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By Ruby Harrison,2014-11-03 12:40
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How to ensure research quality-_52044

How to ensure research quality?




     Speaking of the importance of Research, Chinese entrepreneurs do not deny its importance. Because you can always hear entrepreneurs complain that "changes in the market now is really fast! Consumer is really more a mystery." But specific to the emphasis on Research, the situation may be less optimistic. "invested so much manpower and material resources for Research on the value of it? useful?" became entrepreneurs often talks about the words. Why such a big

    contrast ? entrepreneurs satirizes those who profess, preach it? is not the case. According to my communication with the entrepreneurs, often the result of Research can not be satisfied for entrepreneurs, "I know this conclusion, these reports there is not much inspiration to me . "Over time, allow entrepreneurs to lose the interest of Research, so that is not worth the money to do research. So, to improve the quality of research, so that the results of research activities in the real operation of the business of guiding

    significance, is the solution entrepreneurs are the key to crisis of confidence in research. on how to improve the quality of research, I think according to their own experience, my personal thoughts, for your reference, correct

    me. First, research objectives must be clear. It seems simple enough research principles, but to do it the hardest. Why not? For truly targeted, the target is not an easy thing refinement. Moreover, people are greedy and more nature, always want to know all the time, of course, will bite off more than can chew. not to mention a lot of entrepreneurs and research as a daily did not work to a peaceful state of mind to deal with it. but to research work as a surprise, as a year's "big things" to operate. This resulted in quick success

    of psychological research have been lost innocence, the research will more and more content, more and more difficult to execute will large, the end result will be imagined. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of research,

    research objectives must be clear, to pure. Second, the

    research tool to ease of use. "We must first of its profits." This sentence is also very suitable for research. Research there are many uncontrollable factors, what kind of people can meet, what kind things are likely to encounter. Each person has the mental preparedness to others, especially strangers visit. whether it is research questionnaire, or interview guide, are merely research tools and instruments, are aimed as much as possible from the by investigators to obtain valuable

    information there. However, others can acquire valuable information there is not a simple matter that requires both a sincere attitude, and being closer relationship between investigators and let others accept you. also need to design

    research tools, more detailed consideration, can not let its investigators have been exploring other psychological privacy, which leads to distortion of research information. For example, in survey research on the problem set, you can not ask too sensitive too direct question, such as: ask "for your income?" but a choice to be investigators income range. The problem of inaccurate design seems, but it can ensure that the information is accurate, because they are research who are not wary of the pop star under the circumstances. As another example, some investigators to do interviews with the voice recorder, investigators will be to be a great psychological pressure, they are difficult to be assured of express my views on the issues . Therefore, research tools, ease of use is

    important for improving the quality of research, research tools designed to both facilitate research to collect information, more importantly, those who want to be assured that the provision of research information.

     Third, the quality of research personnel. Researchers to ensure research quality and the quality is the key, after all, depends on human effort. Research is a highly specialized task that requires a certain expertise. Thus, before the start of the investigation, be sure to research professional knowledge, personnel training, such as: a clear goal Tiaoyan to master a variety of interviewing techniques, skilled use of various information-gathering tools, research in the treatment of other unexpected problems. Tiaoyan very important to choose

    the person in charge, he should have a strong research knowledge, but also has strong organizational skills and quality control, leading the team to complete research tasks. In addition, the research team members to determine also a big

    problem, many domestic enterprises, conducting research, they

often like to set up an inter-departmental research group , so

    that all departments of the people involved. The purpose of doing so, first, to make research work to obtain the support

    of all sectors, the second is to make contact with everyone about the market, to learn more about some useful information on the sector. so do The starting point is good, but a great drawback, as the sector due to a conflict of interest led to research information distortion. the result is often

    beneficial to their departments information on the hype, did not benefit their own department information on the evasive. This is a enterprises should be cause enough attention. Therefore, to ensure the quality of research, attention should

    be paid to the person in charge of the choice of research, the research team's formation and training of research personnel.

     Fourth, Research report writing. As the final results of research, Research report writing is critical. Research report

    on the research process not only to collect information and a detailed description of research conclusions, more important to have research themselves insights, feelings and awareness, which is often neglected part of it. many companies emphasize

    research must be objective, emphasizing the objective is not wrong, but is often subjective and objective knowledge is also important, in fact, very difficult to completely research the objective, because everyone is subjective color. how comprehensive response to the objective? This requires investigators to their level of knowledge and insight to determine the objective analysis. So not only have the original Research report data, but more importantly is to have comprehensive and profound analysis, to form a correct

    conclusion. other Research reports not generalities, to discuss key issues, according to research purposes, so that it can target.

     In short, the market research is a very vast and complex system which needs enterprise seriously, meticulous

    organization, patience implemented. In this way can enable enterprises to research a tremendous return on investment.

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