Overview of NCLB requirements in regard to ELLs

By Gordon White,2014-05-06 11:35
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Overview of NCLB requirements in regard to ELLs



     Analysis of the reflections of student-teachers of mathematics when working with learning portfolios in Spanish university classrooms

     Original Research Article

     Teaching and Teacher Education

     This study investigates the effects of parentchild shared book reading and

    metalinguistic training on the language and literacy skills of 148 kindergartners in Hong Kong. Children were pretested on Chinese character recognition, vocabulary, morphological awareness, and reading interest and then assigned randomly to 1 of 4 conditions: the dialogic reading with morphology training (DR + MT), dialogic reading (DR), typical reading, or control condition. After a 12-week intervention period, the DR intervention yielded greater gains in vocabulary, and the DR + MT intervention yielded greater improvement in character recognition and morphological awareness. Both interventions enhanced children's reading interest. Results confirm that different home literacy approaches influence children's oral and written language skills differently: Shared book reading promotes language development, whereas parents' explicit metalinguistic training within a shared book reading context better prepares children for learning to read.

     Research highlights

     The enhancement, or construction, of over two hundred syllabi by Filipino teacher educators across twenty-one Tertiary Education Institutions. ? The development of strong cross-institutional and cross-Regional collegiality amongst teacher educators, and with Deans of Education and Academic Administrators. ? Capacity building of teacher educators through an approach to professional learning based on participant's needs and interests. ? The development of a process for syllabus review, construction and enhancement.

     Dialogic Reading and Morphology Training in Chinese Children: Effects on Language and

     Original Research Article Developmental Psychology


     Curriculum development for teacher education in the Southern Philippines: A simultaneous process of professional learning and syllabus enhancement

     Original Research Article

     International Journal of Educational Development

     Building the bridge as you walk on it: Didactic behaviors of elementary teachers in a dual

     language program Original Research Article Teaching and Teacher Education

     While there is evidence that the dual language model has the potential to raise the academic achievement of English language learners (ELLs), the policies mandated through the No Child Left Behind Act do not support maintenance of the student's heritage language which is an integral part of the model. Using symbolic interactionism as a framework, this study explored the experiences of dual language elementary teachers as they operate under the authority of current educational policy.

    The findings, presented as a concept model, reveal the didactic behaviors exhibited by teachers and suggest a dynamic process of negotiation is at work which informs their professional identities.

     Article Outline

     1. Introduction 2. Theoretical framework 2.1. Professional identity 2.2. Meaning construction 2.3. Beliefs 3. Literature review 3.1. The achievement gap 3.2. Programs for English language learners 3.3. Evidence supporting the dual language model 3.4. Overview of NCLB requirements in regard to ELLs 3.5. Research on the practices of teachers of English language learners 4. Method 4.1. Participants 4.2. Plan of analysis 5. Results 6. Discussion 7. Conclusion


     Investigating the nature of interest reported by a group of postgraduate

    students in an MA in English language teacher education programme

     Original Research Article


     Sustainable tourism industry development in sub-Saharan Africa: Consequences of foreign hotels for local employment

     Original Research Article International Business Review

     China's cooperation in education and training with Kenya: A different model?


     Research Article International Journal of Educational Development

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     公司行业; 公司行业; 公司性质; 公司性质;

     中介服务 民营公司


     公司规模; 公司规模; 500 人以上


     发布日期; 历;

     2011-02-22 初中

     工作地点; 薪水范围;

     天津 3000-4499



     Reflective practice in a pre-service teacher education program for high school English

     teachers in Taiwan, ROC Original Research Article System

     Child abuse and neglect: Training needs of student teachers

     Original Research Article

     International Journal of Educational Research

     This paper examines the effects of fertility and relative wages on occupational choice (teaching versus non-teaching) and labor force participation decisions of

female college graduates using

     selectivity-corrected panel estimations.

     We find that the presence of a new born baby is not particularly important to the choice of occupation, but significantly discourages female labor force participation, especially among teachers. Higher relative wages are found to effectively attract female college graduates into teaching. College major in education is one of the most relevant determinants for female college graduates to become teachers. Though investing educational expenditures on teachers salary seems

    to be a valid policy, providing incentives for female college students to major in education will be an alterative way to secure teacher supply.

     Article Outline

     1. Introduction 1.1. Literature review and significance 1.2. Policy implications 2. Estimation methodology 2.1. Panel estimation of labor market decisions and wages 2.2. Selection correction fixed effects estimation 3. Data 3.1. The sample 3.2. Sample description 4. Results

     4.1. Wage equations and self-selection 4.2. Fertility, college major and occupational choice 4.3. Relative wages and occupational choice 4.4. Fertility and participation decision 5. Conclusion Acknowledgements References


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