How to display the main role of the students_50602

By Ricky Stevens,2014-11-03 12:40
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How to display the main role of the students_50602

How to display the main role of the students




     Abstract: This article explores the three aspects under the new curriculum in junior high school English teaching method of students play the main role. Keywords:: English

    teaching; principal role of students; teaching methods Junior high school English teaching to make effective and efficient, it must give full play to the subjectivity of students, for students to become passive learning to active learning. Teachers how to promote English teaching in junior high school student body participation? My opinion, from the following three aspects: First, update the concept, highlighting its main role (A) to establish its main role of .1. In English teaching, to establish their dominant

    position is very important. The majority of teachers for all students to establish the dominant position of students. In the teaching process, students not only the target of Education, but also learning the subject. students are not passive receivers of knowledge, only learning to play initiative, independent thinking by the students themselves and the actual activities of teaching effectiveness can be achieved very good .2. so that teachers have to play a leading role. the teaching process is the process of joint activities

    and students, students should be active under the guidance of teachers to learn. in the classroom teachers should be good to act as "director", arranged for students interested in their "mission" to inspire the curiosity of students so that they

    concentrate in the learning process, active participation and dedication to complete the "mission" and take the initiative to accumulate, understanding and practice of .3. teachers and students to practice collaboration. the specific teaching of

    English in secondary schools, in order to implement the "communicative" principle, new textbooks introduced the "task-

    based language teaching" the teaching mode. It requires teachers in classroom activities, especially activities in the mission were to play a good step "to strengthen the memory by" "demonstrations by" "organizer", "referee Members "and"

    scorekeeper "role. (B) of the teaching point of view to be correct. Teachers should not only book knowledge to the students, but also to open the minds of students so that they have the ability to own more knowledge. The main task of teachers is not to teach students how much specific knowledge, but rather whether the basic knowledge, basic principles and learning methods to teach students. teachers "teaching" can

    not be replaced by "learning" and students will have to master and apply through their repeated practice to complete. Second, various evaluation methods to be effective, and promote the role of student body <<Basic Education Reform

    Program>> that: "building to promote comprehensive development of students in the evaluation of the quality system"; to "set up for teachers to constantly improve the evaluation system"; to "establish the continuous development of curriculum evaluation system." The new teaching evaluation system, with the development of students and teachers professional growth of double effect. (A) to evaluate the student's rehearsal. Teachers are not prepared on the free classes, students do not preview the course is not. If you do not

    preview, plus English-speaking environment is not good, lively classroom atmosphere simply is not up. For active classroom atmosphere, it is necessary to monitor and evaluate students in rehearsal.

     Links to Research Papers Download http:// (ii) to evaluate

    their classroom behavior. Teachers in the classroom teaching the students the evaluation of classroom activities, students can make the classroom activities from passive to active, become active by the dull atmosphere. In view of task-based

    language teaching, they can conduct group activities. teachers in approach, purpose and time to make clear demands, but also to be the best model. on the results of student activities, more objective and accurate evaluation can be made to approach

    the spot, time accumulated rewards and punishments according to the level of scores, as this will greatly limit the activities of the Students participation. (C) students with exercises to check the review. Review is essential for students to consolidate and review the extent to significantly affect the results of the students learning English. Teachers can use students to review work on the completion of the evaluation method, sub-ABC three levels and give the

    corresponding scores. This will allow students to review work

    done in good agreement, to consolidate the knowledge, academic achievement has been significantly improved, active learning

    initiative will be greatly enhanced. (D) the implementation of home-school cooperation. Invites parents to

    the school and teachers to participate in the evaluation, the two sides exchange information to improve teaching standards. In practice, it is necessary before the parents involved in the evaluation of its scientific guide to help parents understand the purpose and content of the evaluation, assessment processes and procedures are familiar with, and how to use evaluation tools and techniques. Third, the use of a variety of teaching methods and environment stimulate their interest in learning "Those who know, know as well,

    good to know who is better music wise." For the students, "interest" will directly affect learning, and interest in learning are inseparable from the generation and strengthening teachers to inspire and educate. (A) the use of easy,

    lively classroom atmosphere and inspire the students sense of participation. Teachers, positive emotions (motivation, self-

    esteem, confidence, pleasure, or joy, etc.) can determine the atmosphere of the classroom, classroom atmosphere and the mood

    of the students, and students is directly related to the emotional effect of teaching. compatibility between teachers and mental, emotional sincerity, students will be more respect for teachers, for teachers and easier to accept. otherwise make students feel stress, anxiety and even , causing the students spiritual oppression. (B) the use of a variety of teaching methods to enhance its participation in the main body. Language is only a certain scenario will only be meaningful only vivid, and will be conducive to understand and grasp. <<English Curriculum>> stressed that: teachers teaching in the classroom with the students need to try to create real life scenarios communication activities to increase student interest in learning the language so that they can actively

    participate in practical activities. In short, efforts to improve their sense of participation, to develop students initiative, thus enabling them to more effectively acquire knowledge, develop their personality, the knowledge, ability,

    personality and goals of unity, to achieve improvement of the quality of individual, truly adapt to social development useful material needs. Links to Research Papers Download http://

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