How to do the second groups of dealers to do the terminal from the retail-_16134

By Jonathan Boyd,2014-11-03 12:40
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How to do the second groups of dealers to do the terminal from the retail-_16134

    How to do the second groups of dealers to do the terminal from the retail?




     Personally, I think, first of all dealers must be converted way of thinking, recognize that the wholesale and retail are two entirely different distribution model, more and more out

    of the wholesale, retail and more is the trend. And distributors must change the mentality of doing business, reform his life, just normal to recognize that the parties to do the average retail distribution of profits must be won

    model to the development of the entire distribution business, from simple to count the money, put effort into making money profits, hard work can only make a reasonable profit operations.

     Dealers must be adjusted again after the operation and

    control of distribution business model, personally led the staff from the "peasant" to "craft" and change their thinking, work content changes, the team is from the "natural selling" running into "market distribution" state.

     Second, the dealer must to getting goods from the

    shopkeeper, who becomes active area of the small and medium

    delivery to supermarkets, shops and other retail outlets zero, and all the retail end customers one on one delivery, on-site

    tally, to help replacement and return to promote the sale of other services.

     Best to store into a wholesale distributor warehouses,

    delivery trucks to buy, and dealers must cater to a person purchasing from the boss, business and accounting, and other identity, the division of functions into a professional distribution commenced work, and gradually establish their own

    distribution team, if professional accountants to do the accounts of funds control, professional tally on Terminal Services, a special delivery, professional ability and experience to promote sales planning, employee assessment will quantify the content, and have a business or do their own

    procurement and dealers situation with the retail end of the guest relations.

     This requires that dealers usually have to focus on the retail end of the professional knowledge and experience of learning, the dealer itself is a constantly evolving process.

     Third, the distributor must sell only to promote new products will not only become popular and dependable, and able to sell new products to sell, sell at high prices to long-off

    profits. Because of low profit and sales of staple goods is

    not only very difficult to have a greater growth difficult to share distribution of the operating costs, let alone make money. but most dealers actually make money is to put a new volume from the process took to cook. Although dealers took

    over the promotion of a new product that may pre-sales is

    small, but the price can be much less transparent and increase profits higher than the old products, if the distributor after months of hard work and dedication put real to push up new

    distributors to earn less money than a small profit.

     Fourth, dealers better get used to credit sales into cash factory orders to manufacturers, and manufacturers are willing to return to the way manufacturers are not responsible for the return to cooperation in distribution. Because the category of outstanding business leaders affirmed the dealer and returned the payment method requirements of goods and some matters of principle are very demanding. Of course, this premise is that distributors must "identify what is pearl" to find the retail terminal and responsible to do, rather than the manufacturers can be kidnapped and Mongolia to cooperate.

     Real money coming in their own goods dealers will have an incentive to go all out to promote it well, but can not be

    returned under the premise of the dealers will try every way to get the goods to sell fast turnaround. Only in such a double under pressure, dealers of distribution methods, financial settlement, cash flow, business management and control, warehousing and distribution and other aspects of temper will come out faster and better experience, distributors and ultimately to find the most suitable for their own distribution business model, and only This dealer to get better and faster development (of course, from

    manufacturers to dealers to fight for more and better

preferential conditions and policies that are no better.

     Fifth, the retail dealer must never concerned about the status of the terminal changes to the retail initiative to increase the terminal, is usually best to have with the

    manufacturers, guidance and support, if not for the dealers also need to "focus resources, promotion focus" way to conduct sales promotion.

     There is a large volume dealer Paohuo must learn to control fire-sale terminal to the retail customer inventory, a

    reasonable analysis of dynamic marketing products, poor sales, selling, etc., do inventory turnover and slow-moving goods,

    damaged goods in a timely manner. As far as possible inventory minimization, the fastest of turnaround, to science under the

    orders to the manufacturers of goods procurement.

     Another dealer had better learn to master their own dynamic input costs, such as the increase in holiday sales with a temporary promotion and implementation of activities.

     In any case, the focus is concentrating on dealers move off the terminal! Dealers concerned about the increase in retail marketing

     Finally, the second groups of dealers do change from retail to make the transformation process of the terminal, must always learn afterwards, good cost control. But never in a hurry, can only be changed slowly over and, more importantly, in changing Society to ensure that the process of distribution model, staff work, distribution costs and system operation control method!

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