A Guide

By Sue Jones,2014-06-23 10:59
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A Guide

    A Guide’s Answer

    In 1861, the Civil War started in the United States between the Northern and the Southern states. The war continued with great bitterness until 1865, when the Northerners were victorious. However, even today, many Southerners have not forgotten their defeat, or forgiven the Northerners.

    A few years ago, a party of American tourists were going round one of the battlefield of the Civil War with a guide who came from one of the Southern states. At each place, the guide told the tourists stirring stories about how a few Southern soldiers had conquered powerful forces of Northerners there.

    At last, one of the tourists, a lady who came from the North, stopped the guide and said to him, “But surly the Northern army must have won at least one victory in the Civil War?”

    Not as long as I’m the guide here, madam,” answered the Southern guide.(147 words)

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