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How to Do Middle School Biology total review_51127

How to Do Middle School Biology total review




     Abstract: The high school seniors face the entrance, the total review of biology students scored on plays a big role. Network access, focuses on teaching, knowledge systematic,

    focused, characteristics of the college entrance examination, for individual differences of students and other methods all can learn from the experience. Keywords:: Middle School Biology; review of methods; focus I teach in Yunnan Province is located in a remote area Yongshan, poor schools, biological experiments and multi-media teaching can not be carried out, the students learn the majority of high school knowledge of biology can only remember the main points, easily forgotten. Therefore, the high school senior total review is particularly important. In view of this situation, I concluded many years through the third year biology teaching experience that students in schools in remote areas to improve overall review of biological Middle School is available from the following

    aspects: I. Network access, solid foundation Middle School students in the learning process before the poor conditions of the schools can not do experiments and to teaching, students have to remember the main, to the point of junior year when

    the majority of knowledge is almost forgotten. So be sure to always lead the students to review books first detailed View again, the point has been forgotten and India into the knowledge of students memory. In recent years the college entrance examination questions relatively small study of knowledge points, so in the first round of review must be done carefully. requires students Network access will be have forgotten all knowledge points firmly in mind. can be a variety of ways to help students remember. such as through the life examples to enhance memory: 2009 influenza pandemic of influenza H1N1 virus to guide students to enhance the shape, structure, reproduction and and people of other biological hazards such as learning and memory, so that the students will

    be memorable. You can also compile some of doggerel to enhance memory; such as human genetic diseases can be compiled as a

    "white deaf benzene often implicit, and often significantly more soft, the color of the implicit Friends of muscle, anti-D

    sex was, Y mixed with the external auditory canal, lips and brain pressure urine, Turner stupid cat ", the students will soon be remembered. Second, closely linked to the first round of review materials to materials based "Textbooks are

    the students learning any discipline based on" out if the review of textbooks, students will be unable to cope with the college entrance examination. Now, although the new curriculum reform advocates that "teachers are using textbooks to teach, rather than teaching the textbook", but simply to college entrance examination results to candidates taking the system still did not change the topic and teaching is still the basis of entrance examination. to lead students in the first round of review, read textbooks, understand material in order to get good grades in college entrance examination. Third, the second round of the systematic review of the knowledge In detail after the first round of review the second round of review. The main purpose is to learn all the high school

    biology for three years is summarized, the systematization of knowledge in order to clarify the concept of a number of confusing. You can lead students to divided into several blocks of knowledge points, the high school all the knowledge

    summarized as "life events and immune regulation," "reproductive and developmental biology," "biological metabolism" "Life foundation and structure of the material basis", "Genetic variation and evolution of biological "and other topics, so students have a systematic understanding of

    knowledge, mastery of knowledge is very good. reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download http:// four, the third round of review of the college entrance examination questions characteristics, highlighting key review As

    students decide the fate of the college entrance examination scores, good grades are very important. Therefore, in the second round of review should be more analysis over the years after the college entrance examination questions, to seize the features, practice there are more kinds of questions. As almost every year Genetic aspects of the kinds of questions, the knowledge points in elective teaching materials increased year by year and so on. In addition, each chapter has a focus on teaching materials. so the third round of review should be good students to master the basics of the premise of focus and difficulty, for students The entrance is very beneficial. Fifth, individual differences for students review guide

Achievement of students in each class are good in the bad

    points of three levels of students at every level in the case of each student not the same. Therefore, in the first round of review should take care of most of the students entered the second, after three rounds of review can be good in the poor

    students into three levels, respectively counseling. can be arranged in different ways to conduct operations, particularly for the poor especially outstanding achievements of individual students in individual counseling methods can be used. as in

    2005 There is a male graduates in full-year results are always

    the first, but the biology comprehensive examination only reasonable test is about 55 minutes. I told him to counseling alone, with some of the more difficult question to improve his

    results. Later in the college entrance exam in biology, 68 points out good results, admitted to the Wuhan University, showing that individual counseling to students is effective. Sixth, in the review to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the students, for students to active learning New curriculum theory that "the development of students who are independent people, are learning the subject." Should be in teaching the student, teachers, inspired teaching in this way. In third year of the general review can be arranged for students and

    about when the Church's teaching materials. and then set the related issues of teachers, we can discuss, and draw valid conclusions. This will not only bring the students interest in learning, but also enhance their self-confidence, and allow

    them to actively participate in learning can be achieved very good results. In short, the third year biology to achieve the overall review of both the purpose of improving student achievement, but also make students happy and motivated to learn. So as to enable students not only learn the knowledge, but also achieved good results in the entrance examination. To reflect the third year general review of the significance. reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download http://

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