What is the purpose of transportation planning

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What is the purpose of transportation planning

     IRR Program Regulations Transportation Planning

     ? 170.400 to ? 170.407

     How must tribes use planning funds?

     What is the purpose of transportation

     (a) IRR Program funds as defined in 23 planning?

     U.S.C. 204(j) are only available upon request of

     The purpose of transportation planning is a tribal government and approved by the BIA to fulfill goals by developing strategies to meet Regional Office. These funds support transportation needs. These strategies address development and implementation of tribal current and future land use, economic transportation planning and associated strategies development, traffic demand, public safety, for identifying transportation needs, including: health, and social needs. (1) Attending transportation planning


     (2) Pursuing other sources of funds; and

     (3) Developing the tribal priority list or What IRR Program funds can be used for

    any of the transportation functions/activities as transportation planning?

     defined in the FHWA IRR Program

     Funds as defined in 23 U.S.C. 204(j) are Transportation Planning Procedures and specifically reserved for a tribal government’s Guidelines (TPPG) or listed in ? 170.402. transportation planning. Tribes may also (b) A tribe may ask the BIA regional identify transportation planning as a priority in office to enter into a self-determination contract their tribal priority list or TTIP and request the or self-governance agreement for transportation use of up to 100 percent of their IRR Program planning activities and functions under ISDEAA construction funds for transportation planning. or it may request a travel authorization to attend

     transportation planning functions and related

    activities using these funds. (See Appendix A of

    Subpart B for use of IRR Program Funds.) What happens when a tribe uses its IRR

     Program construction funds for

    transportation planning?

     What happens to unobligated planning funds?

     In order for IRR Program construction

    funds to be concentrated on the projects within Once all tribal governments’ requests for the inventory, a tribe may use up to $35,000 or 5 tribal transportation planning funds have been percent of its IRR Program construction funds, satisfied for a given fiscal year or no later than whichever is greater, for transportation planning. August 15, the BIA regional office may use the If a tribe exceeds this threshold, BIA will remaining funds for construction after subtract the amount over the threshold from the consultation with the affected tribal governments. tribe’s CTC for the following year.

Can tribal transportation planning funds be

    used for road construction and other projects?

     Yes, any tribe can request to have its

    planning funds as defined in 23 U.S.C. 204(j)

    transferred into construction funds for use on any

    eligible and approved IRR project.


    IRR Program Regulations Transportation Planning

     ? 170.400 to ? 170.407

     What is BIA’s role in transportation planning?

     (a) All tribes must prepare a tribal TIP

     Except as provided in the adjacent (TTIP) or tribal priority list. column under tribal roles, the functions and (b) Tribes with a self-determination activities that BIA must perform for the IRR contract or self-governance agreement may Program are: assume any of the following planning functions:

     (a) Preparing the regional IRRTIP;

     (b) Updating the IRR Inventory from (1) Coordinating with States and their data updates; political subdivisions, and appropriate planning

     (c) Preparing IRR Inventory data updates authorities on regionally significant IRR projects; as needed; (2) Preparing IRR Inventory data updates;

     (d) Coordinating with States and their (3) Facilitating public involvement; political subdivisions, and appropriate planning (4) Performing traffic studies; authorities on regionally significant IRR projects; (5) Developing short- and long-range

     (e) Providing technical assistance to transportation plans;

    tribal governments; (6) Mapping;

     (f) Developing IRR Program budgets (7) Developing and maintaining tribal including transportation planning cost estimates; management systems;

     (g) Facilitating public involvement; (8) Participating in transportation

     (h) Participating in transportation planning and other transportation related planning and other transportation-related meetings;

    meetings; (9) Performing transportation planning

     (i) Performing traffic studies; for operational and maintenance facilities;

     (j) Performing preliminary project (10) Developing IRR Program budgets planning; including transportation planning cost estimates;

     (k) Conducting special transportation (11) Conducting special transportation studies; studies, as appropriate;

     (l) Developing short and long-range (12) Researching rights-of-way transportation plans; documents for project planning; and

     (m) Mapping; (13) Performing preliminary project

     (n) Developing and maintaining planning.

    management systems;

     (o) Performing transportation planning

    for operational and maintenance facilities; and

     (p) Researching rights-of-way

    documents for project planning.

What is the tribal role in transportation



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