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rdzca promotionjkmb

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    A promotion

    _______________________________________________________________________________ Jacob tells Katharine theyd like to give her more responsibility.


    Jacob: I’m sure you know that were very pleased with the work youve done as a

    research assistant here. Weve noticed how you take initiative and really think

    outside the box in order to get things done.

    Katharine: Thank you.

    Jacob: Well, thank you. The point of this is that due to our recent growth and the several new projects were working on, we need a new analyst, and wed like you to

    take on this new role. It would mean more responsibility in terms of assisting project managers and learning to do more complex analysis-and, of course, it would also mean an increase in your salary. Do you think you would be interested in taking on this new role?

    Katharine: Absolutely! Thank you very much.

    Jacob: Thats great news. I’ll send you a specific job description and salary range so you can understand a little more about what your different duties would be. Can you give me your official answer by the end of the week?

    Katharine: Of course. Thank you for this opportunity.

Key terms

    Think outside the box: to think creatively and create especially smart or unique solutions to problems 跳出固有思维去思考

    Take on: to assume or be responsible for 承担

    Be moving up the ranks: to be increasing ones responsibility, stature, or position in a

    hierarchy 升迁

    Corner office: an office in a corner, desirable because of the possibility of multiple windows, usually seen as a symbol of power or prestige 角落办公室

    Networking: to communicate with and within a group, usually with the purpose of interacting with influential people 建立关系网络

    To have someone‘s ear: to have someones attention or to be in a position to influence

    someone 得到……的注意

    Schmoozing: to talk casually, in a friendly way, usually in order to make a useful social connection 闲聊

    Up for: in this sense, being considered for 被列入考虑

    Rise: an increase in salary 加薪

    Across the board: broad in scope, usually including everyone 全面性的

    Compensation: payment薪水

    Compensation: a salary increase based on an assessment of the cost of living(which includes the basic costs of food, shelter, and clothing) in an area 生活津贴

Sample Sentences


    2 好文章

    A;Talking about increased responsibilities

    1. I’m really excited to take on more responsibilities.

2. Shes going to have to learn to delegate in this new role.

3. Hes really moving up the ranks!

    B. Talking about improved position in the company

4. Kim will be in the corner office pretty soon!

5. Lilas networking really paid off-shes got the bosss ear now.

    6. I want to connect with upper management, but I’m just not good at schmoozing.

7. Olivia is up for supervisor, I think.

C. Talking about changed salaries

8. I hear Jorge is going to get a huge raise for this.

9. They say were gong to get a four percent increase across the board.

    10. After the promotion, my whole compensation package changed.

11. Jan said there wont be a cost of living increase this year!


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