A Contrastive Study of British and American Characters

By Virginia Bell,2014-06-28 20:29
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A Contrastive Study of British and American Characters


    A Contrastive Study of British and American Characters

    And Its Implications


    ZHENG xiaorong



    A Contrastive Study of British and American Characters

     And Its Implications

     ZHENG xiaorong


    Abstract: This paper is to have a contrastive study of British and American characters and its implication. The author firstly mentioned is that British character which is the best known for reserve and other characters mixed with their reserve. Secondly, it is about American character .From this section, we can see the American spirit of adventure and the desire to start a new life in a new place is noticeable throughout the nation. Then, there is a discussion about The Differences in British and American Characters. and Finally, it will account for the Implications of this Study to help people understand the different characters between British and American . Key words: contrastive study; British character; American character; implications;

    different culture.

    1. Introduction

    The passage is to introduce the British and the American characters. From the

    passage, we will know the British daily life and the way they express their

    emotion. And also, we could feel the charming of its old history. British has it

    unique history of develop, it is about 17 century, the industrial revolution brought

    the new energy to British people, the wealth made them equip themselves to

    discover the bigger fortune. As we all known, it is that period, because of the

    political persecution, some of British left their home and searched the New World

    by ship which called may flower. About the 13 months, finally, they landed and

    built their own country by fighting and working. This hard travel made the

    original people become stronger and more creative. It doomed that the American

    people have a spirit of adventure and their life will travel around the world.

     From the passage, we will find out the different between the British and

    American by contrasting their different culture and life style. We also could see

    the common from the two countries.

    2. The Contrastive Study of British and American Characters

    British has a long history, it spent a long time to develop and finally it has their

    own unique culture. So, the British characters become cautious and give others a

    deep impression. But because some British people brought the knowledge and

    technology to the America, today, the country could develop so fast and brilliant.

    So there are some comparisons.

    2.1 British Character

     Firstly, the best known quality of the British is reserve. A person who is reserve does not

    show much emotion. It is difficult to know their real thoughts. So when you talk to a British man, it is hard or maybe impolite to ask his name or age directly. Questions like where did you live?

    or what is your salary? may cause others hated.

    If you want have a conversation with British, you could begin with the weather and football etc. The topic which not relate to privacy is fine to start a chat. In brief, the way to communicate with others tends to give the impression of coldness, and the reality is that the English are not noted for their generosity and hospitality. Because of these, some people hold the idea that British is hypocritical and fake. But, on the contrary, they are perfectly human behind their barrier of reserve. When they stay with their family and friends, they feel more relaxed than other occasions. The reason of their conventional character is that they are proud of their powerful nation. Because of the confidence, they become more cautious and silence.

     Closely related to English reserve is modest, it is another part to show the British people often be cautious. On the other hand, the British people often make people feel elegant result of words. They often use euphemism which sounds like very gentle and beautiful.

     Besides, British people are inflexible. They have many customs and rules. They finish one thing need lots of steps or a long process, which made things become complicate. But deserve to be mentioned is British people often very patience, sometimes they will laugh themselves to remit the complex situation. It is called English humor.

    2.2 American Characters

    America has always appeared to be not one culture, but a mixture of different cultures. There are lots of people from all over the world. The first people migrated to the new world. They came from the British and suffered starvationillness and so on. Finally, they settled down and got some

    help from Indians. Through the tough period, the immigrant learned how to live in new place. These experiences made the immigrant become more creative and flexible. They must known broader knowledge so that the American people became more open than the British. 2.2.1Outgoing

    The American people regard the impression as the most important thing. They will be

    worried if other people think they are hard to get on. They feel nervous when people isolated

    them. Because this reason, the American people more positive than others. Some people hold

    the idea that American people easier get on than other countries. In my opinion, it is hard to

    say that American people would like to open their arm and greet the strangers. As we all know,

    western people concern their privacy is one thing which more significant than others. So,

    sometimes, it is very tough to know their real thought. Honestly, the American people like

    share the information. When they got the idea, they would tell you immediately. As the

    shortcoming or some differences, they also point it directly. Some people cant accept it at

    first. But when the misunderstanding solved out, they will have made up even better than


    2.2.2 Adventure spirit

    The ancestors suffered the great pain and throughout the tough period. Finally they have

    their own land. These experiences as a gift make the American people stronger and smarter.

    The American people prefer outdoor activities, such as climb the mountain and boating and so

    on. They enjoy the activities which could bring the stimulation. It is said that they have the

    adventure spirit by nature.

    The pioneering spirit of the immigrant is still an important part of the American character.

    At the beginning, they came to America voluntarily in search of greater prosperity and

    freedom. It doomed that the nation is different with the other countries. They keen on the

    freedom they love their life and have courage to pursue their dream. The desire to start a new

    life in a new place is noticeable throughout the nation. It is said that about 40 million

    Americans change residences every year and the average American moves fourteen times in

    his lifetime. What a moving nation.

    2.2.3 Creative mind

    The American people have a creative brain. Their inventions are applied to everywhere around the world. All the people enjoy their inventions, which bring them a more convenient life.

    2.3. The Differences in British and American Characters

    The British is reserved, they prefer traditional things than breakout. On the contrary, the American people like changing and challenges. What more, they love adventure, but the British

    dont. As far as they concerned, homeland is somewhere they will stay there forever.

    As far different culture, the British people believe the royal mind. At the most time. They will obey the social rules and they are willing to do the thing which makes them look as a gentleman. Sometimes, people said the British people are not sincere. As for me, they are warm but it is hard to understand their real thought.

    In fact, the American people more simple than British. They just do things they like. Their education more creative and make students open mind. Their manners more casual which make people relax. It is true that America is a unique country which could abide all kinds of culture. Someone says it is amazing but others say it is pandemonium. Although the American people came from the England at the first time. They hardly appeared the emotion to the Britain. They think the Britain likes a tomb which full of the rules and religions.

    As for another aspect, from the pronunciation, we can find out easily the British is lower and powerful, but the American is exaggerated. Sometimes, the American people use the wrong grammar and they use the word which they want to. So there are two different styles: one is the English, the other is American-English. From the way of the speaking, we could know the different life attitude between two countries people. One the one hand, the British people arranged their life peaceful and comfortable. They enjoy the life which makes them look like successful and they pursue the social position than their early dreams. On the other hand, they afraid of changing, their belief, their family tradition even their old house.

    As for American, their life is more colorful and easily. But sometimes, young people have to work to support the high tuition and poor family. They like change, they choose the life which they want. They move to a big city or a small town just for themselves. It is easily to explain why they are so keen on the immigrant. They like the excited they also like the things they have to finish it by themselves. Americans buy things because they like to do things. Equipment for hobbies and books about do-it-yourself projects are very popular. American

    usually are regarded as a symbol of independence and confidence. But in 1960s, American people not more positive than ever before. The most important reason, there was the Viet Nam War. During the 1960s, American involvement kept growing, and the bloodshed entered the American living room via TV. They become more and more anxious. Finally, the American realized that if conditions could change for the better, they could also change for the worse.

    3. Implications of this Study

     We all know that the British moved to the America and established the whole country, now the 13 states at the first become the 54 states. Although the American has some features from the British, 300years later, they polyphyletic culture means that the American people has more differences from their ancestors. We can know the

    differences between the two countries people characters, and we also better to realize how the different history influence the characters. When we travelled the world or communicated with the British and American, we could choose the best way, and also, we can feel their charming better because of we have the prepare for these aspects. It is also prepared for study the culture and religions in a deep degree. It is interesting or us, and it is very helpful. f

    3. Conclusion

     We study the contrast of British and American characters. It is necessary to

    study the different culture. From the passage, we know the British is reserve, they

    are gentle and generous. But the American typical character is independence and

    confidence. They like adventure, but they also regard the family as them the most

    important part of their life. They have passion to pursue their beautiful life. But

    now they are sane and more specific.

     From the study, we know the different character between the British and

    American, it has a profound effect on communication.

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