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    Unit 5 过关练习



    ______________________ your study and health?


    Tom told me what the doctor's life ______________________.

    3. 他病得很严重,所以他必须立刻要被动手术。

    He is ______________________ at once.

    4、在那个小山村过去有一座8 0米长的桥。

    ______________________ in the small village.


    It's ______________________ than ______________________.


    You have ______________________ all the students ______________________. 7、你所需要的就是足够的资金以用来出国留学。

    ______________________ is enough money ______________________.


    It's surprising for ______________________.


    ______________________ doctors must be ______________________.


    She likes watching TV ______________________ as soon as she gets home. 11、那个话题很难所以我们不得不作了大量的调查。

    The topic was ______________________ we had to ______________________.

    12、这魔术表演已经结束五分钟了 半小时后有音乐表演

    The magic show ______________________ for five minutes. There will ______________________.


    Last year she ______________________. She ______________________.



    15、好消息是 80%的失明案例是可以治愈或预防的.

    The good news is ____________________________________________.

    16UNICEF 会通过售卖圣诞卡和组织其它筹集基金活动来筹集基金。

    UNICEF raises money ____________________________________________.


    The teacher told us that ____________________________________________. 18、他们不应该工作而不上学来抚养他们的家人.

    They shouldn't ____________________________________________.


    We did our homework in the classroom _________________ because of _____________________. 20、他每天跑步半小时为了保持健康。

    He spends ______________________ he can ______________________.


    1This is the Century Hotel. It‟s one of Shenzhen‟s newest h____1_____and was finished just this week. It didn‟t t____2____ very long to build this hotel, which has already become f___3_____ for the wonderful restaurant at the top of it..

    Over the past twenty years, the biggest change in Shenzhen h__4____ been the increasing(增长

    ) height of the city‟s buildings. Before 1980, Shenzhen was only a small village w___5____ no skyscrapers?摩天大厦?. Now Shenzhen has many tall buildings.

    Look, this is the new train station. Before 1980, the people of Shenzhen could only take the bus or train i___6__ they wanted to leave the city. Now they can fly from the city‟s airport. The train station is m__7__ bigger now and there are m___8____ more buses to take people to every part of the city. There are more parks, museums and places for people to enjoy sports, music and art.

    The city government has built more roads. In Shenzhen, most people have stopped r__9___ bikes. Many people have bought cars. The traffic has been very h___10____ today, so please be careful when you cross the road.

    2British teenagers can leave school at sixteen after taking their GCSE exams. They study for exams in as many as ten subjects, s 1 they have to work pretty hard! Today‟s teens spend more

    time doing their homework than any teenagers in the past, s 2 for 2.5 3 hours every evening.

     Free Time

     It‟s not all work, of course. What do British teenagers do to have f 3 ? They love

    watching TV, going out, meeting friends in Internet cafés and listening to music.


     In addition to the Internet, teenagers in Britain use their computers to play games and do their homework. They a 4 love their mobile phones, and spend hours texting (发短信) their friends

    and chatting. Today, phones are getting smaller and lighter and you can do a lot more w 5 them

    than just talk. Text messaging has b 6 the coolest and most popular way to communicate. More

    than 90% of 12- to 16-year-olds have a mobile, and experts say that this stops t 7 from spending

    their money on sweets and cigarettes.


     At school, almost all British teenagers have to w 8 a school uniform. However, in their

    free t 9 they can wear whatever they like, and what they like is designer names such as Nike, Diesel and Paul Smith. In fact, 40% of British teens say that they think it is important to have the latest fashion. Looking good doesn‟t come c 10 , but many teenagers think it usual or easy to

    spend more than 100 on one item of clothing.


    It was very cold outside my car. I did not want to get out of it 1 we passed by a cafe.

    Suddenly I noticed a short old man, 2 , shaking with the cold. He was waiting for anyone who

    would 3 him a coin or a cup of hot tea.

     I asked my 4 to go over and hand this old man something. He 5 into my husband‟s face,

    smiled and said, “ 6 .” I felt so happy and I wished the old man could live 7 the cold night.

     I was sure to meet him again and find out how he was the next 8 , as I have to pass this

    way every day. I did so the next evening, and he saw the 9 and came up to my window

    and 10 at me. This time I offered him a 11 of food. He reached out for the bag and I gave

    him my hand. He 12 food, smiled and said, “May you.” He 13 me think of my father.

     I do hope all of us will remember that maybe one day, it could happen to one of us, 14 please do not pass by a 15 person without least a word of love and a kind smile or an

    act of kindness of any kind.

    ( )1. A. after B. when C. before D. if ( )2. A. covered B. tied C. filled D. provided ( )3. A. send B. leave C. greet D. accept ( )4. A. father B. son C. husband D. friend ( )5. A. watched B. knocked C. came D. looked ( )6. A. Excuse me B. Beg your pardon C. Take it easy D. Thank you ( )7. A. in B. through C. under D. off ( )8. A. year B. month C. week D. day ( )9. A. office B. gift C. car D. shop ( )10. A. smiled B. pointed C. called D. shouted ( )11. A. box B. bag C. bottle D. basket ( )12. A. held B. ordered C. dropped D. received ( )13. A. got B. forced C. made D. allowed ( )14. A. so B. and C. or D. but ( )15. A. quiet B. sick C. poor D. shy


    An eight-year-old child heard her parents talking about her little brother. All she knew was that he was very sick and they had no money. Only a very expensive operation could save him now and there was no one to lend them the money.

     When she heard her daddy say to her tearful mother“Only a miracle(奇迹) can save him

    now” the little girl went to her bedroom and pulled her money from its hiding place and counted it


     She hurried to a drugstore;药店?with the money in her hand.

     “And what do you want” asked the salesman. “It„s for my little brother” the girl answered.

    “He‟s reallyreally sick and I want to buy a miracle.” “Pardon” said the salesman.

     “My brother Andrew has something bad growing inside his head and my daddy says only a

    miracle can save him. So how much does a miracle cost” “We don„t sell a miracle herechild.

    I‟m sorry” the salesman said with a smile.

     “Listenif it isn‟t enoughI can try and get some more. Just tell me how much it costs.”

     A well-dressed man heard it and asked“What kind of a miracle does your brother need” “I

    don„t know” she answered with her eyes full of tears. “He‟s really sick and mum says he needs an operation. But my daddy can„t pay for itso I have brought all my money.”

     “How much do you have” asked the man. “$ 1.11but I can try and get some more” she


     “Wellwhat luck” smiled the man. “$ 1.11the price of a miracle for little brothers.”

     He took up the girl„s hand and said“Take me to where you live. I want to see your brother and meet your parents. Let‟s see if I have the kind of miracle you need.”

     That well-dressed man was Dr Carlton Armstronga famous doctor. The operation was successful and it wasn‟t long before Andrew was home again.

     How much did the miracle cost

    ( )1. What was the trouble in the little girl‟s family

    A. Her brother was seriously ill. B. They had no money.

     C. Nothing could save her brother. D. Both A and B. ( )2. In the eye of the little girla miracle might be _______.

    A. something interesting B. something beautiful

     C. some wonderful medicine D. some good food

    ( )3. The little girl said again and again “……I can try and get some more.” That shows _______.

     A. she had still kept some money B. she hoped not to be refused

     C. There was no need to worry about money D. she thought money was easy to get

    ( )4. What made the miracle happen

    A. The girl‟s love for her brother. B. The girl‟s money.

     C. The medicine from the drugstore. D. Nobody can tell. ( )5. From the passage we can infer;推断?that _______.

     A. The doctor didn‟t ask for any pay B. A miracle is sure to happen if you keep on

     C. The little girl is lovely but not so clever D. Andrew was in fact not so sick as they had


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