Dell's success

By Laurie Henderson,2014-06-23 10:39
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Dell's success

     Dells Sucess

     Dell decided to formally established Dell computer company. October 1987, dell had depended on his courage and sensitive feeling, in the stock market crash into the circumstances of the stock, eat at Goldman sachs, he gained the $18 million. This year, he's only 23 years old, he started to successfully made a solid step.

     Young people are always filled with enthusiasm in the body, but with the determination of the corresponding, young people are too easy to warm the fire. In 1991, Dell company sales billion dollars. In 1992 he give the market share of the company located in 15 billion dollars, but the results are greatly exceeded the Dell's expected sales company, Dell has actually break $2bn.

     The smooth makes dell becomes some swept. Blindly pursuing production makes Dell in infrastructure construction and management, the company has encountered many difficulties in a state of disorder, Dell company since its inception, the first stock prices also losses. The strike is great, but it also makes the dell becomes clear, "I fell from the air and on the ground," returned. Dell reviewed by the company for nine years of the development direction of the company: "the pursuit of the maximum error from production" liberation. Instead of new business strategy "liquidity, profits and growth" as the company's development. From then on, Dell has today company annual sales of $320 billion, Dell company into a truly great company, Dell also become a businessman. 43 years old, keen sense, extraordinary courage. This is Michael dell. Famous headhunting company executive senior adviser ablaze evaluation of professionalism is Mr Dell each headhunting people study example. Dell has won the CEO Magazine "chief executive officer" in 2001, the Magazine "annual entrepreneurs Inc, the PC Magazine Magazine" annual hero ", journal of American business Worth "best", the chief executive of financial world "and" industrial Magazine "annual CEO" and so on the title. In 1997, in 1998 and 1999, he was a business week of the year award ", "25 managers. Luther Heidrick) and Michael (is) ZhuoGe (such as senior managers head-hunting company said dell as "influential CEO. The enterprise Brand in the World Brand laboratory (World's) next Lab 2006 World Brand in the "top 500 ranked third ten. The enterprise in 2007, the world's largest fortune 100 companies ranked in the top five DiYiBaiLingEr. In 2008, ranking 106. Dell in the world is using online marketing way (e-commerce greatly save manpower and logistics costs), a special type of promotion, and used for advertising. Online ordering is promotion model is desirable.

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