How to Develop the physical concept of student life_52557

By Jack Reynolds,2014-11-03 12:39
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How to Develop the physical concept of student life_52557

How to Develop the physical concept of student life




     Abstract: The Dewey that "Education is Life", the existence of all things human and environmental interactions are the result, people can not be divorced from the environment, the

    same, school Education can not be divorced from immediate life. Keywords:: life; physical; problem Proposed a new Physics curriculum standards: Note from the students are the experience, so that they are familiar with the life of the importance of Physics in order to feel to understand the Physics and closely related to everyday life, and gradually learn to analyze and solve some simple Physics-related

    practical problems. Physics teaching is the teaching of physical activity, physical origin of life, physical rooted in life, should enhance the physical and life experiences of students linked from the student familiar with, interested in starting life stories to life practice as the basis, the life experience , and promote the active participation of students,

    full of the vitality of the physical classroom. physical sciences as natural sciences, and its teaching must integrate theory with practice, apply their knowledge, this is often said that knowledge of physics to be "life", the so-called

    "life "and that in physics teaching, from the student's life experience and existing knowledge background, contact the physical stresses of life, the life experience of the physical problem of life, embodies" the physical origin of life, resides in life, for life "thinking, in order to stimulate students interest in learning physics, and thus have physical intimacy, and enhance student awareness of the physical application of knowledge, have realized that life is inseparable from the physical, the physical is the key to

    solve their problems so as to enhance learning The purpose of the physical, and enhance the physical learning fun. This student practice, innovation and problem-solving ability is

    very beneficial. First, find the physical, the physical

    comes from life experience Life is full of physics, physics hidden in every corner of life. How to give students a pair of

    "eye" to observe, understand the physical world is very important. Therefore, we can use in teaching before class, after-school arrangements students to observe the physical experience of their own side. to enable students to find the physical from the life of the material, feel Life is full of physics. to study physics, such as the ground, this will lead to intimacy, conducive to the formation of psychological

    acceptance of deja vu. We should pay attention to teachers to enable students to understand the physical and life of the contact, the boring physics becomes a lively, fun, life, and to develop their interest in learning physics. So

    that students in our initial experience of the physical side, the physical warm and welcoming. Second, physics, physical and life experience in close contact For students studying physics knowledge, the initial contact and gradually

    master the physical ideas, and constantly enhance the physical sense, it is necessary to strengthen the teaching process in the physical practice, so students have more opportunities to touch lives and production practice of physical problems, understanding of the real problems and the link between physical and distinction. materials are designed in many cases and is closely linked to real life, the teaching should be based on actual conditions as possible to simulate some of the living environment conducive to student learning, designing

    scenes of life in physical problems, so that students in a relaxed and happy to achieve a certain teaching goal. Links http:// Research Papers Download through the creation of life situations can stimulate active learning. as in teaching "

    density, application of knowledge ", the mentioned" Archimedes in the case without damaging the crown, the crown for the king verify whether the pure gold, "Archimedes solved this problem ingeniously applied physics, this When students truly

    understand the life on their own to resolve some questions of pleasure, thus increasing the students learn to use their knowledge to explore the physical life of the desire of certain phenomena. can make use of life experiences, to help students learn knowledge. teachers should make full use of the life experiences of students and stimulate interest of students, for students in specific situations vivid understanding, and found physics. from the student side of things which leads to physical problems so that students

    understand the physical and living in close and harmonious together. from life found in physics, physical feelings and self-survival. so that students in the eyes of physics no

    longer a simple physics, but close to life, with a dynamic knowledge. Third, with the physical and solve the practical problems of life Students in learning knowledge, if not consider the role of physics knowledge, not applied physics knowledge to solve practical problems in real life, then this kind of teaching out students, but to adapt to the exam problem solver. Students to master the After a physical knowledge to enable them to apply this knowledge to solve some real problems around us, they are very happy, this is our goal to be met in teaching. If we attach great importance in the

    teaching of physical knowledge of life , then, must make the physical approach to life. There may also feel more and more people can not live without the physical, the physical will become a dynamic, students will be more interest to like

    physics, more motivated to learn physics, consolidate the development of physical and even physical. physical Education daily life of modern physics put forward new demands of teaching, teachers should fully explore the actual content from the modern life, to be translated into physical problems, and apply the knowledge to solve practical problems and to foster students knowledge of physics, applied physics knowledge, will and interests, improve their physical quality. In short, the last should be noted that any teaching can not be just a fixed pattern, "teaching method, but it is not

    fixed, focusing too", the teacher in teaching students from the reality of individualized so that students understand master problem-solving methods and ideas, give full play to the initiative and enthusiasm of the students. This teaching can be more effective, reflect the essence of the reform program. Links to Research Papers Download http://

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