How to develop self-learning ability of students to learn English_12494

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How to develop self-learning ability of students to learn English_12494

How to develop self-learning ability of students to learn





     Independent, innovative learning is the eternal theme of education and teaching, English subjects are no exception. In English teaching should put top priority to develop self-

    learning ability of students to teachers to teach students the previous new knowledge and new skills into the students the process of under the guidance of teachers actively independent learning process. students in this learning process, in order

    to explore the unknown, knowledge, learning from passive to active, a variety of capacities have been mobilized, including observation, imagination , memory, understanding and comprehensive thinking ability, and enhance the independent learning ability, they can efficiently acquire new knowledge, new skills, performance has increased, interest has also been strengthened, and so the cycle of teaching quality has been continuously increased. The following points to talk about my approach: First, have a good voice off Learning and mastery of voice is a critical first step to learn English, listen to that quasi-well, said well to achieve the

    purpose of exchange and use. Therefore, the beginning of my school, we make full use of spare time and teaching time, from

    the phonetic to proceed from vowels to consonants, from mono to the mix, from spelling to English spelling, etc. must have the knowledge of an introductory speech by one classification, comparison, distinction, summary, in order to strengthen the

    overall approach to teach students , repeated after a period of voice training and voice students to accumulate a large amount of material, with their spelling words, sentences, the ability of paying attention to listening and speaking skills

    development, formed the habit of opening. Two new courses to guide students preview Students in the teaching of new courses arranged rehearsal outline before, a clear preview request. Preview content typically includes: the pronunciation of words, spelling, word, word, read text, read text, understand the effect, review grammar rules and other

    relevant texts, or for content of the text gives some problems to be answered by students before class. Through the rehearsal, the students have grasped the initiative to learn

    and know what knowledge did not understand, for the old knowledge passed over the old, ask a teacher or class representative to resolve, for the new content, the teachers on the text, students will be doubled Note that, with lectures

    seek to solve the problem, the efficiency will be higher. The teachers in the students before class preview by checking the notes, the students also learned the difficult prevailing, the initiative has been teaching, lectures can be focused and difficult, saving a lot of time to speaking and writing training to improve the ability of the four students. Third, classroom-based teaching adhere to the inspiring The so-called inspiration, is to guide students to solve problems independently, teachers will only play a guiding role, rather than acting on their behalf. For example, students encounter in the preview polysyllabic words, are not allowed to read, teachers prompt students because of the division of syllables, identify word stress, according to speech rules to

    spell. Again They were held in the country the games were born in the country. and then find out the first word is the country, prepositions in front. In this way, students can use two simple sentence to understand complex sentences, not

    difficult. so play in the classroom initiative to strengthen the guidance of teachers not only to achieve the purpose of resolving the issue, but also train the students thinking. reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download http:// IV Summary guide students to have learned after school After each teaching unit, students are required to summarize their own knowledge of the language of the unit summary. Says: 1, the text appears in the old phrase, fixed with, idiomatic expressions, etc. 2, the text appears in a fixed

    sentence, and requested the build 1-2 sentences 3, induction

    of new grammar and functions (in the text sentence as an example. Summary by the students have learned the language of their own knowledge in the minds of the students

    even more memorable, and further consolidate the knowledge memory. Fifth, teachers and students commented in class exercises Students learning environment and learning conditions as basically the same way of thinking is also closer, so do errors out on issues are strikingly similar, marking only a small part of the teachers, their students will be able to find the problem, and then in the class in-depth

    analysis, students were asked to mark each other's work at the same table, enhance their sense of responsibility and

    consciously to the analysis of errors in operation, how to correct them. This will not reduce the amount of the teacher correcting homework after school, but also train the students ability to judge right and wrong and the error correction

    capability. Finally, the practice is more worth mentioning are: the text of the reading, recitation and dictation. In the teaching process, I asked each student can learn through a text and dialogue back down, and then given time for dictation, since knowledge of the language learning, language ability is built on the basis of memory. To do this in the class selected four English is better, pure voice of students is responsible for the work (spare time. Reading, recitation and dictation, in addition to enable

    students to store large quantities in the brain's language materials, so that students have to say, a text can be written, but also students of English language sense, grasp of English idioms, authentic and special language phenomena.

    Through the above approach, the students gradually develop the class consciousness preview and review of the habit, that is, they have entered the orbit of self-learning, with a certain

    self-learning ability, I believe that soon they will have a

    qualitative leap in performance. Links to free Download Center http:// paper

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