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Unit10 Where did you go on vacation?


    awful cheap friendly


    ( )1. I found a small boy in the corner.

    A. cry B. to cry C. cried D. crying ( )2. We had great fun in the water.

    A. playing B. plays C. played D. to play ( )3. We had Sichuan food dinner.

    A. at B. for C. in D. with ( )4.She always old clothes, but today she a new colorful coat.

    A. puts on ; wears B. puts on ; puts on C wears ; wears D. wears; is wearing

    ( )5.Tomorrow is Sunday. It is fine, what about to the park?

    A. go B. going C. goes D. to go ( )6.Linda is girl.

    A a eight-year-old B an eight-year-old C an eight year old D an eight-years-old

    ( )7.Where you go on vacation?

    A. do B. did C. are D. were ( )8.I heard a little boy English.

    A. reading B. reads C. to read D. is reading ( )9.There was rain last year, so some farmers?农民? didn’t grow their crops.

    A. a little B. little C. many D. much ( )10.The story made every people .

    A. to laugh B. laugh C. laughing D. laughed ( )11.Sad movies always girls .

    A. let ; crying B. make; cry C. bring; cried D. make ; cries ( )12.The delicious food makes me feel .

    A. hungrily B. hunger C. hungry D. hungrier ( )13.Did you your lost pen?

    A. look for B. find C. looked for D. found ( )14.“I’m going to Hawaii with my aunt this month for my holiday.” ----- “_______”.

    A. Have a good time B. Best wishes to you

    C. Thanks D. Please go


    1.This made him (study) hard.

    2.“What’s the weather like?”----- “It’s ”. (sun)

    3.Did you have fun (swim)in the sea last week?

    4.His father saw Edison (sit) on some eggs. 5.Are they very (friend) to you?

    6.Tom (write) a letter yesterday. 7.I was (real) tired.

    8.The weather was cool, so we decided (play) tennis. 9.Where you (go) last Sunday? 10.I found them (read) books at that time yesterday morning.

    11.What an (interest) place it is! 12.I helped my mother (do) housework yesterday. 13.the father told her daughter, stop !”(cry)

    14.Bill (go) back to London last Monday. 三,句型转换

    1.How is the weather today? (同义句)

     the weather today?

    2.I was at school yesterday. (一般疑问句)

     you school yesterday? 3.They had great fun last night. (同义句)

     They last night. 4.Tom did his homework last night. (否定句)

     Tom his homework last night. 5.I often help parents do housework on Sundays. (同义句)

     I often parents housework on Sundays. 6.It rained last night. (同义句)

     It last night.

    7.The action movie is very boring. (对划线提问)

     the action movie?

    9.I went to New York City. (对划线提问)

     you ?


    ?,!,ill JJim

    B: are those in that bag, Jim? J: They are photos. I them in Qingdao.

    B: you go to Qingdao this summer vacation? J: Yes, I did.

    B: did you go with?

    J: My father and Mike.

    B: Did you have a nice vacation?

J: Yes, I a very good time there.

    B: were the beaches?

    J: They were fantastic

    B: the people there?

    J: They were friendly.


    My friend and I went to London in July last year. We 1 there for a week on vacation. People there

     2 me it was the__ 3 _time to visit London, because the weather was warm and__ 4 __and there

    weren’t too_ 5___ visitors.

     We went 6 and went to many restaurants. A lot of visitors thought English food was__ 7 __,

    8__or Italian food. We had_ 9 __there and they but we didn’t think so. Most of the restaurants sold_

    were delicious. We__10__our vacation in London.

    ( )1. A lived B. went C. stayed ( )2. A. told B. spoke C. talked ( )3. A. bad B. best C. good ( )4. A. rainy B. snowy C. sunny ( )5. A. most ?‡ B. many C. much

    ( )6. A. shopping B. shop C. to shop ( )7. A. delicious B. expensive C. awful ( )8. A. France B. Fried C. French ( )9. A. rests B. meals C. walk ( )10.A. enjoyed B. enjoy C. enjoying 六,阅读理解

    Mary is an English girl, but she lives in Pares, She is seven years old. Her mother says to her, “You

    are seven now, Mary. You are going to school here. I’m sure you are going to like it very much. It’s a nice


    “Is it an English school?” Mary asks.

    “Yes, it is.” her mother says.

    It is September and the new school begins. Mary goes to school every day. She likes her lessons very

    much and works hard at them. Her father drives a bus. He takes her to school in the morning and comes

    home together with her in the afternoon.

    ( )1.Mary is at a school in .

    A. Paris B. a bus C. Britain D. home ( )2.Mary lives .

    A. at school B. with her parents C. with her teachers D. with her brother

    ( )3.Mary goes to school .

    A. at seven B. with her mother C. by bus D. on foot ( )4.The new school year begins .

    A. in the afternoon B. in class C. every day D. in September ( )5.Mary does well .

    A. in the morning B. in her lessons C. at home D. after school 七,阅读理解。?正确T,错误F

    One day, father makes a very nice plane?飞机?. All his children are very happy and want to play with it first. They quarrel?吵架? but they can’t agree with each other. Father thinks hard, and then he has an idea. He says, “This plane is only for the best child. He or she never quarrels with your mother, and always helps your mother do the housework.”

     When the children hear their father’s words, they all go away and says in disappointment(失望),

    “ Then it’s only for you, Dad.”

    ( )1. Father makes a nice ship one day.

    ( )2. All the children like the plane very much.

    ( )3. Every child wants to play with it first.

    ( )4. The children can agree with each other.

    ( )5. Father wants the children to be good children.

    ( )6. All the children often help their mother do the housework. ( )7. No children often help their mother do the housework. ( )8. The children sometimes quarrel with their mother.

    ( )9. Father always helps mother with the housework and never quarrels with mother. ( )10. No children gets the plane and they all go away.


     The accident

    A: A big stone hit my hat yesterday and I didnt feel at all.

    B: Thats impossible. Why?

    A: Because I lent my hat to my friend Billy yesterday.


    A: 昨天一块大石头砸到我的帽子上而我一点儿也没感觉到。

    B: 那不可能。怎么回事儿;

    A: 因为我昨天把帽子借给了朋友比利。

    It’s never too old to learn.


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