How to enhance the physical quality of students in rural schools_10973

By Wesley Grant,2014-11-03 12:40
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How to enhance the physical quality of students in rural schools_10973

    How to enhance the physical quality of students in rural schools




     Physical fitness is a major component of physical fitness is also called, is ????????? system function in the muscle activities in and out of capacity, mainly obtained through

    physical exercise. The physical quality of a student is to determine an important basis for Health . According to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and other ministries Research report, students Endurance 20 years in the

    recent decline, speed, power, strength and other qualities were phased down. how to improve the physical condition of students has been the general concern of the community. I believe that to improve the physical Health of rural students need to take comprehensive measures, which requires both short-term measures, but also a long-term strategic

    planning. First, the normal development of rural school students in physical Education is the key to physical problems Because of economic underdevelopment in rural schools, poor

    teaching science, Education, and other conditions of the concept behind the constraints, the school can not carry out regular physical Education, and some just go through the motions and could not achieve the purpose of physical

    development of students. To develop the physical quality of students The key is to carry out the normal school physical Education. 1. From reality, correct Physical Training Over the years, under the influence of the examination-

    oriented education, many schools are one-sided and educate

    people. And especially rural schools, school enrollment rate has become the only standard of teaching is good or bad results, that physical education is only a few doors to add test content. In this thought under the influence is not only

    the school leadership, including physical education teachers and students agree that physical education is not important, important cultural lesson scores and sports studies test scores. PE therefore often occupied, culture, physical

    education class students who have become tense and relaxation

    classes for mediation. The whole atmosphere of the school there is no physical exercise, even if some students love physical exercise, will also be teachers, parents killed, that the students to the performance of exercise is fun, but be restricted. For this reason, physical education teachers in rural schools have to change this is not correct and the teaching of thinking, not only to continuously improve their teaching quality, as a positive guide for students, improve

    teaching quality, At the same time to fight for school leaders and teacher support. 2. To improve the operational level of physical education teachers Teacher's words and deeds of the students at any time in view of the world, especially in a

    good physical education teachers, often without too much language, personal charisma alone can make students enjoy physical education. Therefore, the training of outstanding physical education teachers is to make students like the first

    step on the sport. weak physical education teachers in rural schools, physical education teacher can not play an exemplary role in physical education in rural schools is not caused by the normal development of the key. Faced with this situation, business training physical education teachers is particularly important only the physical education teachers can implement their own concept of lifelong sports, can we pass this concept to students, only teachers who truly love sports, good ground to each section of physical education seriously. Second, to promote school, family and social education of the organic integration To solve the problem of poor physical quality of students, physical education teachers force alone is not enough, let the students understand the physical training

    methods, develop the habit of exercise, the concept of lifelong PE, which should be in school, family and society Under the combination of the three can be implemented. combination produced only three power can be achieved to

    improve the physical quality of rural students. reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download http:// 1. family values to the Student Health Outlook has the most direct impact Parents are children's first teachers, parents all the time every word and deed affects the child's growth. Rural families to farm-based, more or less in rural schools, led the parents to participate in labor. This rural students physical development is good. However, we also found that one-sidedness

    of the rural parents, many parents believe that students as long as the patient is not fit, do not need a physical exercise. 2. Social environment influence the formation

    of student sports values Virtually all the time affecting social development of individuals. Society taught the mainstream concept of irrational thought a direct result of poor Health of students view the school's sports development

    by its impact. Although the promotion of quality education, but most parents and university students and the emphasis placed on the first. In order to be admitted to good universities, parents and students are almost all the time and effort is spent on how to improve academic performance, which is why the promotion of quality education is now However, the actual examination-oriented education is still the root cause. to achieve a Healthy body is the cornerstone of any pursuit, school, society, families only realize this in order to

    fundamentally promote the development of school sports. Third, the training is to increase student awareness of lifelong physical fitness breakthrough rural students 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to be held, so that people across the

    country once again feel the charm of sports. Students are also growing enthusiasm for sports. However, most students only stay in watching sports, talk sports stage, and are not personally involved. Only the correct guide students to understand the Olympic spirit, improve their enthusiasm for physical exercise consciously, and enhance health awareness of students for the students to participate in physical exercise as a conscious act, and sports into their lives, to develop the habit of lifelong physical, so can fundamentally solve the current problem of declining physical fitness of students. In short, as long as careful analysis of the work of physical education in rural schools the status of the existing problems

    and take appropriate measures, rural students will be able to improve physical fitness, physical education in rural schools will definitely be popular to a new situation. Reposted elsewhere Free Download Center http:// Papers

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