Nanny wanted program, I would like to let you know that I'm desperately looking for a nanny for my we have made a few changes. We now four year old daughter, preferably English

     accept children ages 2-5, we have extended speaking and with good references.

    our hours so that we are now open from I can be reached at 8477302, 0605-242-944

    0800-1700 daily, we have a hot lunch Anu Balaji

    program available to students who wish

    this, and we now accept part time For sale

    Hello everybody, I'm from India and just enrolment. back from a vacation and I have some beautiful “MUST SEE MUST HAVE Also, our summer program will start on 20 THINGS" from India. There are shirts / tops June this year and will run for 5 weeks. with exquisite hand embroidery, silk cushion This program accepts children from ages 2- covers, Kashmiri wall carpets, stoles and 6 and runs from 0800-1700 daily. You do shawls from Kashmir and elsewhere, not need to be enrolled in the regular paintings from Rajasthan and elsewhere and school year to participate in the summer

    beautiful hand embroidered shoes. You can program.

    view pictures of a few of these things by

    clicking on the link below/ pasting the same If you have any further questions or would

    on your web browser. like a tour of our school please contact myself, Sandra Nicholson, via telephone: I soon plan to organise a coffee morning at 604401573 or 843-0964 or via email:

    my house. In the mean time, if you are

    interested please call me on (22) 646 4680.

    Rajni Ahluwalia


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