How to enliven the first year of teaching classical high_50584

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How to enliven the first year of teaching classical high_50584

How to enliven the first year of teaching classical high




     Abstract: The classical teaching has been the difficulty of language teaching, content words function word usage, Parts of Speech, past and present different meaning, such as the

    ancient Chinese knowledge of sentence patterns, has been the focus of classical learning. teaching, students should arrange for full participation, the task allocation to the group, so that students move up in class to life. Keywords::

    Classical teaching; ancient Chinese knowledge; full participation Classical teaching is a difficult language teaching, content words function word usage, Parts of Speech, past and present different meaning, sentence patterns such as these ancient Chinese knowledge, has been the focus of

    classical learning. How to sort out this knowledge point? Is a teacher of a talk, or let the students themselves to sort out? If the former, the classroom will always be boring, dull and tasteless; if the latter, the class will be active, the

    students desire to be excited to show their desire will be stronger, students can the joy of harvest. By junior high school students have been learning some classical foundation, but the obligation of teaching requirements for teaching classical lower class are more ample, students have more time to read over and over again in class, recitation. Rather high heavy task, difficult time is short, so high the first year of teaching classical special importance. then how to do from the middle school to high school transition? I arranged for the students full participation in teaching classical, the task assigned to the group. A group generally have 6 people, one person reading one translation, one that focus on word usage, a person writing on the blackboard key

    word usage, one attributed to paragraphs Italy, one reviews written. The following Take Professor <"Over the Qin on>> the first paragraph, for example, the specific interpretation. Students reading:" Xiao of Qin xiao letter, according to

    solid, pro-Yongzhou place, stick to glimpse Zhou monarch, has swept the world, including buildings or held , won universal

    meaning, history and a glorious heart of annexation. When is the time also, the rank and file of Shang Yang, the legislative level, business farming organizations, repair of a defensive war, but fighting outside the princes even balance. So hand over and take the Qin River beyond. " Teacher stressed pronunciation and to allow a student writing on the blackboard: xiao (xi??o) letter Yong (y??ng) state peep (ku??) Student Second translation: Xiao of Qin and Hangu Pass Xiaoshan occupy the risk solid terrain, with Yongzhou land monarch firmly guarded, in order to spy on Royal Court (of power), there is the same as the volume swept away the mat

    world, like the package wrapped Pack away as Kyushu, the same equipment as the equipment to go universal pocket intention to annex land Octagon wild ambition far. At that time, (a) Shang Yang assisted him to establish domestic laws and regulations,

    Tai Hing farming textile, building defensive and offensive instruments; external implementation and horizontal strategy to "Shandong" princes autocorrelation fight. In this way, the Qin River effortlessly captured outside the land. Three key words the students said: ?? swept, including the move include: as mats, package, bag, as adverbial nouns. ?? degree of ... ... outside the legislative balance, fighting with princes: "Internal and External", internal, external, adverbial nouns; fight, so ... ... fight, the verb to use

    method. ?? Services Farming and Weaving: engaged. ?? of a defensive war: apparatus. ?? take River outside: "River" different meaning ancient and modern, the ancient meaning of the Yellow River, this sense refers to all the rivers.

    reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download http:// students four key words writing on the blackboard. Five students said layer of meaning: write this paragraph, the rise of the Qin forces. Intended to explain the division level: write this paragraph are the geographical advantages of the Qin (letter, according to xiao solid, pro-Yongzhou land),

    the duke's political ambitions (to stick to glimpse Zhou monarch, has swept the world, including buildings or held, include the universal meaning , annexation history and a

    glorious heart), Shang Yang developed under the basic policy of adjuvant (degrees within the legislation, Service farming organizations, repair of a defensive war, external balance and the fight even princes.) appointment of Shang Yang Xiao of

    Qin, the implementation of political reform, so that Qinfu Jiang. Jun country need name, need Xian Chen. Xiao of Qin wise, this is the state of Qin's lucky, but even more

fortunate that he has made a Wizards - Shang Yang. There is no

    doubt, Shang Yang is the founder of the Qin Empire building, not Shang Yang, there is no rise of Qin, Qin Shi Huang Xuan He also did not temporary, but also to re-write the history of

    China. one man about the safety of the national destiny of the people, and even the history of the advance and retreat, can imagine how important talent. Six students written comments: The wording of the dual, such as "sweeping the world, including buildings or held, won universal meaning, history and a glorious heart of annexation." Teacher added:

    Yi Fu in the way with writing. Writing is the need to lavish and exaggerated Fu, such as "has swept the world," four, "swept" "package cite" "include" "annexation" and other words, basically synonymous ; "the world" "existing buildings"

    "universal" and "history and a glorious", they are the same thing. the same thing and write a row Shanghao few, have both parallelism parallelism, which is assigned to write exaggeration. This clear division of labor, and students moving up, learning efficiency, and active class, the teacher also taught the effort. This method should also balance the students, pay attention to the cooperation within the group, the cooperation between the groups. When people show an open mind to listen to when they have to actively brain. This will play a multiplier effect, so that resource sharing. Links to Research Papers Download http://

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