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Bar Essay Writing - Mass ...

    Bar Essay Writing

    Course Syllabus, Summer 2010

    M/W/Th Noon 2 PM

    M/W/Th 4 PM 6 PM

Prof. Ursula Furi-Perry, Esq.

    Ph: (978) 681-0800 x177

    M: (978) 476-9704


    This course focuses on honing and improving students’ analytical and writing skills, with a special emphasis on the analytical and writing skills used for successful completion of

    the essay portion of the bar examination. Students will explore issue spotting techniques

    and methods of analysis; learn helpful tips for writing essay exams; receive personalized

    feedback on essays; and review the substantive law necessary to write the essay exam.

Course Overview:

This is an intensive writing class, and you should expect to complete several writing

    assignments each week, including full-length bar essays. Students should have completed

    all six substantive courses tested by the Multistate Bar Exam before taking this course.

    You will complete nine graded in-class essays (bar exam questions from prior exams)

    during the semester, and you will receive personal feedback on your essays throughout

    the course. There will also be a final essay exam on which you’ll answer five essay

    questions in three hours, which is the same format you’ll find on the essay portion of the

    Massachusetts bar examination.


Each assignment will be graded on a seven-point scale, in consistency with the grading

    employed by the Massachusetts Bar Examiners. Your grade will be based on the

    following assignments and allocation of points:

9 in-class essays, worth 7 points each (63 points total)

    3 take-home exercises, worth 7 points each (21 points total)

    One midterm assignment worth 21 points (outlining and issue spotting a 10-question

    mock bar essay exam)

    Final exam worth 35 points (3 hours, 5 essays worth 7 points each; 35 points total)

There are a total of 140 possible points in the course. In order to pass the course, a

    student must obtain at least 80 points. At the end of the course, you will receive either a

    “passing” or “not passing” grade. There will be one designated date for make-up work on

    which you MUST make up any work you missed during the course in order to pass.


    Bar Essay BootCamp, Michael L. Coyne, Joseph Devlin, Ursula Furi-Perry and Peter M. Malaguti


Reading for the first class: Introduction and Chapter 1

Mon 7/12:

Introduction and course overview

    Bar exam format

    Bar essay exam basics

    Reading and understanding a bar essay question

    Reading for the next class: Chapter 2

Wed 7/14:

Issue Spotting Tips and Exercises

    Torts questions

Torts Essay

    Reading for the next class: Chapter 3

Thurs 7/15:


    Contracts questions

Contracts Essay

    Reading for the next class: Chapter 4 Assignment for the next class: Exercise 4.1 and 4.2

Mon 7/19:

Paragraph construction

Property questions

Property Essay

    Wed 7/21:

Mastering the TAAC method

    TAAC practice

    Domestic Relations questions

Domestic Relations Essay

    Thurs 7/22:

Outlining and Issue Spotting Assignment


Reading for the next class: Chapters 5 and 6

    Assignment for the next class: Exercise 5.1 and 5.2

    Mon 7/26:

Essay organization

    Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure questions

Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Essay

Reading for the next class: Chapter 7

    Wed 7/28:

Rule statements

    Practicing your S.O.U.N.D. Bytes

    Constitutional Law questions

Constitutional Law Essay

    Thurs 7/29:

Intro to multiple choice

Multiple choice question practice

    Using multiple choice questions for essay practice

    Reading for the next class: Chapters 8 and 9 Assignment for the next class: Exercise 9.1 and 9.2

Mon 8/2:

Honing your analytical skills

    Evidence questions

Evidence Essay

    Reading for the next class: Chapter 10

Wed 8/4:

Clarity and concision

    Civil Procedure questions

Civil Procedure Essay

    Reading for the next class: Chapters 11 and 12

Thurs 8/5:

Timing practice

    Editing exercise

    Wills & Trusts questions

Wills & Trusts Essay

Sat 8/15:


    Final exam feedback and analysis from NOON 2 PM

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