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By Christopher Stone,2014-11-03 12:40
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How to do ninth-grade teachers_30372

How to do ninth-grade teachers




     Ninth grade is a special stage of life. Say it is special, because it not only means a life (the end of junior high school, but also means a life (the beginning of high school. So the number of ninth-grade students have some faint sorrow -

    where to go, not a Sorrow. Ninth grade, and is an especially rebellious stage of life. The period from teenager to young children in the transition period is the peak of physical development, but also self-awareness and wisdom of

    the growth period, their mental state is unstable period, prone to mental confusion and contradictions, the burden of student learning, the challenges facing society, parental pressure, teacher requirements, they prone to psychological

    bias, showing low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and other symptoms. These physiological and psychological

    characteristics on the requirements of education, students must be timely insight into the inner world, an accurate grasp of the mental health of students, to capitalize on the trend, targeted education in order to achieve a multiplier effect. As the ancients said: "know the heart and can save their lost it. " So, ninth grade teachers in this critical time to help students overcome this psychological barrier it? First, we must first understand the students, close to the students Only deep into the inner world of students, for students out of trouble, make plans to resolve confusion in order to receive "moisten things silently" effect. "Hear his words, and

    knowing the line and watch the color, and Bianqi heart." Now Ayutthaya deep student, a two-sentence conversation you can

    not really understanding him, this is a long and painstaking work. Teachers must be sensitive to the problem of a pair of

    eyes, a nuanced mind, pay attention observation, from the minutiae found in the problem, then solve the problem. Really want to talk to teachers and students to select a breakthrough. Conversation with students should be sincere friend style, so you can know what he needs, only to enable students to feel that your heart, will pour out feelings to

    you. So the conversation will be less formal occasions, such as classroom, office, recess, playground, work space, or on the way home from school and so on. as long as a breakthrough

    in selecting the right conversation, from the students most familiar with the topic of most interest to start, so that they lift concerns, to open hearts. Second, Second, we must appreciate the students, good students, Social

    Psychology, "Aronson effect" tells us: People always like to compliment the growing criticism of the reduction. So, we should not fail a student for any praise and recognition to be good at discovering the benefits of students, to make more use

    of praise this magic wand. In the past we have advocated the virtues of modesty With the development of self-confidence has

    gradually been replaced by teachers, students need affirmation and recognition of his and give him a platform to showcase their own. If we are always critical vision to see students just stare at the shortcomings of the students hold, it will enable students to have this knowledge: I am worthless in the eyes of the teacher, the teacher did not understand the appreciation of their own. Over time, the enthusiasm of the

    students will be greatly reduced all is gone. Therefore, teachers should appreciate the look on your students. Third, to build a harmonious classroom pleasure Should adhere to in daily teaching the principles of reason, rational

    teaching. Adhere to the teaching and promote learning, teaching and learning, teachers and students form a concept of development based on rational. On the one hand, to the dissolution of "center", concerned about the overall development of students and common development, and the other On the one hand, aim to clear the multidimensional nature of teaching, the development of students and teachers to develop together. The so-called digestion center, means that teachers are not in concept or teaching practice, unreasonably self-

    centered or a person or part of the human-centered only

    attention to the development center, and not pay attention to the development of the surrounding, and not only part of the development of the whole development, not only the development

    of common development of the personality. For example, most teachers like good grades, student code of conduct, and in terms of ideology or or less to them as "centers" in the teaching practice, they will consciously or unconsciously, to

    put more teaching resources such as time, equipment, warm, caring, etc. allocated to these students, creating a de facto center. The formation of the center's teachers as a teaching

    principal objective alienation, apathy of the other students, teachers and students in particular are regarded as marginal people of the backward students. Therefore, digestion center here, in fact, is to remind teachers to pay attention to the overall development of students and common development. Finally, should adhere to in daily life to understand the

    principle, the establishment of relations between teachers and students understand the type. To understand the relationship between type of establishment depends on the teachers and students charisma, attitude and empathy. Only those who have

    morality, sentiments, there is cultivation, serious and responsible work of teachers easier and soul into the lives of students so that students feel good. Teachers also need understanding, Care, experience emotional experience of students, the students understand the difficulties and confusion, and to bring their good state of mind schools, classrooms and students, to play its leading and expanding the main body of students. Links http:// Research Papers Download In summary, I believe in the teachers a comprehensive, detailed, patient work under the guidance of the principle,

    "do not abandon, do not give up" we will let each student find his own, self-realization. Reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download http: / /

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